Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blitzen Trapper and David Vandervelde play the Mercury Lounge

After shamelessly touting David Vandervelde and
Blitzen Trapper for a few months now-last night was a big night marked on my calendar for quite some time. Finally I was getting my chance to see the much hyped Blitzen Trapper and one of my favorite acts David Vandervelde. Blitzen Trapper has released one of this years strongest albums yet. Any band that can successfully capture the rock feel of Pavement and at other times the sounds of Neil Young receives good points in my book. I am not sure if it was my lofty expectations but something about last night just didn't grab me the way the album did. It's not to say these guys didn't have people that seemed to be really diggin the music they create but something just seemed off to me. That being said, their slower songs translated live and were definitely the highlights of their set: 'Country Caravan,' 'Summertown', and of course the crowd favorite, 'Wild Mountain Nation.' This band is definitely headed for big things heading off this album and it will be interesting to see how long it takes for them to be playing larger rooms next time around.

As for the headliner, it seems like David and his Moon Station Houseband continue to amaze me and all those that decided to stay on board. One of my biggest pet peeves with indie music is that people tend to see what is the 'hype' and have no problem just ignoring what else is going on...I am not trying to put anyone down for leaving after Blitzen Trapper but it never hurts to give things a shot. Anyhow, on to the show, which i must say ripped from the first note of the Rollingstones"Cocksucker Blues" to shows finale "Can't See Your Face No More". For any person that enjoys classic rock and the sound of a guitar this band is for you. Vandervelde and co. took the crowd on a 50 minutes or so set of complete rock and even displayed a new song which I think was called "Triple Step". Overall, it seemed apparent through the crowds dancing and sing along that there was not an unhappy person present. It was enjoyable to watch as members of Blitzen Trapper shuffled onto the stage playing support tambourine and guitar. These two bands have been touring together for the last few dates and it is apparent that they highly enjoy each other's music and creativity. Next time David and his band are in nYc I urge you all to stick around and check them out....they truly are the real deal.
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-Jaime W.

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evan said...

i saw trapper and vandervelde in allston, ma, last tuesday night and similarly noticed that a lot of people cleared out after trapper finished their set. i'm getting kind of tired of the hipster cooler-than-thou behavior that crops up around a fair number of indie bands like bt. that aside, both acts were mad good w/ lots of energy (esp. trap), and vandervelde and his moon band were absolutely sick. granted it's an obvious throw back to t. rex, but still no one else is making old school guitar rock like this right now.

much thanks for posting "cocksucker blues"; daytrotter had capped it at fifteen hundred downloads. great song live.