Monday, July 9, 2007

St. Vincent

It seems the blogosphere could not be singing praise with anymore excitement than it is for the release of St. Vincent's album tomorrow. I remember discovering her raspy, angelic blend of folk love songs and guitar rythms last december and immediately went out on a limb and asked if she had any music industry representation for my 'day job.' Sadly, i never heard back, but it was because she was already been very well taken care of. It has been highly enjoyable to watch the positive press reviews ticker in as more and more people turned out for her live performances across the globe. Her album, 'Marry Me' will be available on Beggars Banquet for new record players and ipods tomorrow. Tour Dates, contact info...
GorillavsBear affection
My Old Kentucky Home Sparks a competition
St. Vincent-Now. Now.mp3
St. Vincent-Paris is Burning.mp3

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