Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another week of Weeds...some more INdie lovins'

So despite how i feel about this season of Weeds thus far without sharing any spoilers each week i have a fit of joy/surprise when one of the bands i love dearly is played during the show. This week i could not believe my ears as the episode closed out with the beautiful, 'Your Rocky Spine' off of The Great Lake Swimmers album Ongiara. It was a short spot but perfect. So far The Thermals (who just announced tour dates!) and Illinois have also had key song slots. If you like what you hear below, head over to one of my favorite blogs, GorillavsBear where you can download "a free 5-song live EP from their sold-out show at Toronto's Church of the Redeemer." Thank you GorillavsBear! Check out the lovely support from one special little canadian lady who needs to come tour here-soon...please?
Great Lake Swimmers-Your Rocky Spine.mp3
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Doctor Mooney said...

Hello Shelves! Stoppin' through with a raised hello hand! Hope all is well on yer side! See you soon!