Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Animal Collective

After all the horrible reviews of Animal Collective's first show scheduled this week at Webster Hall, last nights show was either going to be awful or amazing. Fortunately, for those that went to night two, their performance was without a flaw. All the key elements were in place: the sound was good; band was on; and the crowd seemed to be in a trance that no one wanted to end. As we all know, the music of Animal Collective falls into the either *love it or hate it* category. The first time I saw these guys I thought it was a complete snooze fest and a lot of that had to do with the fact that I just was not familiar with their catalog. But now that I can safely say I am familiar with their material and appreciate the style of music these guys create, I can safely say that they straight up killed it last night. Their show saw no song getting cut off in the middle and the band obliged the stomping audience requests for an encore. The crowds highest reactions definitely came from the material off of their latest release "Strawberry Jam" and the show's highlight to me was 'Fireworks.' There is something about the songs musical journey that their particular sound creates complimented by Avey's voice. Other set highlights included 'Peacebone,' 'We Tigers' and 'Chores.' There was something about last nights show which just seemed captivating. Maybe its the mixture of calmness and choas that this band blends so well which makes them so good. Or maybe its the fact that their really is no other band out there doing what they are doing which makes them so fresh. Anyhow, l can ramble on and on about this show but it was just that good to those that appreciate the music Animal Collective make.

*NPR recently recorded some snaps from their performance at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC- visit our favorite: GorillavsBear who has the downloads available for your listening/sampling pleasure.
Animal Collective-Cuckoo Cuckoo.mp3

-Jaime W.

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