Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'll Write You Harmony In C

I cannot stop watching Metric's latest video is for Sick Muse off of their recent album Fantasies. Just like the self released record, the video is a "do-it-yourself" project of love. Silver sparkles and all. The band recorded the video in a friends' flat in Toronto. The unguarded release of creativity, music and fun flashes across our faces while we watch, reminding us why the artists we treasure are so special. It is videos like this, interviews in magazines, intimate in-studio performances that has pushed Metric to where they are. Emily and company are not just another girl-fronted indie-pop success story. They are people we feel a kinship with. We have watched them bare their souls and music on four albums and one solo album by Emily and through all of it their music has continued to burn brighter and grow stronger. Throughout this album we dance and groove along with the band feeling the joy they must have felt to be able to do this one all on their own. Every band wishes that they could have their own record, nourish the creative process without a label and give their audiences something they feel every time they step onto a stage or into a recording studio---pure happiness. Metric are currently touring and if you are as in love with this record and this band as much as I am, you definitely shouldn't miss their live show. Yes, the video for Sick Muse is as close as you can probably get to Miss Emily but I am sure she will still break out some sweet dance moves hot enough for you to enjoy---even all the way back in the nosebleeds.
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

They're Crafty!

Love this latest video by Boston's very own Passion Pit. Super colorful, clever and yet such a simple concept. Whether or not you have given in to loving this band you have to admire their aim to go after your heart. Touring incessantly and this is their second video to boot. Way to go boys! I love you <3 Now can you just work on your live show a bit to be more like Starfucker? Thanks!
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