Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We will still love you for countless days ahead

In the wake of Cat Power doing whatever she is doing currently, which I am guessing is being brilliant and writing some painful and broodingly beautiful new record in Miami I found solace with Lykee Li. Her voice is so soothing, so sincere and fragile, yet strong and magical. It soars and it falls, it makes you dance and it makes you cry. She is so talented, so young and so going to be one of the great singers you tell your little pups about one day. Or now. This song almost brought tears to my eyes while I sat at my desk. Just beautiful.
*Thank you to Battery In Your Leg which is how i found this video.
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Vampires are so hot right now

The weekend that was filled with I have battled with you. I came across the band early on and instantly loved. Then I saw a live show on the East River at the bandshell and i loathed. They were really boring and stood completely still. There was no self-effacing stage banter or even an acknowledgement that there were fans there at all. I disliked the American Apparel clad crowd and the uber hip gang that danced like members of the Peanuts gathered in front of the stage. Then there was the list of people who liked them from my past---that snobby boy in high school who was cooler than cool---the girl who happens to live in NYC and work in my industry (and who was always terrific at being mean to everyone and everything) as well that I run into at shows who loves John Mayer...these people loved my Vampire Weekend as well.

As the months passed I still found myself, despite all of my energies still toe-tapping and dancing to their little songs. Then, I did what a lot of music fans do at some point in their lives, or many times in their lives---if they know what is good for them, i got over myself. I ignored everything that the band itself cannot control, all of these societal factors that was making me being a snot and I went back to enjoying them. Because I do. I love all of their songs. They don't have a bad one. Not for my ears at least. Yes, they are lacking a bit of luster in the live performance department but what they need time to learn they make up for with the strength and solidarity of their movement. They are a downright intelligent and tight bunch. Their songs are wrapped up with clever lyrics and snarky little loops and spins and tributes to Paul Simon loving sounds and explode with precision and affection. This video is for their new song "Cousins" off of their upcoming SOPHOMORE release Contra due out on the 12th of January via XL Records.

Vampire Weekend will play a few select US cities before heading over to Europe for a tour throughout the winter.

*Dec 10---KNRK “A December to Remember” Concert Series-Crystal Ballroom w/ White Rabbits---Portland, Oregon
*Dec 11---Live 105 "Not So Silent Night"-Oracle Arena w/ Metric, 30 Seconds to Mars, AFI & Muse---Oakland, CA
*Dec 12---FM949 “Holiday Hootenanny”-RIMAC Arena w/ White Rabbits, Manchester Orchestra, Phoenix, & Spoon---La Jolla, CA
*Dec 13---KROQ "Almost Acoustic Christmas"-Gibson Amphitheater (SOLD OUT)---Los Angeles, CA
*Dec 15---The End “Deck The Hall Ball ‘09”-WaMu Theatre w/ Metric, Phoenix, 30 Seconds To Mars & Muse---Seattle, Washington
*Jan 12---Special Intimate Album Release Show @ Henry Fonda Theater (SOLD OUT)---Los Angeles, CA
*Jan 17---United Palace Theater (SOLD OUT)---NYC
*Jan 18---Webster Hall (SOLD OUT)---NYC
*Jan 19---Bowery Ballroom (SOLD OUT)---NYC
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Because I think it is a good cause and it also has some of my favorite people...yes I like Twilight and there is nothing wrong with that!