Thursday, May 29, 2008

Giving into the most evil of urges

I know of at least a few friends of mine who will love this hopped up version of Highly Suspicious, from My Morning Jacket's upcoming Evil Urges care of DJ Immuzikation. Props for Jim James with everyone's latest dance loves Hercules & Love Affair's(Athene) while tossing in a throw back, US3's(Cantaloop).Normally I would have saved this for a Friday mix but it is way too beautiful of a day out not to share it!
My Morning Jacket & Hercules and The Love Affair with US3 (DJ Immuzikation re-mix).mp3
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We're being watched by experts

I was most sad to have not made it down to SXSW to see These New Puritans but thankfully FRICTION NYC is on top of things and booked them for a date on June 8th at the Williamsburg Music Hall as part of their on-going concert series. Tickets are already on sale and are going fast, so make sure to procure yours ASAP! They will be commencing their North American Tour on the 5th in Washington, DC.
*********These New Puritans Tour Dates*******
6/05-Washington DC-DC9
6-Philadelphia, PA-Making Time
8-Brooklyn, NY- Music Hall of Williamsburg
9-Boston, MA-Great Scott
11-Montreal, QC-L'Ambi
12-Toronto, ON-The Reverb
13-Columbus, OH-Wexner Center
14-Chicago, IL-Subterranean
16-Seattle, WA-Chop Suey
17-Portland, OR-Doug Fir Lounge
19-San Francisco, CA-Popscene
21-Los Angeles, CA-Echoplex
These New Puritans-Swords Of Truth.mp3
These New Puritans-Navigate, Navigate.mp3
These New Puritans-Numbers (Numerology).mp3
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nothing but your local DJ...

*Cred-Man Man via Culture Bully
And your annual friendly hipster gathering at the local watering hole. Seriously this season's line up for the McCarren Pool Parties is pretty brilliant. I am most excited for the show on July 6th!
~~~~~~~2008 SCHEDULE~~~~~~~~~

****JUNE 29****: The Hold Steady, The Loved Ones, J Roddy and the Business

****JULY 6*****: Ronnie Spector, The Rabbit Factory Soul Revue, featuring:
Roscoe Robinson, Ralph 'Soul' Jackson, Hermon Hitson, and Wiley & The Checkmates

****JULY 13****:(Headliner TBA), Matt and Kim, The Whip

****JULY 20****: Liars, Fuck Buttons, Team Robespierre
(on a side note---this show is going to be sick- all of these bands are stellar live-make sure to get there for Fuck Buttons especially)

****JULY 27****: MGMT,The Black Moth Super Rainbow,The Ting Tings

****AUGUST 3****: Black Lips,Deerhunter,King Khan and His Shrines,Tall Firs

****AUGUST 10****: TBA

****AUGUST 17****: Aesop Rock,Panther, Special Guests TBA

****AUGUST 24****: TBA

Fuck Buttons-Let's See If Any Ghosts Are Here Yeah.mp3
The Ting Tings-That's Not My Name.mp3
The Loved Ones-The Bridge.mp3
Aesop Rock-Coffee (feat. John Darnielle).mp3
Deerhunter-Strange Lights.mp3
Tall Firs-Loveless.mp3
Team Robespierre-88th Precinct.mp3

A wee bit late on this...

At 7PM!
The rub here is freeness: specifically, a free show. We're playing the Mercury Lounge on May 28th at 7 p.m.; it's an invite-only thing and this here blog is your invitation. If you'd like to come, go ahead and email and we'll write you a confirmation response, applauding your on-the-ball frugality. Email early, as we have a limited number to spread around. [Birdmonster]

May 28-Mercury Lounge-New York, New York
Jun 1-Bottom of the Hill w/ Superdrag-San Francisco, CA
Jun 2-Bottom of the Hill w/ Superdrag-San Francisco, California
Aug 7-Music in the Park-St. Helena, California
Birdmonster-Cause You Can.mp3
Birdmonster-All the Holes In the Walls.mp3
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My Heart Beats in it's Cage

You'll want to turn these up
So yes, we are still awaiting new material from our beloved Strokes but in the meantime Albert has produced what is sure to be one of my favorite records of the year. From what I have heard so far it again showcases his ability to make the most beautiful melodies and his voice sounds stronger than ever. Honestly, could any of them ever do wrong by, not likely. ¿Cómo Te Llama? will be released on July 8th via RCA records.
Albert Hammond, Jr.-GFC.mp3
Albert Hammond, Jr.-Bargain of the Century.mp3
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's all about the dragons...

Last summer it was all about the hands of vampires and well this summer, it is all about the luck of the dragon(s). Last summer i lounged on the steps of the East River Band Shell and watched the most ridiculous hipsters I have ever witnessed shake their non-existent hips to the beats of Vampire Weekend. It was like an American Apparel advertisement on crack. This season NYC concert promoters have adorned us with a feast of activities to keep even the biggest music snob fat and content with treats. One such event that I am most excited for is the East River Music Project performance by The Lucky Dragons on June 7th. Just this past weekend they played for a jovial crowd of art lovers at The Whitney.
Jun 1-The Smell- Los Angeles, California
Jun 7-East River Music Project-NYC
Lucky Dragons-I Keep Waiting for Earthquakes.mp3
Lucky Dragons-Givers.mp3
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The Spaces inbetween Spaces

Growing up outside of Annapolis, Maryland the days of freedom from the classroom held endless possibilities if you had a keen imagination- which lucky for me my best friend Andrea possessed in overwhelming capacity. From the age of 8 on we were two peas in a pod (after reconciling our differences---we had been sworn enemies since a fated playground encounter in kindergarten). Camping adventures in my backyard turned into dinosaur expeditions and rainy afternoons were spent repeatedly watching Indiana Jones while munching on pancakes and coffee ice cream (her speciality). We were only seperated when i had to truck off to some science-dorky-sleep-away-camp or another. During which we would write each other letters and send mixed tapes. Last night i checked out the most recent chapter in Indy's adventures, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull sans my ALW but it was still so overwhelmingly cheesy and elaborate i couldn't help but smile ear to ear and remember some of my fondest childhood memories. It is a hysterical mix of the X Files and good ole' Indiana Jones fun. With the theme song repeated throughout the entire film there was little other music to report besides an Elvis track. Every line was over-acted, including the role of the evil Russian Scientist played by the talented Cate Blanchett. In otherwords, my ultimate Summer Blockbuster delight. Besides, how could anything with Harrison Ford AND Shila be bad? Seriously ants that can devour two men in about 20 seconds flat... Fantastic.
Ladytron-Ghost (Toxic Avenger Mix).mp3
Ladytron-They Gave You A Heart, They Gave You A Name.mp3

When Sun Grows On Your Tongue

*Cred-The Seven Fields Of Aphelion
Summertime is all about spending as much time in the sunshine and cramming in as much quality time with your friends as you can. Even if you are working like a dog you always seem to be able to muster the energy to have that last minute drink, check out that late night dance party or squeeze in that visit to Shake Shack. These are the best bits of staying around the city when the streets get so hot you can't help but lust after greener pastures. Lucky for me one of my nearest and dearest is ever so hip to the latest on the local scene and not only has the best taste but the most diverse of anyone i have ever met. Friday she invited me to check out Super Black Moth Rainbow - (hailing from Pittsburg, PA) which i had heard of back during the dark days of winter but of course, scoffed at in pure indie snobbery form. Their sound just did not capture my affection from the get go, but i am always happy to fess up to my mistakes. Whereas their live show was not the most engaging, they are so adept with their instruments and each other that their sound just washes over you. Accompanying their encompassing production of melodies are some of the most fantastic montages of random images from zombies to what looks like 70s porn that even if you can't see the stage you will be entertained. It is quiet understandable why not so long ago their were opening up for The Flaming Lips. Steeped with depth their sound is seamless and effervescent. The effect is visceral and incandescent. They are playing a Pool Party with MGMT on July 27th-prepare to be won over if you are picking up late in the game like i am. If you like what you hear you should also check out their myspace friends, The Seven Fields of Aphelion who have expanded from making music to photography and graphic arts. Their music is enchanting and the images on their site are just breath taking. If all of this does not immediately inspire you to grab your camera and capture the summertime i don't know what will.
The Seven Fields of Aphelion-Grown.mp3
Black Moth Super Rainbow-Sun Lips.mp3
Black Moth Super Rainbow-Melt Me.mp3
Black Moth Super Rainbow-I Think It Is Beautiful That You are 265 Colors Too.mp3

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Crystal Castles return

I have been stalking the Crystal Castles myspace page ever since i saw them as part of the Friction NYC show at the Mercury Lounge on March 26th. News hit today that they will be returning and playing at Studio B on June 19th with room around the date for them to play in Manhattan as well. Even though they are two incredibly different bands with two unique sounds i have been loving this band as much as i loved LCD Soundsystem around this time last year. Killer.
May 15-Sugarmill-STOKE
May 16 & 17-Great Escape-BRIGHTON
May 18-Paradiso-AMSTERDAM
May 19-AB Club-BELGIUM
May 20-Laiterie-STRASBOURG
May 22-Festival Super @ Trabendo-PARIS, FRANCE
May 24-Forgotten Valley Festival-UK,LAKE DISTRICT
May 25-Gatecrashers Summer Soundsystem -NORTHAMPTON
May 26-Gateshead Evolution @ Baltic Square-NEWCASTLE
May 27-Sound City-LIVERPOOL
Jun 5-Element-VICTORIA
Jun 6-Richard’s on Richard’s-VANCOUVER
Jun 7-Chop Suey-SEATTLE, WA
Jun 8-Backspace-PORTLAND, OR
Jun 10-The Independant-SAN FRANCISCO, CA
Jun 11-The Roxy-L.A., CA
Jun 12-Casbah-SAN DIEGO, CA
Jun 13-Modified Arts-PHOENIX, AZ
Jun 16-Cervantes Masterpiece-DENVER, CO
Jun 18-Double Door-CHICAGO, IL
Jun 19-Studio B-NYC
Jun 21-Popped! Festival-PHILADELPHIA, PA
Jun 23-Hove Festival-ARENDAL
Jun 29-Glastonbury Festival-UK
Jul 5-Harbourfront-TORONTO

*(Friction NYC with KEXP sponsor one night a month at the Mercury Lounge and have hosted some of the most unique acts i have ever experienced- definitely check it out!)
Crystal Castles-Air War-Ryan Laser (Re-mix).mp3
Crystal Castles-Vanished.mp3
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Monday, May 12, 2008

The mysterious production of songs

In a recent piece written for the New York Times Andrew Bird takes us through the process of recording/conveying his emotions, worries and ideas at his friends' loft in Chicago,

In the studio, a number of things can conspire to turn the natural act of making music into an awkward dance. First there is no audience, no one to impress. Second is the temptation to be too careful, to isolate every sound and not let it mingle with other sounds.

Check the rest of the article out here if you will.
Andrew Bird-Heretics.mp3
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A little bit of winter in the middle of summer

Bon Iver is hitting the road in the US this summer after returning from a run of dates in Europe, starting off in Minnesota in June. He is touring with the likes of Bowerbirds, Wilco and one of my favorites, AA Bondy. Unfortunately he is NOT playing with AA Bondy at the two New York dates (which go on sale tomorrow at Noon) but you can catch AA on July 10th, also at Bowery Ballroom. As previously mentioned he is a Felice Brother of sorts and well, one of our loves.
********BON IVER TOUR DATES*********
21-ROCK THE GARDEN @ WALKER ART CENTER w/The New Pornographers-Minneapolis, Minnesota
*21-CROFOOT BALLROOM w/Bowerbirds-Detroit, Michigan
*22-LEE’S PALACE w/Bowerbirds-Toronto, Ontario
*23-CABARET MUSIC HALL w/Bowerbirds-Montreal, Quebec
*25-SPACE GALLERY w/Bowerbirds-Portland, Maine
*26-MUSEUM OF FINE ART w/Bowerbirds-Boston, Massachusetts
*27-THE CAPE CINEMA w/Bowerbirds-Dennis, Massachusetts
*30-MUSIC HALL OF WILLIAMSBURG w/Bowerbirds-Brooklyn, New York
*31-FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH w/Bowerbirds-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
*1-THE BLACK CAT w/Bowerbirds-Washington DC
*2-REX THEATRE w/Bowerbirds-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
*3-WEXNER CENTER w/Bowerbirds-Columbus, Ohio
+4-THE LAWN AT WHITE RIVER w/Wilco-Indianapolis, Indiana
+6-FLORDIA THEATRE w/Wilco-Jacksonville, Florida
+7-NORTH CHARLESTON PERFORMI w/Wilco-Charleston, South Carolina
+8-KOKA BOOTH AMPHITHEATRE w/Wilco-Cary, North Carolina
#10-PILOT LIGHT w/AA Bondy-Knoxville, Tennessee
#11-EXIT/IN w/AA Bondy-Nashville, Tennessee
#12-WALDRON ARTS CENTER w/AA Bondy-Bloomington, Indiana
#14-PABST THEATER w/AA Bondy-Milwaukee, Wisconsin
#15-FIRST AVENUE w/AA Bondy-Minneapolis, Minnesota
24-OUTSIDE LANDS FESTIVAL-San Francisco, California
#25-THE TROUBADOUR w/AA Bondy-Los Angeles, California
*Dates with Bowerbirds
+Dates with Wilco
#Dates with AA Bondy
Bon Iver-Flume (Live on NPR).mp3
Bon Iver-Lump Sum (Live on NPR).mp3
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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The first time i went to see Radiohead I was 15...

Here is a Sunday Night play list because I never got around to it on Friday and well some of my most beloved are in VA seeing Radiohead tonight (which means i will have to hear stories about it alllll week long). Have a great WEEK kids.
(If you want to download their latest session on the BBC-thanks Six Eyes ).
***And as i was posting this Jaime texted in about how Thom Yorke is ranting about DC/Politics/Our F* idiot of a President and then goes into KArma PoLice. Brilliant.)
Trentemoller-Moan (Trentemoller remix-Radio Edit).mp3
Air-Sexy Boy.mp3
Radiohead-Nude (Low Scores Remix).mp3
Radiohead-Nude (Hipster Runoff Remix).mp3
Radiohead-Reckoner (LoveTongueAttack B*more Remix).mp3
My Morning Jacket-Touch Me I'm Going To Scream.mp3

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rock your friendly Vote

In my short career as a promoter my first show that i personally picked the bands and booked was The Terrordactyls, The Pomegranates and Chris Garneau. Along the way i met some incredibly hardworking, creative and lovely people and became a devout fan of Chris'. You should as well. Take that education a little bit further and vote for him for this years' MTV/LOGO's New Now Next Awards. He is being nominated under the Brink of Fame: Music Artist Category.
Chris Garneau-Relief.mp3
Chris Garneau-Black and Blue.mp3
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Friday, May 2, 2008

ahhh! New CSSSSSSsssss

Love Fridays because it is always an excuse to just throw up a mix mash set of things that make me dance and sing. Of course CSS does this on every level possible. Happy Friday-and for you Tribeca Film Festival/ASCAP Lounge attendees at the Canal Room you have all been lovely to meet and greet this week. Thank you!
CSS-Rat Is Dead.mp3
CSS Tags

Sandy...sAnDy* golden lady from Brooklyn-tell us your story

RcrdLbL is hosting a sensational B-side from Brooklyn's own Santogold. New Yorkers are loving her and have been for a while now. I am late on this one but i have definitely been enjoying her style...which is a bit all over the place and of course brings to mind M.I.A. with elements of Dizzie Rascal or Spankrock. You have to appreciate the steady art these singers have brought to the scene in the last few years. Having them in the mix has made the industry more exciting. Now if we could only get them to all do something together!
Santogold-Les Artistes-(xxxchange re-mix).mp3
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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Support Your Local Music Scene

When i first moved to the city that summer after college there were two albums i purchased in the spring of '04 that defined that first year of becoming aquainted with my new city. Incredibly proud of myself i brought Elefant and the French Kicks, Trail of the Century to a friends' apartment beaming with certainty that i had discovered something he would love. I was wrong. In between my moments of hanging out with friends and waitressing i spent many hours exploring Brooklyn and becoming intimate with Nick Stumpf. The way he could change the mood of each song with by adding the slightest lit to a word or dropping his voice, all at once becoming moody and mysterious. Now it is 2008...Nick and company have a new album, Swimming which hit record stores today. Guitarist Josh Wise is a magician in his own right with his uncanny ability to collaborate with Nick and create a sound that is seeped in New York tradition yet remains fresh and crisp after ten years. The band is rounded out by bassist Lawrence Stumpf (brother to Nick) and Kush El Amin who helps out with additional guitar, percussion and keyboard tricks.
French Kicks-Carried Away.mp3
French Kicks-Also Ran.mp3
The French Kicks-The Trial of the Century.mp3
The French Kicks-Young Lawyer.mp3

`Welcome Home Boys`

One of the best bits about living in New York City is being able to escape the city. Finding the right person to have these adventures with is a bit more difficult. Lucky for me i have a friend who stays on top of my nonchalant comments such as, "check out Felice Brothers" or "hey Erick from The Rosewood Thieves loves AA Bondy- what do you think?" and researches everything to the hilt. Due to my friends' skills we soon learned that AA Bondy was added as a last minute opener for the Felice Brothers homecoming concert because he is in fact a Felice Brother...of sorts. After moving from Alabama to upstate New York he met and married a Felice sister. Once this element was unveiled my first trip to Woodstock became a necessity- for how could one miss such a show?!
Of course like any good road trip one needs to allot time for vital pit stops. First up on the itinerary was SilverMoon Bakery for required road treats (pretzel knots and orange rolls with chocolate chips). Being the resident dj for this particular trip leaves one a bit thirsty and since my partner in crime is interested in starting his own distillery where better to do research than the one and only Tuthilltown. The first distillery in New York State after prohibition and home to one of my favorite types of Rye ever Tuthilltown resides next to a local Gristmill which was constructed by an 18 year old back in the 1800's. Apparently they also welcome local hikers and rock climbers to camp on their land and feel free to drop by for a tour with the most lovely of tour guides, Joel. As if we needed more of a reason to smile from ear to ear Joel informed us on ways the company is looking after future generations of whisky lovers by investing research and resources towards becoming a more eco-friendly company. Toss in our favorite phrase: sustainability and we are happy little clams.

Upon entering Woodstock it was easy to understand why Dylan found solace amongst the gentile calm of the Catskills. Skinny roads shimmed up to the bottom of fuzzy hills so lush and green they glowed. The night was fresh and crisp walking up to the barn-shaped venue, Bearsville Theater which cleverly perches above a tiny ravine overlooking a stony mountain stream. Abutting the theater resides Woodstock Radio Station, WDST 100.1 FM who sponsored the homecoming festivus.
The evening kicked off with as a delicate AA Bondy strolled onto the stage cautiously and quietly. His set was as stripped down as they come with no banter or eye contact. He is a study of a singer-songwriter dedicated to his craft with an arsenal of songs and sparse yet moving lyrics. Not one to sugar-coat a story for his listener he lays down his words like breadcrumbs leaving the audience hanging on his every word. It was if you had stumbled upon him singing to himself quietly in the woods. The room crackled with electricity as he closed out his set with the expectant energy of family and friends awaiting their beloved Felice boys.
Once the merry band of five brothers took the stage the quest was complete. There is no other family ensemble that i have experience during my short life that can even come close to this show. It is not merely that they obviously cherish being on stage with each other; or that three of them switch off singing or playing the guitar or playing the drums; or that between songs they cling to each other weeping with affection and admiration-it is the intricate equation of all of these elements together. Getting their start from playing for friends during family picnics their parents should be right proud of what their sons have accomplished. Their songs range from fun, drunken ditties to stirring heartbroken lullabies that could swoon any proper girl into a full fiery blush. The rustic setting of this dear little venue tucked in the deep woods only made me feel like i was in a dream, for where do shows such as this exist in the space of the modern day music industry. Only in Woodstock my friends, only in Woodstock. Instantly i knew Eric and I had made the right decision to make the trip. If you love music like we do, it is moments like these that make for stories you will love to share and can move people to checking out music they might not have before. Being present amongst the Felice near and dear i felt worlds away from their show at Bowery Ballroom. Family members sauntered onto the stage to take a turn with their beloved kin, offering lights for cigarettes or lending a hand on the tambourine. It was an all ages gathering. To my left I was the sweetest teenage couple that sang every song-pausing to look at each other in a way that schoolyard lovers can. To my right was a father and son who shared matching smiles throughout the entire set. Whenever people complain that all shows are the same - it is simply because they have not found their own version of the Felice Brothers, and for this i hope they start a journey of exploration.
*During SxSw AA Bondy stopped by NPR and to share a few songs off of his latest album, American Hearts. Check it out here.
AA Bondy-Rapture (Sweet Rapture).mp3
AA Bondy-American Hearts.mp3
AA Bondy-There's a Reason.mp3
AA Bondy-Hang Down Your Head (Live Tom Waits Cover).mp3
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Former rollerskating champ

-- And fuzzy haired-Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr. will spend the next two months gearing up for his second solo release which will taunt Strokes fans everywhere on July 8th via RCA Records. Albie's first album, Yours To Keep was a beautiful throw back to the Beach Boys and satisfied those who were tempted to question his songwriting ability. One also had to love that Albert started over from scratch- or as close to it as he could come playing small rooms across the country and touring tirelessly. ¿Cómo Te Llama?, (Tell me your name?- i took French...) finds fellow band mates: Matt Romano, Marc Philippe Eskenazi,and Josh Lattanzi (also tours with Ben Kweller) receiving more of Albert's spotlight. "Hammond says that, this time around, his band was much more involved in the "creative process," and promises that other collaborators on this new album include a string quartet and pal Sean Lennon, who plays piano on "Spooky Couch." -(CMJ)
Tracklist For ¿Cómo Te Llama?:
Bargain Of A Century,In My Room,Lisa,GfC, The Boss Americana, Rocket, Victory At Monterey, You Won't Be Fooled By This, Spooky Couch, Borrowed Time, G Up, Miss Myrtle, Feed Me Jack Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Peter Sellers
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It's summer in the city...the air is clear clear clear*

The summer season is slowly creeping up and soon we will be immersed in sun-saturated days with steamy sidewalks and Mr. Smoothy stationed on every street corner. Your favorite bars suddenly become yours once again as the NYU students filter out and people retreat to their Hampton resorts. I tend to stick around because i personally adore my neighborhood the most during its' quiet season, despite the faint scent of trash and my daily heart attack that comes from living in a walk-up apartment. To keep me happy i indulge in weekly doses of delicious concert decadence. I am highly excited for this concert going season and hopefully you will be as well. See you out and about!

The Fleet Foxes are a band that has been recieving ample amounts of blogger love and have just recently wrapped up a tour opening up for Blitzen Trapper. Make sure to pick up their album on June 3rd via Subpop Records. Tickets go on sale for their recently announced show at Bowery Ballroom on July 9th tomorrow at Noon (the same night Feist is playing Prospect Park *tix* are alread on-sale).
28-Journey east to the old country with one of our utmost favorite bands, BEACH HOUSE-Beach City
29-Shhh, London-England
30-Paradiso, Amsterdam-Netherlands
2-La Felche d'Or-Paris, France
3-Botanique-Brussels, Belgium
4-Knust-Hamburg, Germany
5-Cafe Zapata-Berlin, Germany
9-Audio-Brighton, England
10- Lousiana-Bristol, England
11-ULU-London, England
12-The Social-Nottingham Forest, England
14-Welands-Dublin, Ireland
15-Brudenell Social-Leeds, England
16-TBA?-London, England
17-Roadhouse-Manchester, England
9-Bowery Ballroom, nYc,NY
19-Pitchfork Music Festival-Chiago, IL
7-Oya Festival-Oslo, Norway
8-Way out West Festival-Gothenburg, Sweden
Fleet Foxes-Quiet Houses.mp3
Fleet Foxes-Tiger Mountain Peasant Song.mp3
Fleet Foxes-Blue Ridge Mountains.mp3
Also just announced, Wolf Parade will be performing at Terminal 5 on July 31st. I want to cry. Please Bowery---why Terminal 5? I mean, i know why...i am just sad about it. Tickets for the Wolf Parade wonderfulness go on sale tomorrow at Noon as well. In addition to these two summer shows being announced JellyNYC released details about some more acts who have signed on for the third summer of FREE SHOWS amongst the hoards of sweating hipsters. Always a good time:
The Breeders, MGMT, The Hold Steady, Liars, Aesop Rock, Black Lips, Deerhunter, Fuck Buttons, Matt and Kim, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Team Robespierre, The Loved Ones, Panther,The Ting Tings