Wednesday, March 19, 2008

*The People I've Met Are the Wonders of My World*

Sometimes the best thing about music is discovering a singer or band that you cannot wait to share with a friend. One of my dearest friends is one of those special people that when you bring him something to check out, it has to be something endearing and precious because he does not just lend his compliments with facility. We don't always agree on everything but he is my favorite person to share music with and I was incredibly excited when i first came across Adele for i instantaneously knew here was a singer worthy of my most favored music critic. The two of us picked our way through the drunken NYU/St. Patricks' Day masses and made our way towards Joe's Pub on Monday night. Young and feisty, Adele is the latest in line to the Mark Ronson dynasty and has often been compared to his famously talented songstress discoveries. Settling herself in with a guitarist to her left and a pianist to her right Adele commenced a bone-chilling forty five minute introduction to her voice and personality. Her debut album, 19 (which hit number one on the UK charts in January) is not slated to be released here in the states until May but has already been the recipient of much acclaim and attention back home. Winner of the Brit Award Critics' Choice prize back in December it was easy to understand why everyone is so excited to have discovered this teenage talent. She is refreshingly unkempt and honest. Yes, she admitted to a case of nerves and then quickly accepted this particular New York stage as a challenge and belted her songs with aggressive intimacy and sass. Her laugh was the best bit of the night, flashy and loud it revealed her innocence and lessened the bewitching ambiance that is a performance at Joe's Pub. Trying her hand at Dylans' Time out of Mind i was immediately reduced to goosebumps. Although her performance was shorter than i would have liked she covered all her bases with Chasing Pavement, Hometown Glory, That's It, I Quit, I'm Moving On, Daydreams, First Love and Right As Rain. Hopefully she will be back in May along with her album so i can hear my favorite track, Tired. For now I will continue to revisit her performance in my head as I wander the streets of our city and consider myself lucky for having a friend to share her music with.
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Black Kids with Cut Copy and Mobius Band at Studio B

On sale now kiddies! Get them while they're hot! This time last year The Black Kids were gearing up for South by Southwest. Soon after they became the band to see so it will be interesting to see what bands come out of this years festivities with equal accolades! In the meantime keep an eye on those calendars since most bands head north shortly there after. Lucky for us!
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Monday, March 3, 2008

How'd you get to find love?

My roommate and i have always been a little bit obsessed with the band Goldfrapp --or more specifically Alison Goldfrapp. This level of affection has recently heightened due to the release of her latest album with her band, Seventh Tree. Departing from the dance floor beats off of Supernature she channels her the voice from her earlier works slipping delicately into a more mature skin that leaves the listener with as sense of enchantment and sensitivity. The album rests comfortably in the company of Felt Mountain a former side-project with Will Greggory released in 2000. Seventh Tree showcases what Alison is known for: her overt sexuality and femininity. Enveloping her lyrics with either tingly, delicate electronic beats or strong and mysterious violins and horns the album unfolds like a signature Goldfrapp storybook leaving our minds swimming with beautifully erotic images and sounds. Recently The New York Times snared Alison for a second to divulge her latest delights within the music community naming two of our favorites, LCD Soundsystem and CSS as artists she enjoys. Goldfrapp has released upcoming tour dates throughout the country, check them out here.
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