Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Listen to Junip's Fields--here! Now! HAppy Release Day!

"Everything is done with keyboards, guitars and drums. Very simple," explained Jose.
The result? A airy yet textured album - that acts like a relaxant on a foggy day that beckons Fall to start creeping in.
Think of a mellower, folky Broken Bells meets a modern Simon and Garfunkel."-JustinTimberlake.com

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Robyn Robyn Robyn

One of my favorite albums this year came from Sweden's Robyn. I was lucky enough to catch her live at Williamsburg Music Hall. She is a pro. I will admit, I haven't been to many pop concerts so this is not my live genre of expertise. I was too young when my older sister went to see Janet Jackson and New Kids On The Block. By the time I was old enough to go to shows it was more grunge and punk rock than heading out to see Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera. However I do not think you need to be professional mainstream concert goer to gauge whether or not Robyn is the real deal. With her new record, Body Talk that she has been releasing as segments: Body Talk Pt. 1, 2 and 3 she has been creating quite a stir with strong singles such as "Dancing On My Own" and "Hang With Me." Appearances on Letterman and iHeartradio give you a taste of what her live show is like without the screaming masses...and let's just say there was a lot of screaming...more than I had ever witnessed before along with crisply choreographed fist pumps that matched the sparkling dancing queen move for move as she entertained us for an hour-long set. If you harbor any doubts about whether a foreign pop star could come back after five years of silence, Robyn has proved you wrong. She will definitely be on my end of the year list.

Robyn - Hang With Me official video from Robyn on Vimeo.

Old School...

With Every Heartbeat from Robyn on Vimeo.