Tuesday, January 12, 2010


As of this year this blog is three years old. THREE YEARS OLD. My first year I hit it out of the ballpark so to say. I wrote almost everyday. I was picked up and asked to write for my very favorite thing people in all of the music industry. My roommate would download songs she liked and we would dance around my apartment. Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys, LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture all toured that year. I discovered Basia Bulat, Ghostland Observatory, Midlake, Cold War Kids, Florence and the Machine, Lykke Li and I became...ahem, a 'critic.' My second year I got a real job and learned some real lessons and it was more difficult for me to write time-wise. Then it became more difficult for me to write on an emotional level. I have never had writers block. This is new to me. Like most bloggers I write like I talk and blogging is writing out into the void. If you can't writer for yourself, who can you write for? No one apparently. This year is a whole new story. I love music. I do. No matter how many people try to beat it out of me it is not going to happen. I am excited for this year. Some great things are about to happen, i just know it. And so, I will write. I will write and post as though I never have before. Like it is 2007 all over again. I promise. This is my first post. Mountain Man is a band from Vermont. Give them a second to work their way into your bloodstream. It is soothing and warm and delightful for fighting off the cold winter air. They will be at SXSW so keep your ears open. This video was filmed during a recent show in Greenpoint and I am so sad I missed it! Ray Concepcion has become one of my favorite new videographers to watch. His color palete is pleasing and reminds me of scratchy lithographs. Which is neat. Check out his vimeo here.

Mountain Man from Ray ConcepcioƱ on Vimeo.

*Mountain Man's Myspace
*Mountain Man's Website
*My Old Kentucky Blog has some of their Mp3's for Download