Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pools of hipster electric cries echoed for miles around

*Remarkable footage provided by Jason Bergsman

*My sentiments of the event for KEXP.

For all your lies, you're still very loveable

Review to be posted soon...this was precious for me so i am super cautious about posting any sort of written evaluation because it was one of those experiences that is so hard to put into words how beautiful it truly was. In every way.

(The video for For Emma wasn't the best quality and it is my favorite this version will have to do.)

And this was the most beautiful moment of the night...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Makes missing these beautiful books a little bit easier to bear...but, it does look like they cast an ultra creepy young version of Voldemort which is why this trailer looks so good. Can't wait.
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First CMJ Show on my calendar...

Is Crystal Castles with Fujiya and Miyagi at Webster Hall on Thursday, October 23rd. Seriously if you have not seen Crystal Castles you are missing out if you like any of the following: fantastic lady singers/screamers, electronic music, dance music, good music... Fujiya and Miyagi are the perfect match for this show. Highly excited. Tickets go on sale today at noon.
Crystal Castles-Untrust Us.mp3
Crystal Castles-Magic Spells.mp3
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Simply put

I adore The Avett Brothers, especially this song. Recently two of my childhood friends got married and I thought the last two lines of the song were so simple and beautiful that I used them as part of their gift. Honest and true it is touching in many different shades of emotion. Currently on tour hopefully you are lucky enough to have them visit your town.
The Avett Brothers-Murder in the City.mp3
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Four-Eyed Monster

Save the Internet | Rock the Vote
For more information visit Four-Eyed Monster.
Cold War Kids-Something Is Not Right With Me.mp3

Shove your hope where it don't shine*

Since it is almost August i think it is safe to say that it is officially the summer of Santogold and Fleet Foxes. Since SXSW Santogold's stock has sky rocketed. While the rest of the country fretted over market crashes and rising gas prices she played Festivals, sold out shows and toured Europe. In the midst of all that she found time to collaborate with Diplo, The Strokes and celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Converse. Talk about working up a sweat. My other darlings, The Fleet Foxes have only coined everyone's flickr albums, facebook pages and blog titles describing just how much fun they are having during the longest days of the year (what a life i lead in the summer- i myself am guilty of this having used the lyric line as a tagline back in June). While perusing one of my favorite local photographers websites earlier this morning I see she too is a fan of those foxy fellas. One can only hope that these fresh faces stick around to provide us soundtracks for many a ete to come.
Santogold-I'm A Lady (Diplo re-mix featuring Amanda Blank).mp3
Santogold/Diplo/Panda Bear-Remix-Lights Out.mp3
Santogold-Find A Way Graeme and Switch Mix featuring Kid Cudilunar-Camel.mp3
20 Get It Up (Radioclit Mix ft. MIA and Gorilla Zoe).mp3
Santogold-Right Brigade (hidden track).mp3
Unstoppable-Night Dub.mp3
Santogold-Hometown Glory (Live on the BBC-covering Adele).mp3
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Hipster and music snobs unleash the hatorade

Yesterday was one of the longest concert-going days I have experienced in quite sometime, especially since it was a show and not a festival. In true nyc fashion of our over indulged concert scene the comments today on Bvegan were classic. Armed with vicious critiques that flew faster to the posted story than the dodge balls towards skinny-legged bearded Brooklynites there was one that simply stated "I had fun." If you check it out do not expect more words of flattery than this and it is a rare occasion when people actually write about THE BANDS THAT PLAYED. It was quite the scene and as one who thoroughly enjoys watching the crowd as much as the music i was a bit shocked that they didn't just call the entire thing off due to...i don't know...massive amounts of lightening throughout the ENTIRE show. Maybe it is because one of my bosses was on said metal-constructed stage with his lovely wife and his MAC computer getting soaked by the wind and rain that i was overly concerned (or possibly it could be that i have been at a concert feet away from someone who was struck by lightening and died). I was totally dumb and stayed out in the mother natures' glorious elements despite these thoughts. The best moment of the day was a story i heard about a member of Black Moth Super Rainbow's mom thanking people for listening to "her kids' band!" Precious. Hopefully Felice Brothers will be easier to get into. As you all know i love me some boys who sing about whiskey and chasin' the ladies. Always a good time.
Black Moth Super Rainbow-The Afternoon Turns Pink.mp3

Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer Lovin'

Back in my beloved lil city after the last four weekends away and i could not be more excited. This weekend is packed with some really good music and hopefully a bit of beach time! With that in mind rustle up all your friends who have not traveled elsewhere to escape the steamy wonderland that is Manhattan in late July and line up EARLY on Sunday. It is going to be one huge music industry f*fest from the looks of it. Black Moth Super Rainbow is where it is at kids. Think Shake Shack deliciously good dairy delights in the middle of a summer day good...they are that good. Everyone is going to be stunned. Either by that or John Richards mad DJ skills...HAPPY LE WEEKEND!
*Free Ghostland Observatory Show tomorrow in Prospect Park at 7 PM.
*Free MGMT, Ting Tings, and Black Moth Super Rainbow show Sunday at McCarreN Poool at 2 PM.
MGMT-Time To Pretend (DMoeFunk Club Mix).mp3
MGMT-Electric Feel (Re~mix by James Rutledge).mp3
MGMT-Of Moons Birds Monsters (Amplive Communication Edit).mp3
Aztec Camera-Somewhere In My Heart (Alternate Mix).mp3

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

After my own heart

This summers' McCarren Pool Parties are. Their latest addition to the already stellar Sunday line ups include not one, not two, but THREE of bands that you should definitely check out if you have not yet. The merry band of Felice Brothers will be sharing the sweaty Williamsburg hangout with the likes of Deer Tick and Langhorne Slim. Eli "Paperboy" Reed & The True Loves will also be joining in the fun with DJ Kool Kear keeping the hipster crowd sliding on the slip n' slide and throwing balls at people's heads during dodge ball. It is all in the name of Summertime *08 in nYc. Heck yeah!
Langhorne Slim-Sweet Olive Tree.mp3 (my favorite)
Langhorne Slim-Rebel Side Of Heaven.mp3
Deer Tick-These Old Shoes.mp3

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sold my cold knot

Usually when i post about Daytrotter in studio sessions i just toss the link onto my blog, invite you- my dearest readers to stop by and check out the songs and that is about it. However, when Bon Iver stops by anywhere it is always a big deal for me. I read each and every uttered statement that pours from his mouth and devour the opening paragraphs leading into his beautiful songs. His album has touched me deeply unlike any other album of it's ilk in quite some time. Of all the live shows i have heard from him this one is definitely my favorite. You can hear the creaking of the chair as he adjusts his crouching position and lovingly strums his bruised guitar. It is simplistic and striking. His is music that weeps and sways. The opening statements that drift into THIS particular session is just as poignant and unabashedly honest as the songs Bon Iver himself shares with us.

Enough has been made out of the cool side of the pillow. Enough with it. It’s just an unused side, nothing more and nothing less. A pillow with potential. It’s just lying there, naked by the headboard. Plenty has been made about the empty warmth of the bed too. The side of the bed, previously occupied, just recently deserted for a different bed. It’s never meant a better bed, necessarily, just a different one, one with different sheets and blankets, different pillows for sure and without question, a different person to share it with. Plenty has been made out of how that warm, oblong shape of space that we can run our hands over and get burnt by the touch is like an obscenity to behold, to have to behold. There’s no way around it. It’s not the same as the warm spot that gets left in the mornings, when the alarm clocks beckon our better half away to an appointment or a job. This is the permanent kind of heat loss. It’s there and then it’s gone like a vapor, the scent of those limp, resting limbs and necks still reeks like betrayal and love, more love, no – more betrayal. …
the rest of the story and the songs you can check out here.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

nEw sHe & HiM video

I think you're just so pleasant. I would like you for my own.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesdays and Saturdays I walk you not be alone

They say as you get older you return to your roots and since i feel like i have aged a ton this year despite how much my parents love to rustle my hair and claim i am still a youngling i find myself feeding my ears with more and more rustic-ole'time sounding singer/songwriter melodies. I like the crooning and the voice breaks. I have a keen fondness for men who sound like they have just tumbled out of bed, whipped up a bottle of whisky and started drowning the reality of daylight away with their only companion being a hound dog or their guitar. Now that, is my type of gentleman. Maybe it is just because I saw the Hunter S. Thompson movie last night...which I HIGHLY recommend and could go on a rant about for ages. It made me cry. All i could think about is how Americans have ended up in the situation we have and how hopeful my parents were for our generation to make a change like theirs did in the 60s. Or tried to. But I digress. Elliott Brood hails from Canada. He is lovely. If this next election does not go the way I hope it does, i might seriously stop threatening to join him and finally get off of my duff and do it. For now, I recommend this and Gonzo.
Elliott Brood-Miss You Now.mp3
Elliott Brood-Write It All Down For You.mp3

one-two-three-four monsters crawling across the floor

When my friend told me about this video last night while waiting for Gonzo to start i was immediately in love with Feist all over again. Her album was one a popular member amongst my soundtrack selections for the summer of *07 and the song 1,2,3,4 was on steady rotation until LCD Soundsystem took over again. I was always more of a Reading Rainbow gal myself. Secretly ashamed that besides Kermet and Snuffles (i didn't like saying his whole name...) and of course The Count most of the show bored me. I liked stories and cartoons, i couldn't help it! My sister was a HUGE Seasame Street fan so this is perfect for her-plus her favorite number is FOUR! Again, precious Feist. You are precious.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The blood that is pumping still hasn't met you

September, you are sure looking lovely. That's because during those early crisp fall days in Manhattan we shall be able to head on down to our local music venues Black Mountain Yes sir, we are lucky. Looks like my favorite season just got a little bit better. Procure your tickets early folks- you definitely do not want to miss them.
************Black Mountain Tour Dates*********
7/18, 19 & 20-Dawson,Yukon-Dawson City Music Festival (19th and 20th are Workshop Days)
7/26-Vancouver,BC-Pemberton Festival * 8/09-Pittsburgh,PA-New American Music Union
8/15-Brecon Beacons,UK-Green Man Festival * 8/16-Hasselt,Belgium-Pukkelpop Festival
8/17-Biddinghuizen,Netherlands-Lowlands Festival
8/22-San Francisco,CA-Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival
9/19-Champaign,IL-Pygmalion Festival * 9/20-Chicago,IL-Hideout Block Party
9/23-New York,NY-Bowery Ballroom * 9/24-Brooklyn, NY-Music Hall of Williamsburg
9/27-Toronto,ON-The Opera House
*Tickets for nYc shows go on sale this Saturday at NOON!
Black Mountain-No Satisfaction.mp3
Black Mountain-Stormy High.mp3
Delta Spirit-Gimme Some Motivation.mp3
**i want delta spirit to open for them, wishful here is a bit of delta for ya**
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All the troubles in my mind they don't feel so bad

Thank you blog world! My discoveries led me to some of my favorite dance fests and tracks that i continuously revisit and lavish affection upon. Some of these bands you might recognize just a Little bit... LCD Soundsystem, Daft Punk, Crystal Castles, Simian Mobile Disco, Justice, Battles and Digitalism. I have been one very lucky little girl to have been able to see all of these bands perform their magic live and they definitely live up to the brilliance of their albums. Digitalism was by far one of my favorite discoveries. The french duo KILLED it at Studio B and i could not have been happier to find this treasure today amidst my blog hunting's. Love love love love it! Even with the lack of proper air conditioning it caused me to get up and take a break from work and do a little ditty. It was a sweaty scene, but it was totally worth it. See for yourself.
Digitalism-Kitsune Tabloid Micromix.mp3
*This is the first in Kitsuné’s new Tabloid DJ mix series, where the label will be inviting their favourite DJs to tell a story through a personal mix. Digitalism's mix features the likes of Zombie Nation, CSS, Midnight Juggernauts, Hercules & Love Affair, Spank Rock, Holy Ghost, Calvin Harris , In Flagranti, Late Of The Pier and The Presets.*-Credit

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Free Albert Hammond, Jr. Show Tomorrow at HIRO

They are giving away 200 tickets before hand, click here. I was lucky enough to gain access into the secret Albie show at the Mercury Lounge last week thanks to KEXP, check out my review.
Albert Hammond, Jr.-Victory At Monterey.mp3
Albert Hammond Jr-Rocket.mp3
Albert Hammond, Jr-Borrowed Time.mp3

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Old Glory

My dears-have fun doing whatever it is you are getting yourselves into this weekend. Hot dog eating contests, a little Sonic Youth action, fighting traffic on the way to one beach or another- or escaping the country all together. Fun fun fun! Yeeehaw!
Playlist # 1- for a layed back time:
The Avett Brothers-Will You Return.mp3
Andy Dale-Petty Coo-Coo Bird.mp3
Dr. Dog-The Old Days.mp3
Dr. Dog-The Ark.mp3
The Dutchess and The Duke-Reservoir Park.mp3
Dr. Dog-The Rabbit, The Bat and the R.mp3
David Vandervelde-I Will Be Fine.mp3
Fleet Foxes-White Winter Hymnal.mp3
Tickley Feather-Fancy Walking.mp3
Tape-Moth Wings.mp3
Sigur Ros-Við spilum endalaust.mp3
The National-About Today (Live).mov

Grateful Dead: Lay Me Down Live at Radio City Music Hall

I liked this one even better...

Bands that play for longer than 5 minute songs

Continuing with my on going education under the guidance of my dearest music listener here is something i rather enjoyed. See...i do listen to recommendations!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A few months ago i was lucky enough to have a friend pass along the lastest album from New York based Takka Takka, Migration. Instantly I loved and was incredibly impressed and excited for this band to lure in ears of new fans outside of our small little city, which they are sure to do with this beautifully composed collection of songs. They are playing a handful of New York shows scattered throughout the next few weeks as well as stopping by my loves, Daytrotter for an in-studio session. Sure to be a golden one. In the meantime check out these two tracks and enjoy!
Jul 3-Union Hall-Brooklyn, New York
Jul 15-Pianos-nYc
Jul 22-Pianos-nYc
Jul 24-Daytrotter Sessions-Chicago, Illinois
Jul 25-Schubas Tavern-Chicago, Illinois
Jul 26-The Frequency-Madison, Wisconsin
Jul 29-Pianos-nYc
Takka Takka-The Takers.mp3
Takka Takka-Everybody Say.mp3
Takka Takka Tags.

Yes...i know it is too small to see...

So check it out FULL size here. Loved this- made me laugh out loud at my desk because well...we all know these types of people. Thanks Becks. Perfect. And if you like a depressing spin on Garfield, this is pretty darn snappy. Some of them at least.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

As always It was always It shall be

To my undying inspiration. Thank you.
Today was one of those days you feel like everything happens for a reason and the people who are in your life, both the good and the bad are there for you to learn from and love. It was the perfect day to share Eef Barzelay. His words say it all, hope you enjoy.
Eef Barzelay-True Freedom.mp3
Eef Barzelay-Lose Big.mp3

Do what you feel now

Electric Feel(MGMT re-mixed and kicked up by Justice) Sick!.mp3
So so sweet. Thanks Mike!

As a child i knew that the stars would only get brighter*

This photo was so awesome...i had to borrow it
This weekend i finally broke down and purchased the debut album from Brooklyn-based Hercules & Love Affair. It takes months of me listening to something to crack down and purchase an album-which is bad, i admit. I would much rather go to a show and buy something there but I am going to miss their upcoming show in the city...(damn you Radiohead- you own my heart!). Recently announced tour dates are listed below. If you have yet to check out their album you really should. Don't follow my lead on this one and sit for months like a lame duck. It is very good kids. Very good.
******Hercules & The Love Affair Tour Dates*******
July 23-The Echo-Los Angeles, Cali Los ~ July 25-Casbah-San Diego, CA
July 26-Mezzanine-San Francisco, Cali ~ August 8-Filmore/Irving-nYc
Hercules and Love Affair-Theme.mp3
Hercules and Love Affair-Athene.mp3
Hercules & The Love Affair Tags

Kiss Me Properly and Pull Me Apart

It is kind of amazing that i have not written about the brilliant side-project, The Last Shadow Puppets from one of my favorite lyricists of our time the beloved Alex Turner. Aided by the equally adept Miles Kane of The Rascals' i was lucky enough to witness the duo's second nYc show which took place at The Cake Shop on a random Wednesday night in March. I try not to compare any artists to The Beatles because in my opinion there never will be, nor could there ever be another Beatles (sorry Oasis, Coldplay...etc). It would be pure blasphemy to even attempt to coin that accomplishment, despite whatever happens in music in the future, and I consider myself highly optimistic that the good days of music are still happening. However, that being said I remember leaning over to my friend who had stayed up late to keep me company at the show that I finally understood why people might attempt to compare the young Alex to a young John. There are the obvious elements: English background, uncanny ability to build the most basic of melodies, the success at such a young age and then of course, the clothing and haircuts. Experiencing Alex and Miles and what the two of them are together- playing such a stripped down set in the tiny, dank basement it was unbelievable. It was one of those shows where I couldn't move. I didn't want to. I was completely in awe. For the first time I WANTED to make the say, this is what it must have been like for my Mum to see the Beatles for the first time. Your body feels heavy, yet you are completely covered in goosebumps and feel furiously alive yet like you are in a dream. They are so young and yet they already have mastered their instruments and their songwriting capacity on such a level that even if you do not enjoy their sound you have to give them your respect. There are few artists out there that truly deserve it and Alex Turner my dears, is definitely one of them. Buzzing on the interwebs today is word of Jack White joining them on stage during their Glastonbury set. Makes sense to genius steppin' in on the other. Not sure how i would have survived seeing that one.

Lucky for us Last Shadow Puppets will be playing nYc the day before Halloween and the week after CMJ! Just in time for me have gained some energy back. Heck yeah!
***********The Last Shadow Puppets Tour Dates*************
Aug 19-Guildhall-Portsmouth * Aug 22-Leeds Festival-Leeds,South
Aug 24-Reading Festival-Reading * Aug 26-Olympia-Paris,France
Oct 16-Vega Main Hall-Copenhagen,Denmark * Oct 17-Tempodrome-Berlin,Germany
Oct 19-Cirque Royale-Brussels,Belgium * Oct 20-Paradiso-Amsterdam,Holland
Oct 22-Academy-Glasgow,Scotland * Oct 23-City Hall-Sheffield
Oct 26-Hammersmith Apollo-London, England * Oct 30-Grand Ballroom-nYc
Nov 3-Mayan Theatre-Los Angeles,California
Pick up Age of the Understatement here!
The Last Shadow Puppets-My Mistakes Were Made For You.mp3
The Last Shadow Puppets-In The Heat of the Morning.mp3
The Last Shadow Puppets-Wondrous Place.mp3