Tuesday, July 1, 2008

As a child i knew that the stars would only get brighter*

This photo was so awesome...i had to borrow it
This weekend i finally broke down and purchased the debut album from Brooklyn-based Hercules & Love Affair. It takes months of me listening to something to crack down and purchase an album-which is bad, i admit. I would much rather go to a show and buy something there but I am going to miss their upcoming show in the city...(damn you Radiohead- you own my heart!). Recently announced tour dates are listed below. If you have yet to check out their album you really should. Don't follow my lead on this one and sit for months like a lame duck. It is very good kids. Very good.
******Hercules & The Love Affair Tour Dates*******
July 23-The Echo-Los Angeles, Cali Los ~ July 25-Casbah-San Diego, CA
July 26-Mezzanine-San Francisco, Cali ~ August 8-Filmore/Irving-nYc
Hercules and Love Affair-Theme.mp3
Hercules and Love Affair-Athene.mp3
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