Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shove your hope where it don't shine*

Since it is almost August i think it is safe to say that it is officially the summer of Santogold and Fleet Foxes. Since SXSW Santogold's stock has sky rocketed. While the rest of the country fretted over market crashes and rising gas prices she played Festivals, sold out shows and toured Europe. In the midst of all that she found time to collaborate with Diplo, The Strokes and celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Converse. Talk about working up a sweat. My other darlings, The Fleet Foxes have only coined everyone's flickr albums, facebook pages and blog titles describing just how much fun they are having during the longest days of the year (what a life i lead in the summer- i myself am guilty of this having used the lyric line as a tagline back in June). While perusing one of my favorite local photographers websites earlier this morning I see she too is a fan of those foxy fellas. One can only hope that these fresh faces stick around to provide us soundtracks for many a ete to come.
Santogold-I'm A Lady (Diplo re-mix featuring Amanda Blank).mp3
Santogold/Diplo/Panda Bear-Remix-Lights Out.mp3
Santogold-Find A Way Graeme and Switch Mix featuring Kid Cudilunar-Camel.mp3
20 Get It Up (Radioclit Mix ft. MIA and Gorilla Zoe).mp3
Santogold-Right Brigade (hidden track).mp3
Unstoppable-Night Dub.mp3
Santogold-Hometown Glory (Live on the BBC-covering Adele).mp3
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