Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesdays and Saturdays I walk you home...to not be alone

They say as you get older you return to your roots and since i feel like i have aged a ton this year despite how much my parents love to rustle my hair and claim i am still a youngling i find myself feeding my ears with more and more rustic-ole'time sounding singer/songwriter melodies. I like the crooning and the voice breaks. I have a keen fondness for men who sound like they have just tumbled out of bed, whipped up a bottle of whisky and started drowning the reality of daylight away with their only companion being a hound dog or their guitar. Now that, is my type of gentleman. Maybe it is just because I saw the Hunter S. Thompson movie last night...which I HIGHLY recommend and could go on a rant about for ages. It made me cry. All i could think about is how Americans have ended up in the situation we have and how hopeful my parents were for our generation to make a change like theirs did in the 60s. Or tried to. But I digress. Elliott Brood hails from Canada. He is lovely. If this next election does not go the way I hope it does, i might seriously stop threatening to join him and finally get off of my duff and do it. For now, I recommend this and Gonzo.
Elliott Brood-Miss You Now.mp3
Elliott Brood-Write It All Down For You.mp3

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