Monday, July 28, 2008

Hipster and music snobs unleash the hatorade

Yesterday was one of the longest concert-going days I have experienced in quite sometime, especially since it was a show and not a festival. In true nyc fashion of our over indulged concert scene the comments today on Bvegan were classic. Armed with vicious critiques that flew faster to the posted story than the dodge balls towards skinny-legged bearded Brooklynites there was one that simply stated "I had fun." If you check it out do not expect more words of flattery than this and it is a rare occasion when people actually write about THE BANDS THAT PLAYED. It was quite the scene and as one who thoroughly enjoys watching the crowd as much as the music i was a bit shocked that they didn't just call the entire thing off due to...i don't know...massive amounts of lightening throughout the ENTIRE show. Maybe it is because one of my bosses was on said metal-constructed stage with his lovely wife and his MAC computer getting soaked by the wind and rain that i was overly concerned (or possibly it could be that i have been at a concert feet away from someone who was struck by lightening and died). I was totally dumb and stayed out in the mother natures' glorious elements despite these thoughts. The best moment of the day was a story i heard about a member of Black Moth Super Rainbow's mom thanking people for listening to "her kids' band!" Precious. Hopefully Felice Brothers will be easier to get into. As you all know i love me some boys who sing about whiskey and chasin' the ladies. Always a good time.
Black Moth Super Rainbow-The Afternoon Turns Pink.mp3

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