Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kiss Me Properly and Pull Me Apart

It is kind of amazing that i have not written about the brilliant side-project, The Last Shadow Puppets from one of my favorite lyricists of our time the beloved Alex Turner. Aided by the equally adept Miles Kane of The Rascals' i was lucky enough to witness the duo's second nYc show which took place at The Cake Shop on a random Wednesday night in March. I try not to compare any artists to The Beatles because in my opinion there never will be, nor could there ever be another Beatles (sorry Oasis, Coldplay...etc). It would be pure blasphemy to even attempt to coin that accomplishment, despite whatever happens in music in the future, and I consider myself highly optimistic that the good days of music are still happening. However, that being said I remember leaning over to my friend who had stayed up late to keep me company at the show that I finally understood why people might attempt to compare the young Alex to a young John. There are the obvious elements: English background, uncanny ability to build the most basic of melodies, the success at such a young age and then of course, the clothing and haircuts. Experiencing Alex and Miles and what the two of them are together- playing such a stripped down set in the tiny, dank basement it was unbelievable. It was one of those shows where I couldn't move. I didn't want to. I was completely in awe. For the first time I WANTED to make the comparison...to say, this is what it must have been like for my Mum to see the Beatles for the first time. Your body feels heavy, yet you are completely covered in goosebumps and feel furiously alive yet like you are in a dream. They are so young and yet they already have mastered their instruments and their songwriting capacity on such a level that even if you do not enjoy their sound you have to give them your respect. There are few artists out there that truly deserve it and Alex Turner my dears, is definitely one of them. Buzzing on the interwebs today is word of Jack White joining them on stage during their Glastonbury set. Makes sense to me...one genius steppin' in on the other. Not sure how i would have survived seeing that one.

Lucky for us Last Shadow Puppets will be playing nYc the day before Halloween and the week after CMJ! Just in time for me have gained some energy back. Heck yeah!
***********The Last Shadow Puppets Tour Dates*************
Aug 19-Guildhall-Portsmouth * Aug 22-Leeds Festival-Leeds,South
Aug 24-Reading Festival-Reading * Aug 26-Olympia-Paris,France
Oct 16-Vega Main Hall-Copenhagen,Denmark * Oct 17-Tempodrome-Berlin,Germany
Oct 19-Cirque Royale-Brussels,Belgium * Oct 20-Paradiso-Amsterdam,Holland
Oct 22-Academy-Glasgow,Scotland * Oct 23-City Hall-Sheffield
Oct 26-Hammersmith Apollo-London, England * Oct 30-Grand Ballroom-nYc
Nov 3-Mayan Theatre-Los Angeles,California
Pick up Age of the Understatement here!
The Last Shadow Puppets-My Mistakes Were Made For You.mp3
The Last Shadow Puppets-In The Heat of the Morning.mp3
The Last Shadow Puppets-Wondrous Place.mp3

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