Thursday, July 3, 2008

Old Glory

My dears-have fun doing whatever it is you are getting yourselves into this weekend. Hot dog eating contests, a little Sonic Youth action, fighting traffic on the way to one beach or another- or escaping the country all together. Fun fun fun! Yeeehaw!
Playlist # 1- for a layed back time:
The Avett Brothers-Will You Return.mp3
Andy Dale-Petty Coo-Coo Bird.mp3
Dr. Dog-The Old Days.mp3
Dr. Dog-The Ark.mp3
The Dutchess and The Duke-Reservoir Park.mp3
Dr. Dog-The Rabbit, The Bat and the R.mp3
David Vandervelde-I Will Be Fine.mp3
Fleet Foxes-White Winter Hymnal.mp3
Tickley Feather-Fancy Walking.mp3
Tape-Moth Wings.mp3
Sigur Ros-ViĆ° spilum endalaust.mp3
The National-About Today (Live).mov

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