Friday, June 29, 2007

M Ward and Zooey Deschanel on KEXP

You should tune-in and check it out at 4:00 PM (EST). Guaranteed to be as lovely to listen to as Zooey is to look at. Hey, girls-crushes are totally normal. The National are stopping in tomorrow as well 5:00 PM (EST)!
M Ward-To Go Home.mp3
M Ward-Post-War.mp3
The National-Slow Show.mp3
The National-Fake Empire.mp3
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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Adam Green opening for Ben Kweller! YEAHHHhh!

YeahhhH! As if i was not excited for back to back nights of Ben Kweller with specific engagements for each of his very lovely albums one of my favorite New Yorkers of all time will be opening up for him on Tuesday night! Again, if you have not seen Adam- what are you waiting for? Tickets are still available for July 31st.
Adam Green-White Women.mp3
Adam Green-I Wanna Die.mp3
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MusicSnobbery Chats with The Maccabees

I was very sad to have to miss The Maccabees first stateside engagement last month. Lukcy for me not only did Musicsnobbery interview the lovely lads but Jaime attended the show at the Knitting Factory as well.

"*Musicsnobbery: You got some of the best producers working on the album, Stephen Street and Ben Hillier. How did you decide which producer would work on which song?
*The Maccabees: Ben had us record some songs in a swimming pool. The songs we did with Stephen were more up-tempo and were done in a nice, crisp studio. Then the songs that we recorded with Ben, they were more spirited I suppose. Our approach with him was a little more experimental.
*Musicsnobbery: Well, I hope you got the water out of the pool before you recorded.
*The Maccabees: It’s funny you say that because we recorded it in the middle of the summer in central London and it was unbearably hot. We had to use these dehumidifiers to keep the temperature down. The amount of sweat we produced probably could have filled that swimming pool." Hmmmm...well then...

So last night marked the first time I got to see one of my new favourite British bands, The Maccabees. Hailing from Brighton, this was their first time playing nYc and it is safe to say they delivered. The band gave a steady rockin' set from the moment they hit the stage until they finished up about 45 minutes later. The crowd was very enthusiastic and knew many of the words which I think happily caught some of the band by a surprise. The show was really impressive even putting the bands members ages aside...I am not sure how young they were but they were for sure younger than most bands I see. Lead singer, Orlando Weeks, who stood in place, occasionally flailing his arms at one point grabbed the mic with such intensity and delivered each and every word with conviction. It should also be noted that Orlando played guitar on 'Toothpaste Kisses' which was the only mellow part of the show. His voice is definitley one of the bands strong parts but each of member of the band brought something positive to stage and this foursome is only on the up. The set, which pretty much consisted of their debut LP release ended with a rocking version of 'First Love' and a set closer 'Lego' which about 80% of the audience sang along with Orlando word for word. Hats off to The Maccabees for coming through in the clutch and showing they were not just another across the pond hype act. Next stop, Bowery Ballroom (or so I hope).

-Jaime W.
The Maccabees-Precious Time.mp3
The Maccabees-Lego.mp3
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Blitzen Trapper gets Re-mixed

One of the music trends lately is to be re-mixed. It is hot. It means people are talking about you. It means that people are listening to and liking your music so much that they want to cut it up into bits and pieces, make it flashy like gold spandex and slap their name on it. How else are the hipsters going to find ways to love it/hate it?! Honestly, you have to take them into mind! So here it is, the first Blitzen Trapper re-mix that i have come across thus far.
Sci-Fi Kidhood-remix.mp3
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Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Down Boy

This is old news by now but the Yeah Yeah Yeahs filmed the video for 'Down Boy' a few months back out in Brooklyn at Glasslands. The song will be included on their upcoming EP which is a collection of un-used songs from 2005 up until now and hits shelves on July 24th. I for one love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs more and more as i listen to them, as well as this video. Very cool idea.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Down Boy.mp3
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Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Down Boy

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lily loves him-Amy loves him- Will nYc love him?

Anyone else think he looks a bit like Adam Green here?
Mark Ronson has three engagements planned for New York in July. Thankfully we know he has been here before otherwise one would worry that he would completely find New York City smelly, hot and downright disgusting...for that is what it turns into during the months of July and August. Let's be honest. He has received massive amounts of publicity due to his work with the two ladies of Britian, Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen. Now he is touring about to promote his own album 'Versions' which is a showcase of re-worked covers and is highly enjoyable summertime music. Check out the dates below:
*Brooklyn, NY McCarren Park Pool - DJ set (July 8)
*New York, NY Highline Ballroom - Live show (July 11)
*New York, NY Love - DJ Set (July 11)
Mark Ronson-Just (Feat. Phantom Planet).mp3
Mark Ronson-Annie Minimix.mp3
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Just 'Rags and Bones'? I think not...

"The White Stripes have scored the Number Two position on the US Billboard chart this week. Their new album, 'Icky Thump', has sold 223,000 copies. This is the highest chart position the band has achieved to date. 2005's 'Get Behind Me Satan' entered the charts at Number Three, while 2002's 'White Blood Cells' topped out at Number 61." Heck yeah. We love.
White Stripes-A Martyr For My Love For You.mp3
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Dear Mister Ryan Adams...I was wrong

So they say admitting you are wrong is healthy in life. All of those times i argued with Jaime about how Ryan Adams is not that great, how i had no desire to go see him live, how his songs are kinda cheesy and over the top...yes yes- i must have been completely dillusional at the time. That and i just honestly hadn't given myself over to sitting down and sharing a little bit of space with Ryan. Last night was about as intimate as you can get when it comes to an artist as loved and cherished as Ryan is in New York City. Hiro Ballroom was the perfect setting for him and his bandmates who were just as piercingly melodious as their singer. Ryan led us through some of his new songs adding chatter here and there. He seemed completely comfortable on stage as his songs came across so strongly that it transported me to a completely calm and serene place. At moments i wished i had someone to ask if songs were new or old but this was a show where it did not matter how much or how little you knew Ryan Adams or his songs. It was beautiful American singer songwriter talent at it's best. It is possible to search through all of the guitar players and love songs and find true gems, even in the present which finds us so far from where Bob and John started out. So when you see performers such as Ryan,Elvis or Jack you completely re-invest in this music scene and the talent that is just reaching its' peak right now. I am excited about my new found love for Ryan and invite you to read the reviews of more seasoned fans than i. So thank you Jaime- i was wrong.
The Modern Age-complete with set list
Productshop also loved.

Ryan Adams-Everybody Knows.mp3
Ryan Adams-The Sun Also Sets.mp3
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Wilcow @ The Warsaw

Last night marked the first time in a while that I truly wanted to be at two shows at once. With Wilco at the Warsaw and Ryan Adams at Hiro, I was partially torn on which show I wanted to the end I chose Wilco. Being how rare of an occasion this was and the time that went into procuring a ticket I just could not pass. In the end I think its safe to say I saw what will be one of the best Wilco shows I have seen yet and a definite top show of 2007. Wilco played for nearly 2 hours and 20 minutes and exemplified why they are one of the best bands in America. Beginning the show with 'Sunken Treasure' and closing with 'Outta Mind (Outta Site)' and also including such gems as 'Pot Kettle Black' and rare 'Hoodoo Voodoo' just made the show all the more special. Its safe to say that on their latest album Wilco somewhat abandoned their avant-garde style and chose one that showcases their pure instrumental skill. Particularly enjoyable are the ravenous guitar licks produced by Nels Kline which took center stage during last nights show. Overall it was a tremendous show which did not lack in energy for a single moment, leaving the 900 or so fans gathered in a complete sweat. Excellent!
Productshop reviewed the Hammerstein Show
BrooklynVegan also made the trip out to the Warsaw

Wilco-Is that the Thanks I Get (Live).mp3
Wilco-Leave Me (Like You Found Me).mp3

-Jaime W.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Eekss...Harry Potter is almost here...

Meanwhile someone bought an first edition copy for $18,000!! I mean, of course i own Harry in french, hebrew, and the original british versions, but $18,000?! Wow.
Harry and The Potters-The Wrath of Hermione.mp3
Harry and The Potters-Voldemort Cant Stop the Rock.mp3
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Lily is living in nYc AND producing songs?!

Craziness. She is even playing fancy people's parties out in the Hamptons. Oh Lily...Anyways, check out her first piece of work as a producer.
Justin and Alan
Justin & Alan-LIDL RBL.mp3
Lily Allen Tags

Sea Wolf- Live on KEXP at 3 PM (EST)

Sea Wolf-Black Dirt.mp3
Daytrotter Session-Ses Monuments.mp3
Beautiful. I knew I loved Sea Wolf from the very first song i heard from them but this live performance just completely pushed me over. Their album is due out on September 25th after which they will be touring the West Coast and hopefully a will schedule some more visits elsewhere as well. In the meantime, check out their EP as well as their opening dates for Silversun Pickups.
Thank you KEXP!

Pfork chats with Jack White

With the song "Icky Thump" there's a political angle too, as it touches on the immigration debate.
White: "It seems like a timeless sort of thing to me. It's something that's been happening in America for a long time. There's this timeless ridiculousness about one group of people excluding another group of people. It's almost like a children's playground feeling, this "you can't play with us"/"you can't go on that swing set" kind of thing. That kind of notion is just ridiculous for adults to still be thinking like that, trying to find a way to justify those exact same notions."
Piddlefork then goes on to compare the White Stripes music to pop music basically...
White: Plus when people mix pop and politics it can so easily fall flat on its face, can't it?
White: Yeah, that or it can start a riot. One or the other."
Comparing the White Stripes to pop makes me want to riot! But it is a pretty good interview otherwise.
John Peel Session-Death Letter.mp3
Rag & Bone.mp3
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Beastie Boys - A Gala Event - Exclusive Instrumental Show

A limited number of Gala Event (Exclusive Instrumental shows to debut their new album, 'The Mix Up') shows will be going on sale this week with more to be announced very soon. Public Sale for dates listed below is June 30th, at 10:00 AM (EST)-except for SAN FRANCISCO-Public Sale is Sunday, July 1st at 10:00 AM. As before, the password for all the presales is MIXUP.
August 10th - New York, NY - Hammerstein Ballroom
*Presale Starts Friday, June 29th at 10am (local time) here.
August 17th-Denver, CO-Fillmore
*Presale Starts Friday, June 29th at 10am (local time) here.
August 20th-Los Angeles, CA-Greek Theater
*Presale Starts Thursday, June 28th at 10am (local time) here.
August 24th-San Francisco, CA-The Warfield
*Presale Starts Friday, June 29th at 10am (local time) here.
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The Plasticines

While reading a recent issue of NYLON magazine I came across a highly interesting series where they chose different cities for their music scene and then picked a few bands that adequately represented the individual scene and flavor. Of course Paris was thrown in the mix which made me very excited because i love seeing french-speaking bands reach broader audiences than just francophone countries. The Parisians and The Plasticines in particular peaked my interest. The Plasticines are an all girl group that could easily gain the support of fans of Malajube, The Prototypes or Les Breastfeeders. After listening to their songs with their sharp rock edges and catchy pop lyrics it is easy to see where these girls draw their inspiration from, listing their musical influences as a mix of early punk (The Ramones, The Clash, Blondie) with modern rock (The Strokes, The Libertines, Yeah Yeah Yeahs). They sing some of their songs in english but most of them are in french and in their interview in NYLON they touched on the difficulty of singing songs in english to their french fans. The french are very protective and proud of their language so it is even more difficult for french bands to break the language barrier and reach English speaking audiences. Much like The Pipettes in spirit as a young girl group with easy to like pop lyrics and overflowing energy it is only a matter of time before The Plasticines breach America's shores.
***Correction-it appears they already have.****

La Règle Du Jeu.mp3
(Zazie Fait De La) Bicyclette.mp3

Monday, June 25, 2007


I had been chatting this weekend about the wonderfulness that is Harrison Ford and whether or not the rumours of an upcoming Indiana Jones release were true or not. Lookie lookie at what i found. SO EXCITED!

Glastonbury Festival Wrap-Up

Lily Allen
As previously posted, head over to NME for headlines about almost every band that played. Highlights included Arctic Monkeys, CSS, The Klaxons, Kate Nash, Arcade Fire, Amy Winehouse, Kasabian, Holy Fuck, The Long Blondes, The Kooks, The Kaiser Chiefs, Pigeon Detectives, Lily Allen, Bjork and Babyshambles. It was 'pissing rain' all throughout the festivities but that didn't seem to stop over 170,000 fans from turning out in pure concert fashion. It had been the first time Bjork performed at Glastonbury in 13 years. Jaime Reynolds of The Klaxons had a very emotional experience exclaiming, "I can genuinely say it is the happiest day of my life today playing to that many people. It made me feel happier than I have ever been and I never expected so many people to turn up. I could just see a sea of people as far as my bad eyesight could see."

The Klaxons
While "The Pigeon Detectives were pelted by lingerie during their set at Glastonbury today (June 23). Fans spilled out of the John Peel Stage for their debut performance at the festival. Before playing 'Stop Or Go' - singer Matt Bowman said: "On this next song people get carried away and throw lingerie on stage... Some people can't take a fucking joke and write nasty things about you - the lingerie thing is actually a joke." However, during the song a fan threw a piece of lingerie on stage leading Bowman to comment: "What a result! Is there anything else you want to throw up here other than a pink bra?" During their raucous set the crowd chanted, in reference to the band's home city, "Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!"
The Long Blondes-Once and Never Againmp3
The Editors-All Sparks (Phones Remix).mp3
Kasabian-Shoot The Runner.mp3
Kaiser Chiefs-Heat Dies Down.mp3
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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Vader Calls Palpatine

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Friday, June 22, 2007

Panda Bear at Bowery-SATURDAY

Jaime loves Panda Bear so much that he texted in whilst on the road to remind all of you to turn out for their second Bowery Ballroom show this week. From his excited reports from Mondays' show it sounds like he definitely puts on one heck of a show-at least one of Jaime's favorite shows this year so far. ENJOY!
Panda Bear Tags

Blitzen Trapper LIVE on KEXP tomorrow!

Excited to tune in for this one. Thank you KEXP! Don't forget! And have a great weekend kiddies!
Blitzen Trapper- Love I Exclaim!.mp3
Blitzen Trapper-George Kaminski.mp3
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Glastonbury Festival

*Glastonbury from the air.

*Gogol Bordello

Oh man--- those Scots and Brits know how to have fun. No matter what. These photos look ridiculous with the rain and all! Check out NME for complete coverage.

Vote for Cold War Kids to open Baltimore Virgin Festival

I don't even see why there is a contest! Cold War Kids are f'in unreal live---they don't even compare to any of these other bands listed to vote for. Sorry, but they just don't. So go vote to put them where they deserve to be!

(This is how it was described on NME: "The band are in the running with four other acts including Aiden and Say Anything to open the stage, despite the fact that they are well-placed on the bill for several high profile European festivals including Glastonbury, Oxegen and T In The Park." Fitting since at least Europe understands how good they are- as well as The White Stripes who invited them to be their opener for select dates.)
Cold War Kids Tags

Oh that Robert Smith

When he isn't saving the world from disaster on South Park he spends most of his time making some of my favorite music of all time. Thanks to my sister for educating me on The Cure while i was growing up-despite all my protesting against the 'scary man with big hair who sings the spider eating song' i grew to love and admire them. Check out their tour dates and be prepared for reports from both the DC and nYc shows.
Thu-Sep-13 Tampa - St Pete Times Forum
Sat-Sep-15 Atlanta - Gwinnett Center
Mon-Sep-17 Charlotte - Charlotte Bobcats Arena
Wed-Sep-19 Washington DC - Patriot Center
Fri-Sep-21 Philadelphia - Wachovia Spectrum
Sun-Sep-23 New York City - Madison Square Garden
Tue-Sep-25 Boston - Agganis Arena
Wed-Sep-26 Montreal - Bell Centre
Thu-Sep-27 Toronto - Air Canada Centre
Sat-Sep-29 Chicago - Allstate Arena
Tue-Oct-02 Denver - Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Thu-Oct-04 Salt Lake City - E Center
Sat-Oct-06 San Francisco - Shoreline Amphitheatre - Download Festival
Mon-Oct-08 Seattle - Key Arena
Tue-Oct-09 Vancouver - General Motors Place
Thu-Oct-11 Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara Bowl
Sat-Oct-13 San Diego - Cox Arena
Sun-Oct-14 Los Angeles - Hollywood Bowl
Tue-Oct-16 Houston - Toyota Center
Wed-Oct-17 Dallas - American Airlines Center
Creep (Radiohead Cover).mp3
(now would you really want THIS guy singing you THIS song when you were about 8 or 9 and deathly afraid of spiders- i think not!)

New Kills Album in the Works

Standing outside Irving Plaza waiting for my friends the other night i was delighted to see one of my favorite bands stroll up to see the show. I was surprised as i surveyed the sidewalk and saw that no one seemed to notice who Alison Mosshart-aka "VV" and Jamie Hince-aka "Hotel" from the British band The Kills were or if they did- i couldn't tell. I have always felt that The Kills have not recieved the attention and respect they deserve this side of the pond. It is quite unfortunate for they make some pretty fine music together and their live shows could rival that of Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs any day. Apparently they are working on a new album as a followup to 'No Wow' and hoping for a fall release? YES! I hope that they enjoyed checking out The White Stripes as much as i did.
*check out their space on Domino Records Artists Profiles-they have quite the interesting story.
Love Is A Deserter.mp3

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Welcome Summer!

Today marks the official start of summer. Go have a good one!
Darker My Love-Summer Is Here.mp3
Dirty On Purpose-Your Summer Dress.mp3
Blitzen Trapper-Summertwin.mp3
Girl Talk-Summer Smoke.mp3
Regina Spektor-Summer In The City.mp3
YACHT-The Summer Song (Feat. Claire L. Evans).mp3
Of Montreal-Oslo in the Summertime.mp3
Velvet Undergound-Who Loves The Sun.mp3
Violent Femmes-Blister in the Sun.mp3

Rosewood Thieves-Closing Night

Last night marked the final night of the Rosewood Thieves stellar run at Piano's during their three week residency. The room was packed with fans and friends. It was nice to see the my friends' reactions who had not seen them since the fall. The overwhelming response was incredibly positive from love of the new material to comments of the bands' overall growth in just a few short months. It was the most I have seen the band enjoy themselves on stage and cannot wait for them to announce more dates soon. Their new material sticks to you like glue which is only upsetting since it is not available to purchase as of yet. Again, i highly enjoyed the murder/love ballad. I was looking forward to it throughout the day yesterday and it was even better than i had remembered. Incredibly crisp and chilling, it definitely is a highlight of things to come. Keep an eye out for more dates-hopefully we won't have to wait too long!
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My fingertips are holding onto the cracks in our foundation...

Latest video from Kate Nash. Ladies, this song is highly catchy- you have been warned. Plus, if you are missing Lily Allen Kate is a perfect new love for you with simple, sweet little love songs. I must admit, those Brits have us outwitted when it comes to music videos. Maccabees, Lily Allen, Klaxons, Muse, Pigeon Detectives, Arctic Monkeys ...all with clever, creative little clips. Thank goodness for Feist, oh wait- she's Canadian. Damnit! Guess we have to stick to our rap videos. ICks!

*No worries, the goldfish were not harmed at all during the filming of this video: Director: Kinga Burza: "The goldfish was bought especially for the shoot so at the end, it was adopted by one of the runners."
Foundations (Metronomy remix).mp3
Kate Nash Tags

Did anyone go to see Albie the other night?

Albert Hammond, Jr and company played their largest nYc show yet (unless you count when they opened for Bloc Party) on Monday night at Webster Hall. Openers, The Dead Trees are also under the trusty management of Sir Ryan Gentles. "Sticking to a set similar to his previous live shows, Hammond opened with 'Everyone Gets A Star' and played a series of songs from his debut ''Yours To Keep' as well as his familiar covers of Guided By Voices' 'Postal Blowfish' and Frank Black's 'Old Black Dawning'.Watched by a myriad of New York scenesters including Macaulay Culkin, Adam Green and James Iha, Hammond closed his show with the aforementioned unnamed new track, which showed a somewhat heavier side to his music." via NME Albert has been touring himself silly lately in support of his solo album, 'Yours To Keep.' Hopefully the audience treated him to huge doses of love and support!
Adam Green- Jolly Good.mp3
Albert Hammond Jr.-Bright Young Thing.mp3

Midlake Announces Tour Dates

This time last year Midlake and Cold War Kids were my most favorite things. Besides Lily Allen of course. I couldn't get enough of my summer soundtrack and was happy that they toured throughout the US as much as they did. Their album, 'The Trials of Van Occupanther' was on my top 10 list and it appears that Chemical Brothers definitely took note of their musical creativity as well. Midlake appears on the track 'The Pills Won't Help You Now' which appears on the Chemical Brothers upcoming album. Hope everyone snagged their tickets to their fourth of July show with The New Pornographers!
More dates:
New York, NY Battery Park (July 4)
Atlanta, GA The Earl (September 4)
Carrboro, NC Cat's Cradle (5)
Washington DC Black Cat (6)
Philadelphia, PA Theatre of Living Arts (7)
New York, NY Webster Hall (8)
Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club (9)
Cleveland, OH Grog Shop (11)
Chicago, IL Metro (12)
Austin, TX Austin City Limits (16)
Houston, TX Numbers (20)
Phoenix, AZ Rhythm Room (24)
Los Angeles, CA Henry Fonda Theatre (25)
Solana Beach, CA Belly Up Tavern (26)
San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall (27)
Portland, OR Doug Fir (29)
Seattle, WA Crocodile Cafe (30)
Denver, CO Bluebird Theatre (October 2)
Lawrence, KS Jackpot (3)
Young Bride (CWL Remix).mp3
Balloon Maker.mp3

Muse played Wimberly Stadium, Streets Opened

I wanted to post about this right after it happened but got a bit sidetracked as my blog became almost completely devoted to The White Stripes. I think Muse and Mike Skinner would completely understand. On the other side of the pond Muse are huge and rightly so. Their albums are incredibly solid offerings of rock with beautiful lyrics and lovely melodies. Live they put together quite the show. Watch out Bono and company, for their live shows remind me a bit of some of the U2 concerts i have been to and if they keep at it could definitely rival them based on stage production alone.

Mike Skinner of The Streets had a jolly ole' time with the role as opener. Posting on Mike Skinner wrote: "Wembley Stadium was really good fun. I always like a challenge and trying to entertain a rock crowd with rap music is exactly that, but they were really up for it in the end. I didn't get the tambourine out though." Skinner also revealed that he saw Daft Punk at the O2 Wirless gig.
"But oh my gosh! The Daft Punk show is unbelievable. Two robots playing BLAZING grooves from this huge pyramid made of TV screen," he said. "Felix from Basement Jaxx introduced me to Thomas Bangalter after as well, which was the most starstruck moment of my life." Skinner added: "I was just standing there listening to what he was saying, enjoying the moment and then this girl started rattling on in my ear going on about The Streets blah blah and I'm thinking, 'I'm having the most starstruck moment of my life here and there's this silly girl ruining it by getting starstruck at me...just shut up for one minute!' Totally mindblowing show though. You have to go and see Daft Punk if you can."PopCrunch
*A very in-depth Muse Review from UNcut
*Don't forget their show in AUGUST (6th) with COLD WAR KIDS at MSG
Muse-Take A Bow.mp3
Muse-Knights Of Cydonia.mp3

Arcade Fire-2 shows-October-Maxwells??

Insanity! I double checked their website and didn't see any news of this. According to some of the people i have asked about this, they think it is about 10% true. We shall see. Of course there is the incredible news of the show at Red Rocks with LCD Soundsystem that was covered all over the blogs yesterday. I have always wanted to check out a show at Red Rocks-this is definitely a good occasion. So here is your rumour of the day:

Earlier today, the band announced two special intimate shows at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ on October 5 and October 6. These shows are not part of the national tour with LCD Soundsystem. Tickets for these shows are extremely limited and will be available at a limit of 2 per person starting Thursday, June 21 at 8 p.m. EDT on Remaining tickets will be made available on ticketweb and on Friday, June 22 at 12 p.m. EDT. To protect our fans, tickets will not be mailed. There will be no physical tickets for either show. Patrons successfully completing orders will be required to produce photo identification and the credit/debit card used for purchase. An announcement regarding more dates for the national tour with LCD Soundsystem, including dates in the tri-state area, will be forthcoming." MusicSlut
Vampire Forest Fire.mp3

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Seattle's Blue Scholars visit NYC

Help welcome them in true nYc fashion.

Back Home.mp3

You've got us in your pocket-and there's no way out now

"You work for a record label? We all work for a record label! You work for SPIN magazine? We all work for SPIN magazine? You live in New York City? We all live in New York City!" And thank god for that. Jack White and his big sister Meg visited New York and played Irving Plaza last night, June 19th at approximately 10:50. There was electricity in the air. Candy canes for sale. Immaculately dressed stagehands in black pants, black t-shirts, and black fedora hats with red feathers. A theaterical opener set the stage as the room buzzed with fans, press, music industry buffs, and random celebrities all straining and fidgeting waiting for the main act to hit the stage. Whispers of which songs would be played, how many copies of the new album people had bought, stories of past White Stripes shows were tossed around as the excitement grew with each passing minute. And then, the entrance- and all was forgotten. Transported immediately to another time and another place, you are exactly where Jack and Meg want you to be, their captives completely, for as long as they desire to play. It was as if you silently said to yourself, 'ah i remember what this rock n' roll gig is like." Yes-yes, you've fallen in love with Cold War Kids, David Vandervelde, Grizzly Bear and numerous others who have come crawling out of the nooks and cranies of America to represent and test the rock n' roll stage, checking to see if the masses are still interested. And we took the bait, turning out to shows and purchasing albums...enjoying our experience along the way-but it is because of the White Stripes that we stuck it out. Knowing they were still out there. Immediately you respond. You don't know which one to watch- Meg who seems to have grown into her Nashville living-beating her drums with more salt and spirited will than ever before. Or Jack, pacing around the stage as if trapped within an imaginary laso that brings him front and center where he would stop and concentrate on the guitar-staring down the audience as to say, you want to test me? You want to see what i can do?

Icky Thump hit record stores yesterday and live the new material sounds even better. Stripped down versions of 'A Martyr For My Love For You' slowed the lyrics- strangled with the pain of Jack's voice. Slices of 'Rag and Bone' clipped the audience on the chin and stirred the dancing back up into true form. Teasings of 'Little Cream Soda' and flat out debuts of 'Icky Thump' and 'I'm Slowly Turning Into You' sounded so classically positioned and delivered that you hardly remembered that you these songs are still new to you. It was beautiful, it was heartbreaking, it was passionate, it was everything you had been missing. It was The White Stripes. And you loved every single second.
John Peel Session-Astro_Jack The Ripper.mp3
John Peel Session-Boll Weevil.mp3

*A Vegan From Brooklyn was there
*ProductShop also enjoyed the scene
*The Modern Age rocked itself silly
*Special Edition Tour Poster
*Stereogum thoughtfully fills us in on other Jack White stories:

"Today I had coffee at the base of Empire State Building. And then I had a latte at Ellis Island. And then I had a cappuccino at the top of some nice, shiny building, I think it was the Chrysler Building. And then I had a funnel cake at Battery Park. And then I had a cigarette on the Staten Island Ferry. I didn't smoke it, I just held it. And then I rode across Central Park. I wrote a song, but I forgot it by the time I got to the other side."

"Anyone here from Yonkers?" (Mix of cheers, boos, laughs) "That's a strange reaction to a question ... I had a friend when I was 12, we went camping and he caught a squirrel with his barehands in the broad day light. We sat in the tent, it was a lot like prison, just talking, and he started telling me stories. Like about his favorite types of lawnmowers, gas vs. electric, about how his parents let his sister take swimming lessons, but he wasn't allowed to take lessons to learn how to operate farm equipment. Which was weird 'cause we lived in southwest Detroit, not like there's much use for farm equipment. It was then that I realized he had brought that squirrel in, that he had captured and killed." (Audience responds) "Yeah, tough question ... you don't know if you should be sad or what. To this day, I don't know how I'd react."

*A bit o history behind the track, 'Black Jack Davey':
"The band also plays many covers of Bob Dylan songs, including "One More Cup of Coffee", "Isis", "Love Sick" and "Outlaw Blues". "Black Jack Davey" was also recorded and released as a B-side; the song is traditional, but has been made popular on Bob Dylan's Good as I've Been to You. Jack White said that Dylan covers are usually suggested by Meg, who is a huge Dylan fan. Jack White also performed "Ball and Biscuit" as an encore with Dylan on March 17, 2004 at Detroit's State Theatre."
-Thank you dearest Bob-O!

Spend your fourth of July with New Pornographers and Midlake

Quick! (click for tickets)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hey little Apple Blossom...

The White Stripes returned to New York city tonight for the first performance in two years. They played for almost two hours. There was whitty Jack White banter. There was frantic drumming and a beautiful solo by Meg. And there was a room full of very happy people who left the show and emptied out onto the streets of the city to go home and dream about the storytellers that are Jack and Meg White. Until they all wake up and blog about it tomorrow. Amazing.

Great Lake Swimmers

So incredibly beautiful. Had to share. For those of you who missed them play Joe's Pub the next time they swing through New York, or where ever you happen to reside you should definitely clear your daily life of it's clutter and go see them. So calming, the perfect escape. Thank you GorillavsBear for posting this.
Moving Pictures Silent Films.mp3(live)

Amy Winehouse Tour Dates

Announcements from the Winehouse camp bring news of some new tour dates. BrooklynVegan has pictures and posts from her performance with Mick Jagger during the final day of the Isle of Wright Festival that took place on June 10th. She will swing by New York for a Summerstage appearance on September 12th and tickets go on sale later this week.
****Tour Dates****
Amy Winehouse & Paolo Nutini - 2007 Tour Dates
Sep 12 - Central Park Summerstage -New York, New York
Sep 13 - Tower Theatre -Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sep 18 - The Wiltern LG -Los Angeles, California
Sep 19 - The Wiltern LG -Los Angeles, California
Sep 21 - Warfield Theatre -San Francisco, California
Sep 22 - Warfield Theatre -San Francisco, California
Sep 24 - Orpheum Theatre -Vancouver, British Columbia
Sep 25 - Paramount Theatre -Seattle, Washington
Sep 28 - State Theater -Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sep 29 - Aragon Ballroom -Chicago, Illinois
Tears Dry On Their Own.mp3
Some Unholy War.mp3

Ra Ra Riot continue on...

We have felt lost since the death of our friend and band mate, John. There will always be unanswered questions, so we can only surrender to life, and move forward without fully understanding. In our distress we feel lucky for having been so close to him, and we're thankful for the guidance that memories of him will give us. All of us in the band are enthusiastic and determined to live out the plans we laid together with John. As we continue, the pain of missing a dear friend will remind us how much we loved him. Coinciding with the wishes of John's family, we have decided to continue onward. We are thankful for the continuous support from friends, family and the music community during this difficult time. We find comfort in this solidarity, and hope that it gives us strength. Ra Ra Riot
Each Year.mp3
Can You Tell.mp3

Earthology Recordings

As previously reported, Cloud Cult take preserving the environment seriously. Very seriously. "There wasn't a CD manufacturing operation in the entire country that satisfied the eco-friendly needs of Cloud Cult leader Craig Minowa. So he built his own.
Minowa started Earthology Recordings on a farm an hour north of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. From the geothermal and wind power that runs the farm, to the recycled CD cases with soy ink-engraved packaging that come with every order, Earthology is striving to become the most environmentally aware CD manufacturing/replication business on the planet." I wish that more people would follow Craig into this movement. Yes, record sales are down and it is a sad state of affairs for both the artist and the art form of vinyl itself, but hopefully this will catch on, even if it is a more expensive process. Seattles, Sub Pop became the first record label to be cerified "green-e," and also did away with jewel-case CD advance copies to switch to plastic-free, recyclable paperboard. Rest of the article here. You at home can do little tiny things to help green up your concert going and record buying experience. Do you really need a plastic bag to transport your CDs back to your humble abode? Heck no! Refuse that plastic bag. Recycle your paper receipt. If you don't collect your ticket stubs or concert receipts like i do...recycle those as well! Unfortunately i dont think the plastic outer wrappings can be recycled...but double check to be sure! And of course, always support Sub Pop artists and Cloud Cult. Hey, it is good for your soul and the earth!

ICKY THUMP is Officially here...

To everyone who submitted me your lovely stories thank you so very much. Jack says it better than i ever could, "To the people who bought the records, and didn't let other's thoughts concern it, you are the ones who deserve your money back, if anyone, you've earned it, we're sorry that we're never thankful enough for our daily bread, and so sorry to anyone we didn't mention, or anyone else we've misled, and lastly you're welcome. to anyone who might've thanked us instead. you're welcome to anything we've got left in our head, it's more yours than it's ours, be it white, black, or red, if it chooses to come out, from now 'til we're dead."

The White Stripes- Album de la Semaine 1/5- Icky Thump

Monday, June 18, 2007

Libertines to re-unite for Glastonbury?

"Following Pete Doherty and Carl Barat's first recording session in three years on Friday (June 15), there are now rumours the pair will play another gig together at Glastonbury this weekend. "Pete and Carl are still arguing about what songs they're going to perform," excitedly speculates the paper of the Glasto reunion, "but whatever they settle on, it'll be incredible."
Both Dirty Pretty Things and Babyshambles play the event and The Mirror suggests the two frontmen will also play a get together, the first since reuniting onstage in April at the Evening With Pete Doherty shows at Hackney Empire." Whether or not this is something that NME knows for sure or is just hoping for, it would be quite exciting. Quite exciting indeed. Especially since if they were ever to re-unite for a festival crowd it should be those rowdy folks at Glastonbury. I am pretty sure no other crowd could rival the massive amounts of love they would be shown.

Blitzen Trapper/ White Stripes Press

My Old Kentucky Blog posted another selection highlighting the spread of the infectious and talented Blitzen Trapper. If you haven't already i highly suggest you pick up your tickets for their upcoming July 25th Mercury Lounge show sooner rather than later. Of course we are all excited for the release of the latest White Stripes family member tomorrow. Read what NYtimes thought. They are also on the covers of Nylon and Blender magazines. I found the Blender interview to be quite interesting with the perfect ending. "If you would've asked me our first year if we'd make it, I'd have said 'no way.' But we did, so I have to say we'll make it to 20," Jack says. "You've got to read the room you want to play for." And what room is that? Jack doesn't miss a beat. "Planet Earth."
*White Stripes Score Biggest Selling Vinyl Single

Vampire Weekend- set to take a bite out of 2007 music scene?

Apparently so according to their stellar debut by the New York Times. "The band members all attended Columbia (online they claim to be specialists in “Upper West Side Soweto,” among other styles), and something about their preppie, polyrhythmic sound feels fresh and funny and, weirdly, inevitable. Instead of borrowing from early Talking Heads albums (the way Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and many other bands have done), they’re borrowing from Afro-pop, just as Talking Heads did on later albums. In retrospect it’s a brilliantly well-timed approach." Very excited to see them recieving such good press...looks like this local band is heading towards bigger and better things!
*Vampire Weekend
Walcott (Insane Mix)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Apple iPod+iTunes Commercial : Paul McCartney

Alrighty Sir Paul...not loving the new ipoddy commercial.

But, i do love the song and the making of the video is quite enjoyable. Michael Gondry strikes again and of course Natalie Portman is always enchanting.

Everything's Illuminated

Spotted in the crowd watching Gogol Bordello...
Elijah Wood
Manu Chao
Gina Gershon.
Today marks the first time JOrtzzzstarrr* will experience the magic that is THE White Stripes. Very excited for her.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Want to win my extra White Stripes ticket?!

Now now, before you get all hyped up there are some rules of course. You must be convincing, be passionate and above all-be a true music fan. True music fan you say? Most of my friends have at least ONE really good completely dorky over the top testimony about a show that they have gone to see. I want your most embarassing or most beloved memory. Or somewhere in between. Hey, Jack and Meg deserve nothing but the best. I will contact the winner via email by Monday night before 10:00 PM via email. And thanks for stopping by. Cheers and best of luck!

Friday, June 15, 2007

JOrtzzzstarrr* reports in from Bonnarooster

*this isn't from Bonnarooster-but fittin' ain't it?!
Lily Allen quote of the day: "It's fucking hot isn't it?!" Apparently she is sexing it up for the video boys during her private recording session and keeping herself adequately hydrated with swigs from a jaeger bottle. Elisha Cuthbert and Hot Chip are standing on the sides enjoying the scene. Meanwhile Caleb and crew ran into some problems during the Kings of Leon set earlier today. Unfortunately for them and the crowd the PA system cut out. Caleb exited the stage, calmed down and returned with his band and played one hell of a kickin set. Could we expect any less?! Highlights from yesterday included surpised enjoyment during Clutch's set. 'A mix of Widespread Panic and heavy rock. Very good, need to check out' were the orders i received. After scarfing down some food with String Cheese Incident the darkest spot of the day had to be when JOrtzzzstarrr* had her golf cart confiscated. After a few threatening text messages she recieved word over her high tech walkie talkie that sadly, yes, her golf cart had indeed been removed from her charge. Don't feel too too badly for our lady who has scored some free gifts such as sunglasses, headphones, t-shirts and the random run-by patchouli 'perfum' sprayings. YEah-hearing that was enough to make me want to take a shower. ICks sticks! As i wrap this report up texts of the audience loving Lily are lightening up my celly phone. Check back for more exciting tid bits tomorrow!
Kings of Leon-Fans.mp3
Hot Chip-No Fit State.mp3

Have a good weekend!

Give your dad a huge hug, line up for White Stripes tickets, go to the beach, do something fun! Head out to Central Park for Apples in Stereo and Television. Go see Lily Allen on Sunday! After this long grey week we all deserve it!
Kate Nash-Merry Happy.mp3
Junior Senior-Take My Time.mp3
Kate Nash-Foundations (Metronomy remix).mp3
Apples in Stereo-Sun Is Out.mp3

McCarren Pool Movie Nights

Just in case you ever need a break from your busy show schedules...come and lie out under the summer sky on Tuesday Nights at McCarren Pool. Some pretty fine movies will be playing!

30th Anniversary of Bob Marleys' classic album 'Exodus'

Talk about an album everyone should have. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Bob Marley's classic 'Exodus.' Celebrations in the form of a series of special movie screenings throughout the upcoming summer months at various participating cinemas in the UK. "Marley will be marked with a series special screenings of 'Bob Marley & The Wailers - Exodus Live At The Rainbow' in eight Odeon cinemas, "from Manchester to Basingstoke", on June 26. There will also be a special VIP screening at the Odeon in Covent Garden in central London on June 19, which will include an introduction and Q&A by his son Stephen Marley." A specially-packaged 30th Anniversary DVD of 'Exodus Live At The Rainbow' will be released on June 18. 'Exodus' was recently reissued on four different audio formats, including standard and deluxe CDs, on vinyl and as USB Memory Stick. Click here for more information.
Three Little Birds.mp3

Happy Belated Birthday STRAND

My second favorite store in NY recently turned 80 years old. "The store was founded by Ben Bass on what was known as Book Row, which at the time housed 48 bookstores. Today it's run by Fred and Nancy Bass. When asked how the business changed over the past 80 years and if people are still as literary as they once were, Fred Bass answered: I think they are more so. We’re a very educated country. When TV came in we thought the book business would die. That wasn’t so; the things that appeared on TV started to stimulate the book business. Look at the Ken Burns series on the Civil War — suddenly there was a boom in the book business every time something appeared on TV. Now we’re being challenged with the computer and Internet. But the computer is an incredible help to us. Twenty or so percent of our sales are online now. So far today we’ve had 905 books ordered online, and it’s noon. People like to handle and see books, no matter how much material you put online. They want the experience of coming into the store. Plus it’s a great place to pick someone up. Who has clocked in over the years? With over 200 employees, the store gave jobs long ago to Patti Smith and Tom Verlaine. And hiding away in the safe is a $40,000 copy of James Joyce’s Ulysses signed by Joyce and Matisse, who did the illustration. A bargain compared to the 1632 published William Shakespeare Second Folio purchased for $100K by an anonymous buyer last year from the store's rare book list."
The Books-An Owl With Knees.mp3
The Boo Radleys-Lazarus.mp3
Harry and the Potters-The Wrath of Hermione.mp3

BEASties PResale NOW!

*Password: MIXUP

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rosewood Thieves residency at Pianos, Night Two

Everytime i open my mouth to tout about how good the Rosewood Thieves are i use adjectives like, "best band in New York right now," "amazing stage prescence, "yes- Erick does sound that good live," "amazing songwriting" and it works everytime-sucking people in and getting them to venture out to their live shows. Once there all of my friends have been completely won over. It does not take much. They ARE that good. They WILL go places. And if you have yet to see them you NEED to before they aren't playing small spaces like Pianos. Especially with bands like Cold War Kids, David Vandervelde, Illinois, Blitzen Trapper and Grizzly Bear all finding comfortable amounts of success and acclaim. Rosewood Thieves have the talent as much as any of these bands. I have seen each of these bands live shows and the Rosewood Thieves deserve to be where their peers are. Last night was the first time i had the chance to hear the new material that the band has been testing out since the release of their 2006 demo, 'From the Decker House.' The new songs are incredible. I was completely blown away and happily so. Erick has a knack for depth and story telling much like David Vandervelde and delivers his poetry with a smooth swagger and brazen passion. You are completely enraptured while he is on stage, drawn into a world of lovers swirling around as he tells you the story behind the third song he debuted and how it was passed down through the generations in his family. The song and story are chilling which leads you to realize that most of their songs are. This is a perfect effect and most likely intentional. I could not be more excited to see them again next week. Same time, same place. Life is good.
Mad Man (Demo).mp3
Lonesome Road.mp3
Cold In The Country.mp3

iForward, Russia! head out to Seattle for new album

¡Forward, Russia!'s debut album, 'Give Me A Wall' was one of my favorite musical highlights from last year. I was lucky enough to catch them during their live KEXP in studio session while they were in town for CMJ. Amazing energy and really solid songs. Definitely excited to hear some news about their new album. It seems the Leeds band has decided to ditch their homeland, head over to Seattle and have brought Mastodon Producer on board for the adventure. The band wrote on their website: "We have started the recording of our second album, and we hope to keep you up to date with its progress and all our goings on via the new website. There's not been a lot of action from the ¡Forward, Russia! camp recently, and that's because we have been holed up writing new songs for the follow up to 'Give Me A Wall'. It's been going pretty well, and we are now starting to record them for album #2. We are very lucky to right now be in Seattle, USA working with awesome producer and all-round nice guy Matt Bayles on getting these songs down. As well as previously dong all the electronics in Minus The Bear, Matt has made some amazing albums over the years by bands like Botch, Isis, Blood Brothers and has recently been working with Mastodon and Fall Of Troy. We're really looking forward to seeing how everything pans out!"

Pfork likes something...

And it just so happens to be Blitzen Trapper. Well done. Read their lovely review. We love them too.
Cunning Revolution.mp3
*****Mark your calendars for June 23rd and check in with KEXP for a live studio performance.******

Lily Allen on Sunday @ Warsaw

Tickets are still available?! Come on Billyburg my lady some lovins!
Friend Of Mine.mp3

Official Statement for White Stripes Show on June 19th

Via their website:
Tickets for the show will go on sale Saturday morning, June 16th at 10am and will be available from the Fillmore box office.
The band are taking no risks with the touts, and will wait until 8pm on the night of the show to release the actual tickets.
According to the release "Tickets are $30 each and there is a strict 2 ticket limit per person The box office only accepts cash, no refund. You will be required to show photo ID when purchasing tickets, a voucher will then be given to you to show proof of purchase. You must then bring this voucher and the same photo ID with you in order to pick up the tickets, NO EXCEPTIONS. Tickets may be picked up at the box office beginning at 8 pm on the night of the show.You must enter the venue immediately after ticket pick-up and the vouchers are NON-TRANSFERABLE."Opening on the night will be White Stripes pals The Citizens Band.