Thursday, June 14, 2007

John in the Morning-Debut Albums oNLy- Day Two

Love iT! If anything it makes me realize how many important albums i am missing from my 'library.'
Ryan Adams-To Be Young.mp3
Jeff Buckley-Hallelujah.mp3
Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line.mp3
LCD Soundsystem-Daft Punk Is Playing At My House.mp3
Talking Heads-PsychoKiller.mp3
The English Beat-Mirror In The Bathroom(live).mp3
The Specials-A Message To You Rudy.mp3
Morrissey-Everyday Is Like Sunday.mp3
De La Soul-The Magic Number.mp3
Camper Van Beethoven-Take the Skinheads Bowling.mp3
Hoodoo Gurus-I Want You Back.mp3
Arcade Fire-Rebellion (Lies).mp3
*And yes, I know this isn't off R.E.M.'s debut album but it is one of my most vivid memories of hearing a band i completely could fall for loving them to bits. They were the first band i wanted to see so badly that i snuck out of my house to run off and see them at the Caps Center with my best friend my freshman year of High School. People forget what a visionary Michael Stipe is. This song should remind you. (*And yes, I did request them-how could i not?!)
R.E.M.-Fall On Me.mp3

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