Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Earthology Recordings

As previously reported, Cloud Cult take preserving the environment seriously. Very seriously. "There wasn't a CD manufacturing operation in the entire country that satisfied the eco-friendly needs of Cloud Cult leader Craig Minowa. So he built his own.
Minowa started Earthology Recordings on a farm an hour north of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. From the geothermal and wind power that runs the farm, to the recycled CD cases with soy ink-engraved packaging that come with every order, Earthology is striving to become the most environmentally aware CD manufacturing/replication business on the planet." I wish that more people would follow Craig into this movement. Yes, record sales are down and it is a sad state of affairs for both the artist and the art form of vinyl itself, but hopefully this will catch on, even if it is a more expensive process. Seattles, Sub Pop became the first record label to be cerified "green-e," and also did away with jewel-case CD advance copies to switch to plastic-free, recyclable paperboard. Rest of the article here. You at home can do little tiny things to help green up your concert going and record buying experience. Do you really need a plastic bag to transport your CDs back to your humble abode? Heck no! Refuse that plastic bag. Recycle your paper receipt. If you don't collect your ticket stubs or concert receipts like i do...recycle those as well! Unfortunately i dont think the plastic outer wrappings can be recycled...but double check to be sure! And of course, always support Sub Pop artists and Cloud Cult. Hey, it is good for your soul and the earth!

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