Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bonnarrooooster 2007

Apparently it is hot, dusty and sunny down in Tennessee right about now. Crowds are crawling out of their hotel beds or their tents in the Walmart parking lot. Plotting out which sets to go see, how much beer to drink...forego food for a mere smoke or not? Whatever your plan is for this year's Bonnaroo for those of us who cannot attend AT&T are providing us with a lovely live stream throughout the festivities. In the meantime my firespark co-worker, JOrtzzzstarrr* be reporting in with interesting tid bits of information such as, 'how many cigs did Miss. Lily Allen smoke backstage' and 'did The Police watch The White Stripes from the side of the stage' and 'what exactly does THE Jack White do before going on stage?' Keep it real JOrtzzzstarrr*
Also tune into Current TV for live footage, interviews, highlights and other snappy bits.

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