Monday, June 25, 2007

Glastonbury Festival Wrap-Up

Lily Allen
As previously posted, head over to NME for headlines about almost every band that played. Highlights included Arctic Monkeys, CSS, The Klaxons, Kate Nash, Arcade Fire, Amy Winehouse, Kasabian, Holy Fuck, The Long Blondes, The Kooks, The Kaiser Chiefs, Pigeon Detectives, Lily Allen, Bjork and Babyshambles. It was 'pissing rain' all throughout the festivities but that didn't seem to stop over 170,000 fans from turning out in pure concert fashion. It had been the first time Bjork performed at Glastonbury in 13 years. Jaime Reynolds of The Klaxons had a very emotional experience exclaiming, "I can genuinely say it is the happiest day of my life today playing to that many people. It made me feel happier than I have ever been and I never expected so many people to turn up. I could just see a sea of people as far as my bad eyesight could see."

The Klaxons
While "The Pigeon Detectives were pelted by lingerie during their set at Glastonbury today (June 23). Fans spilled out of the John Peel Stage for their debut performance at the festival. Before playing 'Stop Or Go' - singer Matt Bowman said: "On this next song people get carried away and throw lingerie on stage... Some people can't take a fucking joke and write nasty things about you - the lingerie thing is actually a joke." However, during the song a fan threw a piece of lingerie on stage leading Bowman to comment: "What a result! Is there anything else you want to throw up here other than a pink bra?" During their raucous set the crowd chanted, in reference to the band's home city, "Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!"
The Long Blondes-Once and Never Againmp3
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