Thursday, June 28, 2007

MusicSnobbery Chats with The Maccabees

I was very sad to have to miss The Maccabees first stateside engagement last month. Lukcy for me not only did Musicsnobbery interview the lovely lads but Jaime attended the show at the Knitting Factory as well.

"*Musicsnobbery: You got some of the best producers working on the album, Stephen Street and Ben Hillier. How did you decide which producer would work on which song?
*The Maccabees: Ben had us record some songs in a swimming pool. The songs we did with Stephen were more up-tempo and were done in a nice, crisp studio. Then the songs that we recorded with Ben, they were more spirited I suppose. Our approach with him was a little more experimental.
*Musicsnobbery: Well, I hope you got the water out of the pool before you recorded.
*The Maccabees: It’s funny you say that because we recorded it in the middle of the summer in central London and it was unbearably hot. We had to use these dehumidifiers to keep the temperature down. The amount of sweat we produced probably could have filled that swimming pool." Hmmmm...well then...

So last night marked the first time I got to see one of my new favourite British bands, The Maccabees. Hailing from Brighton, this was their first time playing nYc and it is safe to say they delivered. The band gave a steady rockin' set from the moment they hit the stage until they finished up about 45 minutes later. The crowd was very enthusiastic and knew many of the words which I think happily caught some of the band by a surprise. The show was really impressive even putting the bands members ages aside...I am not sure how young they were but they were for sure younger than most bands I see. Lead singer, Orlando Weeks, who stood in place, occasionally flailing his arms at one point grabbed the mic with such intensity and delivered each and every word with conviction. It should also be noted that Orlando played guitar on 'Toothpaste Kisses' which was the only mellow part of the show. His voice is definitley one of the bands strong parts but each of member of the band brought something positive to stage and this foursome is only on the up. The set, which pretty much consisted of their debut LP release ended with a rocking version of 'First Love' and a set closer 'Lego' which about 80% of the audience sang along with Orlando word for word. Hats off to The Maccabees for coming through in the clutch and showing they were not just another across the pond hype act. Next stop, Bowery Ballroom (or so I hope).

-Jaime W.
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