Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pfork chats with Jack White

With the song "Icky Thump" there's a political angle too, as it touches on the immigration debate.
White: "It seems like a timeless sort of thing to me. It's something that's been happening in America for a long time. There's this timeless ridiculousness about one group of people excluding another group of people. It's almost like a children's playground feeling, this "you can't play with us"/"you can't go on that swing set" kind of thing. That kind of notion is just ridiculous for adults to still be thinking like that, trying to find a way to justify those exact same notions."
Piddlefork then goes on to compare the White Stripes music to pop music basically...
White: Plus when people mix pop and politics it can so easily fall flat on its face, can't it?
White: Yeah, that or it can start a riot. One or the other."
Comparing the White Stripes to pop makes me want to riot! But it is a pretty good interview otherwise.
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