Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wilcow @ The Warsaw

Last night marked the first time in a while that I truly wanted to be at two shows at once. With Wilco at the Warsaw and Ryan Adams at Hiro, I was partially torn on which show I wanted to the end I chose Wilco. Being how rare of an occasion this was and the time that went into procuring a ticket I just could not pass. In the end I think its safe to say I saw what will be one of the best Wilco shows I have seen yet and a definite top show of 2007. Wilco played for nearly 2 hours and 20 minutes and exemplified why they are one of the best bands in America. Beginning the show with 'Sunken Treasure' and closing with 'Outta Mind (Outta Site)' and also including such gems as 'Pot Kettle Black' and rare 'Hoodoo Voodoo' just made the show all the more special. Its safe to say that on their latest album Wilco somewhat abandoned their avant-garde style and chose one that showcases their pure instrumental skill. Particularly enjoyable are the ravenous guitar licks produced by Nels Kline which took center stage during last nights show. Overall it was a tremendous show which did not lack in energy for a single moment, leaving the 900 or so fans gathered in a complete sweat. Excellent!
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Wilco-Is that the Thanks I Get (Live).mp3
Wilco-Leave Me (Like You Found Me).mp3

-Jaime W.

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