Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rosewood Thieves-Closing Night

Last night marked the final night of the Rosewood Thieves stellar run at Piano's during their three week residency. The room was packed with fans and friends. It was nice to see the my friends' reactions who had not seen them since the fall. The overwhelming response was incredibly positive from love of the new material to comments of the bands' overall growth in just a few short months. It was the most I have seen the band enjoy themselves on stage and cannot wait for them to announce more dates soon. Their new material sticks to you like glue which is only upsetting since it is not available to purchase as of yet. Again, i highly enjoyed the murder/love ballad. I was looking forward to it throughout the day yesterday and it was even better than i had remembered. Incredibly crisp and chilling, it definitely is a highlight of things to come. Keep an eye out for more dates-hopefully we won't have to wait too long!
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