Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rosewood Thieves residency at Pianos, Night Two

Everytime i open my mouth to tout about how good the Rosewood Thieves are i use adjectives like, "best band in New York right now," "amazing stage prescence, "yes- Erick does sound that good live," "amazing songwriting" and it works everytime-sucking people in and getting them to venture out to their live shows. Once there all of my friends have been completely won over. It does not take much. They ARE that good. They WILL go places. And if you have yet to see them you NEED to before they aren't playing small spaces like Pianos. Especially with bands like Cold War Kids, David Vandervelde, Illinois, Blitzen Trapper and Grizzly Bear all finding comfortable amounts of success and acclaim. Rosewood Thieves have the talent as much as any of these bands. I have seen each of these bands live shows and the Rosewood Thieves deserve to be where their peers are. Last night was the first time i had the chance to hear the new material that the band has been testing out since the release of their 2006 demo, 'From the Decker House.' The new songs are incredible. I was completely blown away and happily so. Erick has a knack for depth and story telling much like David Vandervelde and delivers his poetry with a smooth swagger and brazen passion. You are completely enraptured while he is on stage, drawn into a world of lovers swirling around as he tells you the story behind the third song he debuted and how it was passed down through the generations in his family. The song and story are chilling which leads you to realize that most of their songs are. This is a perfect effect and most likely intentional. I could not be more excited to see them again next week. Same time, same place. Life is good.
Mad Man (Demo).mp3
Lonesome Road.mp3
Cold In The Country.mp3

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