Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dear Mister Ryan Adams...I was wrong

So they say admitting you are wrong is healthy in life. All of those times i argued with Jaime about how Ryan Adams is not that great, how i had no desire to go see him live, how his songs are kinda cheesy and over the top...yes yes- i must have been completely dillusional at the time. That and i just honestly hadn't given myself over to sitting down and sharing a little bit of space with Ryan. Last night was about as intimate as you can get when it comes to an artist as loved and cherished as Ryan is in New York City. Hiro Ballroom was the perfect setting for him and his bandmates who were just as piercingly melodious as their singer. Ryan led us through some of his new songs adding chatter here and there. He seemed completely comfortable on stage as his songs came across so strongly that it transported me to a completely calm and serene place. At moments i wished i had someone to ask if songs were new or old but this was a show where it did not matter how much or how little you knew Ryan Adams or his songs. It was beautiful American singer songwriter talent at it's best. It is possible to search through all of the guitar players and love songs and find true gems, even in the present which finds us so far from where Bob and John started out. So when you see performers such as Ryan,Elvis or Jack you completely re-invest in this music scene and the talent that is just reaching its' peak right now. I am excited about my new found love for Ryan and invite you to read the reviews of more seasoned fans than i. So thank you Jaime- i was wrong.
The Modern Age-complete with set list
Productshop also loved.

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