Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We will still love you for countless days ahead

In the wake of Cat Power doing whatever she is doing currently, which I am guessing is being brilliant and writing some painful and broodingly beautiful new record in Miami I found solace with Lykee Li. Her voice is so soothing, so sincere and fragile, yet strong and magical. It soars and it falls, it makes you dance and it makes you cry. She is so talented, so young and so going to be one of the great singers you tell your little pups about one day. Or now. This song almost brought tears to my eyes while I sat at my desk. Just beautiful.
*Thank you to Battery In Your Leg which is how i found this video.
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Vampires are so hot right now

The weekend that was filled with I have battled with you. I came across the band early on and instantly loved. Then I saw a live show on the East River at the bandshell and i loathed. They were really boring and stood completely still. There was no self-effacing stage banter or even an acknowledgement that there were fans there at all. I disliked the American Apparel clad crowd and the uber hip gang that danced like members of the Peanuts gathered in front of the stage. Then there was the list of people who liked them from my past---that snobby boy in high school who was cooler than cool---the girl who happens to live in NYC and work in my industry (and who was always terrific at being mean to everyone and everything) as well that I run into at shows who loves John Mayer...these people loved my Vampire Weekend as well.

As the months passed I still found myself, despite all of my energies still toe-tapping and dancing to their little songs. Then, I did what a lot of music fans do at some point in their lives, or many times in their lives---if they know what is good for them, i got over myself. I ignored everything that the band itself cannot control, all of these societal factors that was making me being a snot and I went back to enjoying them. Because I do. I love all of their songs. They don't have a bad one. Not for my ears at least. Yes, they are lacking a bit of luster in the live performance department but what they need time to learn they make up for with the strength and solidarity of their movement. They are a downright intelligent and tight bunch. Their songs are wrapped up with clever lyrics and snarky little loops and spins and tributes to Paul Simon loving sounds and explode with precision and affection. This video is for their new song "Cousins" off of their upcoming SOPHOMORE release Contra due out on the 12th of January via XL Records.

Vampire Weekend will play a few select US cities before heading over to Europe for a tour throughout the winter.

*Dec 10---KNRK “A December to Remember” Concert Series-Crystal Ballroom w/ White Rabbits---Portland, Oregon
*Dec 11---Live 105 "Not So Silent Night"-Oracle Arena w/ Metric, 30 Seconds to Mars, AFI & Muse---Oakland, CA
*Dec 12---FM949 “Holiday Hootenanny”-RIMAC Arena w/ White Rabbits, Manchester Orchestra, Phoenix, & Spoon---La Jolla, CA
*Dec 13---KROQ "Almost Acoustic Christmas"-Gibson Amphitheater (SOLD OUT)---Los Angeles, CA
*Dec 15---The End “Deck The Hall Ball ‘09”-WaMu Theatre w/ Metric, Phoenix, 30 Seconds To Mars & Muse---Seattle, Washington
*Jan 12---Special Intimate Album Release Show @ Henry Fonda Theater (SOLD OUT)---Los Angeles, CA
*Jan 17---United Palace Theater (SOLD OUT)---NYC
*Jan 18---Webster Hall (SOLD OUT)---NYC
*Jan 19---Bowery Ballroom (SOLD OUT)---NYC
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Because I think it is a good cause and it also has some of my favorite people...yes I like Twilight and there is nothing wrong with that!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Gainsbourgh & Beck, Heaven Can Wait

This video kinda reminds me of the movie Magnolia. I love Charlotte and I love Beck, so for me it works well. Very excited to hear the rest of the album. The track is the first single off of Charlotte's upcoming album IRM which will be released in the new year. Keith Schofield is credited with directing this video. You can download "Heaven Can Wait" on Charlotte's Myspace page now. Enjoy!

YEASAYER Tickets Go Onsale TODAY!

Yeasayer have announced two dates in February, one at Bowery Ballroom on Monday, February 8th and one at Williamsburg Music Hall on Tuesday, February 9th. General sale starts at NOON today. Good luck! I promise you do not want to miss them, their next shows will be at Terminal Hall for certain!
***To put you in the mood here is some live footage of the band performing their new single "Ambling Alp" at the Fun Fun Fun Fest. Kinda amazing...

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Welcome Yeasayer....we've been waiting

This is my feeble attempt to listen to the new Yeasayer album and describe everything I am hearing, from the first note to the last. From the first track even the most studied of ears to their sound and Chris' voice would not recognize that this is them. It sounds more like a new song by the Swedish brother/sister duo the KNIFE. It is creepy, dynamic, intricate, daunting and dark. As dark as you could get on the deepest of winter nights. The voices singing sound like they are from the netherworld. Calling out to you from beyond the void and just when you think you might be beginning to understand...the song is over.

Track two=Ambling Amp trickles out onto the sound scape skipping and jumping along with all of the energy of that the band has been hiding from us while we have been eagerly awaiting this next album. I first heard this song when I was at the Pitchfork Music Festival. It was mixed into their set and immediately was at home. Traditional Yeasayer elements are bursting forth from every beat of the wooden sticks that you hear laughing at you in the background. Chris' voice sounds much more optimistic and confident than we have ever heard before.

As the third track begins, like I usually feel with all of my favorite bands---i hope this one is longer than the songs that have come before. I instantly recognize that they played this song at the Pfork Festival as well. This time it is not Chris we hear singing, but Anand Wilder ...calling out to us with longing and loss with the lyrics "if my vices are a burden, please don't let me know*...cast me from your home." One of the hidden weapons within this band's bulky arsenal of talent is the interchanging vocals of both Chris and Anand. They harmonize magically into one piercing and delicate voice, individually they are inviting and textured like silvery velvet. Easily said, they are going places.

Much will be said about this next song comparing it to Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective. I am calling it now. I want people to remember that when Panda Bear came out with his album and had bursts and fits of vocal calls, chants, screams and clips, Chris was doing this as well. Because bloggers and music writers love to discuss cause and reaction...there will be comparisons made for sure. This is another reason why we will see Yeasayer become one of the biggest bands in 2010. Right now is just the calm before the storm. Much like Girls from Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavilion, this track rises into the sky like a lullaby. Easy on the ears and powerful enough to not slide into the grey zone of being overdone or tacky.

"You're stuck in my mind all the time" Hey-every album needs a ballad, right?

Track five has to be big based on positioning have hit the half-point on the album---and it is. Jovial from the first beat it is full of rhythms and I am happy to welcome it's sound back into my ears. THIS IS THE SONG. The song that I have been reporting back about for months now. The song that could have busted up and broken down their set. They played it just as it began to completely downpour onto an audience of Chicago music lovers and it could have gone either way...people could have been pissy and run for shelter---or they could have given into joy and danced. This is what happened and it was amazing. It was one of those moments when I completely forget all of the shitty bosses I have had, all of the tears of frustration I have felt at moments over the past years trying to work with what I love and still be successful---for this is quite the feat in the music industry. I LOVE this song and you will too. If you do not instantly feel like getting up and jumping around and singing and spreading your arms to this song then stop---just stop listening, stop reading my blog, any blog for that matter...because you should be jumping around. You 100% absolutely should be.

**"Having time having fun, it's much easier said than it's done. Hoping you could fall, hold me like you used to, control me like you used to. No, you don't me move me anymore. And I am glad that you know, cause I can't have it anymore. I thought you should know, you don't move me anymore. And I am glad that you know. Cause I can't take it anymore."

Building from the momentum collected from track five, track six kicks over like an animated car video with spaceship technology and 70's costumes. That is to say it sounds like a futuristic Daft Punk synth dream fast-forwarded with sounds from the 70s and 80s that we welcome as known knowledge. Chris kind of sounds like Justin Timberlake combined with Alexis Taylor at first. Alright...don't hate...but he kind of does. This is also not a bad thing. When Chris reaches for that vocal point, straining on his lungs' tippie-toes it is a good thing. It lends a whole other sound and element of emotion to the band's already deep and dynamic box of tricks. It is obvious the band had fun listening to Chromeo's signature voice modifier tube (not sure of the technical term), they toss it in here and there and it works well.

The seventh song sounds like Hall & Oats on speed. The harmonies and the backbeat remind of this is completely fun and works well to push the album forward. Whereas it is not a standout track, it is still a good one and is sure to be a crowd mover during their live shows. The lyrics tell about the world being there''s just a matter of time. Much like MGMT's famed song Kids foretelling of their fame, this song is just sharing with us what is sure to happen to this Brooklyn ensemble.

Track eight I have to re-play, clocking in at 2:35 it is over before I can even wrap my critical ears around it. I also have to lower the volume on my laptop which has been punishing all of my neighbors to see if this helps me understand it at a different decibel. It is a ghost of a song, swaying in with invisible, prowling moves and cooing layered melodies. It is a good transitional song and very beautiful.

Tracks number nine and ten end the album with a complete bang. Track nine teases and flirts as Chris repeats how much he loves making love with his baby "until the early light." Totally dance-floor worthy and will easily be remixed by hungry dj's who will in turn post their tracks all over Hype Machine. Track number ten...well, i have shared enough. You will just have to wait and hear for yourself ;)

Overall, new Yeasayer= LOVE. 10.0! ***** Two thumbs up...and all that jazz. Cannot wait.

*(or go, not sure...)
**(not sure of exactly lyrics either...)
*Yeasayer video from favorite.

*Yeasayer will release this, their sophomore album via Secretly Canadian in 2010
*Yeasayer Facebook
*Yeasayer Twitter

I am yours now...

"You used to have all the answers
And you still have the too.
And we, we live half in the daytime.
And we, we live half at night

Tonight the streets of Williamsburg were dark by 4:5o PM as winter creeps closer and closer. It is almost December. The month where everyone will roll out their best of lists for 2009. Since I barely wrote at all this year I am at least trying to get a head start on putting some concrete thoughts down about artists, records and songs that I loved. Similar in formation to the title of their hit single "Crystalized" The XX infiltrated their way into the ears of listeners across the globe and proceeded to conquer with their slow, suffocating, humid, liquid melodies that enclose you in a cave of overwhelming emotion and sound. If it is your sort of thing. I caught their first show of CMJ (except for their KEXP in studio session at The Cutting Room Studios in NYC) at the Mercury Lounge to a sold out crowd.

When I arrived at the venue there was a line around the corner. One of my favorite local bands, Javelin opened with their own sincere style of electronic beats, lashes and whips. They are stellar in every way and I highly recommend seeing them. They are crisp, bright and energetic---full of talent and fire-so keep an eye on them.

The XX slid onto the stage, silently moving through the crowd and assembling themselves with a nervous energy in the air. Cracking the empty breath of the waiting audience with "Intro" they entered their set with the same stealth and cunning perfection as their record. Granted it might not be for everyone. Their music has a quiet strength to it and their live show did not have much going on besides watching them play their songs. For me...all of this works beautifully. Almost to a fault. Their record is so good---each song is loaded with such naked lyrics that it tends to either effect you immediately---or you are at a loss for the understanding of what it is that they do so well. My clever and beyond talented friend Louis captured them on video for their song "Crystalized" below. My favorite thing about this clip is it captures how young and innocent they are. I sincerely hope to keep the honestly and innocence of their songs that they stay this way. They are perfection.

*For more videos from CMJ visit Electric Tweed
*The XX are currently touring check dates here. They will be back in nYc at Webster Hall on December 5th with The Friendly Fires

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

~~'*Ambling Alp*'~~~

For those of you who haven't seen it plastered all over the interwebs...WAKE UP! Just is a new Yeasayer song available for download straight from the band. Their upcoming album is due out in 2010 via Secretly Canadian. I CANNOT WAIT! Their performance was the highlight of the Pitchfork Music Festival and I love them. Very much.
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Because I Am Putting Up With Your Constant Way

When I saw that my favorite tastemaker started his own video blog session as well I was so happy it was like a little "indie rock christmas." Laundromatinee sessions are beautifully recorded and shot and are holding the empty place in my heart until I can finally start something like this on my own...that is CONSTANT in NYC. For now helping KEXP will have to do and my friend Louis does an amazing job, so please check out all of his work here.

Moving along I have been obsessed with the Scottish band the Twilight Sad for a few years now. I have seen them every time they come through the city, most recently opening for Mogwai at Williamsburg Music Hall. At home on Fat Cat Records along with We Were Promised Jetpacks (also love) and Frightened Rabbit they have received more blog coverage with their new album than ever before and for good measure. Their live shows are some of the most passionate and piercing performances that I have witnessed to date. Not much movement is happening but the delivery is hauntingly other-wordly. Lead singer, James Graham is a presence unto himself. I recommend checking them out as often as possible. Their talent it something people will be talking about more frequently as they grow with each song they record. For now, check out their Laundromatinee session from this summer's Monolith Festival at Red Rocks.

*The Twilight Sad's 2009 release, Forget The Night Ahead is out now and can be purchased here.
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back to what we do, i've heard stranger things

Switching from wanting to work towards preserving the environment into the evil music industry world was a tough thing for my parents to digest. My mother was a bit easier to convince. She likes to call me her little dreamer or her wild child, tossing around examples of how i am creative, moved to New York and always liked to dance and sing. She overlooked my unpaid internships, even longer unpaid volunteer positions, job hopping and financial instability and concentrates on my stubborn devotion of spirit and will. My father, always on the opposite side of the fighting line just sticks out his chin and goes silent. From time to time he will pipe up and tell me how he read about McCartney going on tour or the 200 trucks it takes to transport the latest U2 stage from city to city. Thank goodness being stubborn in our family gets you a long way and love carries me through the rest of it. All my happy memories of music tie themselves in one way or another to my parents or my sister. Maybe it is because there are only four of us that I feel loyal to my little nest. Most of it is because when my parents shared their music it was like a peep behind the magical wizard curtain. My dad would share stories from his Cornell days, my mom would share stories of her first time seeing Elvis on TV. It was like talking to them like I would my friends after a show. When I find bands I really love, my favorite sort of sound it always reminds me of my dad. Mostly because of their cover of one of my absolute favorite S&G songs, Cecilia The Local Natives caught my attention and made me immediately want to email their video to my dad. Hailing from Silver Lake, California their music is drenched with desert depth and saturated with golden sunshine. This area is a hotbed of melodic folk rock as of late spawning some of my favorites like Robert Francis and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zones. Many of these artists have been overlooked by the blogging community (ROBERT FRANCIS--SERIOUSLY PEOPLE YOU WILL LOVE) but i have a feeling like their neighbors to the north (PORTLAND) this will not last long.

For those of you planning out your CMJ calendars they will be in town next week at the following showcases:

*******Local Natives at CMJ**********:
Oct 22 - 3PM - Fontana’s (Aquarium Drunkard / Intelligent Noise Showcase) - NYC
Oct 23 - 12AM - CMJ Showcase @ Mercury Lounge w/ Patrick Watson, Alec Ounsworth, Sean Bones and more (21+) - NYC
Oct 23 - 8PM - Santo’s Party House (Neon Gold / Chess Club Showcase) - NYC
Oct 24 - 2PM - TBD (Brooklyn Vegan Party) - NYC
Oct 24 - 5PM - The Delancey (Deli Magazine Showcase) - NYC

From there they will be touring with TWO of my FAVORITE new artists, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Fool’s Gold. Fool's Gold are on my list to check out next week. From what I have heard they are going to be a band I can easily find myself loving to bits and pieces. Check out the rest of Local Natives' tour dates here:

Nov 1-The Clubhouse w/ White Rabbits-Phoenix, Arizona
Nov 2-El Rey w/ White Rabbits-Los Angeles, California
Nov 4-Slim’s w/ White Rabbits-San Francisco, California
Nov 5-Wonder Ballroom w/ White Rabbits-Portland, Oregon
Nov 6-Biltmore Cabaret w/ White Rabbits-Vancouver, British Columbia
*Nov 10-3rd & Lindsley-Nashville, Tennessee
*Nov 11-40 Watt Club-Athens, Georgia
*Nov 15-First Unitarian Church-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
*Nov 16-Black Cat-Washington DC, Washington DC
*Nov 17-Bowery Ballroom-New York, New York
Nov 20-The Starving Artist-Keene, New Hampshire
*Nov 21-Pearl Street Downstairs-Northampton, Massachusetts
*Nov 22-Club Metronome-Burlington, Vermont
*Nov 23-Petit Campus-Montreal, Quebec
*Nov 24-El Mocambo -Toronto, Ontario
*Nov 27-Lincoln Hall-Chicago, Illinois
*Nov 28-High Noon Saloon-Madison, Wisconsin
*Nov 29-Varsity Theater-Minneapolis, Minnesota
*Dec 1-Boulder Theater-Boulder, Colorado
*Dec 2-Velour-Provo, Utah
*Dec 3-The Neurolux-Boise, Idaho
*Dec 5-Neumo’s-Seattle, Washington
*Dec 8-Biltmore Cabaret-Vancouver, British Columbia
*Dec 9-Doug Fir Lounge-Portland, Oregon
*Dec 10-W.O.W. Hall-Eugene, Oregon
*Dates with Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros AND Fool’s Gold

In the meantime check out their cover of Simon and Garfunkel's Cecilia....LOVELOVELOVE, if this does not make you happy then I don't know what will.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The next coming...

It is officially October. I never thought I was going to survive September, but I made it. Now it is a new month. My most favorite of all months of the year, all shiny and fresh. Forget December. October is the new December. Speaking of things being new Justin Vernon's latest project has finally hit the masses and is receiving (are we really surprised) so much lovins you would think it was a new Radiohead record. Which led me to make a statement so daring and bold, or so simple and obvious that I had to write about it. It is early in his career to make such comparisons but I think Justin Vernon could possibly have the potential of being such an brilliant and bold musician, songwriter, visionary, force field that he could be the next *Thom Yorke.* Maybe I have been listening to both of their new projects back to back too much. Or maybe I have watched the video for "Island, IS" one too many times. Either way, Unmap is something to let slowly dissolve into each distinct and divine level of resolution until it has completely molded into an overall form of succinct and disturbingly exquisite record. For that is exactly what it is.

*The video can be watched here and was directed by Michinori Saigo. Buy Unmap here.

*Radiohead Clips

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Middle East

'Blood' The Middle East

This video is hands down my favorite video to come out this year. While we watch the disappearance of record stores, magazines, record labels, radio stations, and actual physical cds, records and tapes there are things that come up and make you remember the first time you saw a music video and have hope that all is still ALIVE, CREATIVE and WELL within the music community. Thank you Middle East for this latest inspiration. Hailing all the way from Townsville, Queensland, Australia this band was a bit difficult to dig up information to report back. I did uncover that this stop-animated video for 'Blood' was directed by the Sydney Art Collective Greedy Hen. I will admit...this made me cry. Just a little bit. For reasons I don't even know or can explain. Simply, it is beautiful, the song is beautiful and it is always an amazing thing when something touches you on such a strong emotional level. I cannot wait to hear more from this band.
*Middle East Myspace
*They are currently touring lucky Auzzzzies!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No One Likes A Nervous Wreck

When it comes to music the sounds that I tend to listen to the most are those voices that flow effervescently out of their owners throats like the most natural of bodily reactions. Their are some singers whose voices sound like they are more one with their character than their own speaking voice. Shannon Stephens is one of those people. Having just released her second album, The Breadwinner I have much catching up to do when it comes to knowing her whole catalog of music. Based out of Seattle this record was ten years in the making and is a stunning collage of reeds, horn, cello and piano. Like the fresh salt water air of the west coast and the steamy deep forests her sound embodies all of the mysterious elements of water, air and land that make up the traditional North-Western sound many have loved throughout recent records (Cave Singers, Fleet Foxes, Horsefeathers, Lightning Dust). Formerly of the Michigan-based band Marzuki (with Matt Haseltine, Sufjan Stevens and Jamie Kempers) Shannon explains the writing and time spent behind this album as a testament to her love for her daughter, husband, garden and planet. A mother to all of these things her songs cuddle and cradle you within their depths making all ills melt into the void. Please check her out here.
Shannon Stephens released Breadwinner last week via Asthmatic Kitty

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

They line up in row after row...

There is a major reason why i do not read Pitchfork. I do not like the idea of one website making or breaking a band. All those months of hard work writing melodies let alone lyrics. When was the last time you tried to write a song P-fiddle...or try a letter to a friend- or even a thank you card for that matter. None of this can be researched and I am sure they are all incredibly lovely people at heart. They write their opinions about things just as I do. The MAIN reason I do not read Pitchfork is because they are snobs. SNOBS to the core. They ignore a lot of good bands until they are popular enough for their standards. This usually comes about only after the band has been written about a million times by the 'smaller blogs' and Pitchfork is forced to pay attention due to sold out shows or NYC buzz. This is true. This can be statistically proven. Take for instance my beloved Fanfarlo. They are going to be huge. They sold out Mercury Lounge and had their show moved to Bowery Ballroom before they even had their single released. (*check-sold out show). They have the interesting indie details: the little girl in the bird mask on the cover of the album is Jonsi from Sigur Ros' sister---which is how the band got it's name. (*check-hipster cred) They have attracted the attention of writers who I do read and highly respect such as Culture Bully and I Am Fuel, You Are Friends. (*check-blog buzz from people who do their own research) All of this could mean nothing except for the fact that their music is fiercely beautiful and their album, "Reservoir" will be one of the best of the year. It will beat Grizzly Bear's latest and Deer Tick on my list. Before the band had the official video for their first single, "The Walls" they had four or five home made videos from their backyards which were just as classy and blog worthy as any Vincent Moon story. Still Pitchfork has ignored them. They played showcase after showcase at SXSW and over the month of September have a session scheduled with KEXP. Still...not good enough for Pitchfork. But crap bands like the Drums are? Seriously people. This is why I do not read Pitchfork. Because if you hold your breath and wait for them to decide whether or not something will receive enough hits you----my dear reader----are the ones who miss out. You will be late to loving an album that you could have been excited about for weeks, or a show that will already be sold out by the time it is posted. Which is why baby blogs matter-because after all if no one else is reading this but myself--I will still feel satisfied that I at least loved Fanfarlo from the very beginning. Who needs a 9.2 review?

"I demand you get into Fanfarlo as soon as humanly possible, assuming you haven't already."-Personal Sauna
Fanfarlo's Reservoir is due out October 6th.

Sep 14*Chop Suey*Seattle
Sep 15*Troubadour*West Hollywood
Sep 17*Popscene*San Francisco
Sep 20*Kungfu Necktie*Philadelphia
Sep 21*Bowery Ballroom*New York
Sep 22*The Bell House*New York

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I've been living in a motel of sin but i wouldn't trade my life for the one you're living

There is something to be said about musicians who happen upon a time and place where they are able to play with other gifted artists. It happens all across the medium of what we like to term art. Van Gogh and Gaughan. Ensor and Rousseau. Hepburn and Givenchy. Scorsese and DiCaprio. We see the same thing in music. For example Cory Chisel's latest album, Death Won't Send A Letter. The first single off of this blistering and caustic record is "Born Again." If you do not feel for the track from the first listen then I invite you to watch the video. It is all the delicious aspects of the opening credits to True Blood. That same gritty-dust-between the teeth-spine tingling blessing of images brings Cory's song to life in a visceral way that nothing else could besides a live performance. If you do not realize how talented Cory is by this point then for shame. In a day and age where the Kings of Leon have become the bread winners for everything that is gritty, soulful, southern rock in roll the rest of us remember those albums they started off with. Those honest yarns about sleasing around with girls and drinking too much booze. Cory graduates with each cord he caresses on his guitar. But back to my former argument because I think that the key element on this album that helped push our dear singer to his potential is the presence and friendship of Mr. Brendan Benson. Touring with Jack White really does teach you a thing or two. We are luckier for that. I can only wish on lucky white stars at night that this continues to grow onwards from this...for we could all use a lot more songs such as this one. Thank you Cory.

Cory's album Death Won't Send A Letter is due out September 29th via Black Seal Records.

Aug 22- Madison Roots Festival-Middleton, Wisconsin
Aug 25- City Winery-New York, New York
Aug 31- Media Club-Vancouver, British Columbia
Sep 1- The Crocodile-Seattle, Washington
Sep 2- Peter’s Room at Roseland-Portland, Oregon
Sep 3- Strawberry Festival-Yosemite, California
Sep 14- Troubadour-Los Angeles, California
Sep 15- Downtown Brew-San Luis Obispo, California
Sep 16- The Independent-San Francisco, California
Sep 18- Casbah-San Diego, California
Sep 19- Martini Ranch-Scottsdale, Arizona
Sep 22- The Wiltern-Los Angles, California
*Jack White Tags
*Kings of Leon Tags

Friday, August 14, 2009

I got that those mobile robots that clean the floor

I got it all
Yes it's true
So why don't I get you

Simian Mobile Disco how I love you so. Only you could come up with lyrics that combine so many of my favorite things: grape kool aid, Peter Tosh, Bill Murray and James Joyce. Alright so maybe that doesn't sound so hard to do. Maybe you are doubting their cleverness. If so, then just listen for yourself. If it is does not tickle your funny bone or make you smile then you...are no friend of mine. But seriously, it is Friday and this song should make you happy. Just wait until you hear the rest of the album...can we say Beth Ditto you rock my world?!
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brooklyn Brooklyn Take Me In

So next week my boyfriend is moving from Charleston, South Carolina back to New York so we can collectively move into an apartment that will be *ours* somewhere in Brooklyn. Hopefully. Which I thought was a perfect time to listen to one of my favorite songs by The Avett Brothers, I and Love and You. The first few lines of the song are as simple yet delicate. Sitting at my desk searching through endless Craiglist it resonated with me on a whole new level and made me...hopeful. Enjoy.

Load the car and write the note
Grab your bag and grab your coat
Tell the ones that need to know
We are headed North
One foot and one foot back
But it don't pay to live like that
So I cut the ties and I jumped the tracks
For never to return

Oh Brooklyn Brooklyn take me in
Are you aware the shape I'm in
My hands they shake my head it spins
Oh Brooklyn Brooklyn take me in

The Avett Brothers are currently touring and have played with one of my other loves, Jessica Lea Mayfield. She spoke incredibly highly of them which is reason enough for you to go check them out.
**********TOUR DATES****************
8.21-Boulder Theater- Boulder, CO
8.22-Ogden Theatre-Denver, CO
8.25-Red Butte Garden-Salt Lake City, UT
8.26-Knitting Factory Concert House-Boise, ID
8.28-Paramount Theatre-Seattle, WA
8.29-Britt Festival-Jacksonville, OR
8.30-Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival-San Francisco, CA
9.1-HSU Van Duzer Theater-Arcata, CA
9.3-Grand Sierra Theatre-Reno, NV
**rescheduled for a 2010 date, TBA**
9.4-Strawberry Music Festival-Camp Mather, CA
9.5-Orpheum Theatre-Los Angeles, CA
9.17-North Charleston P.A.C-North Charleston, SC
9.18-Westobou Festival-Augusta, GA
9.19-The Moon-Tallahassee, FL
9.20-Bama Theatre-Tuscaloosa, AL
9.22-The Lyric Oxford-Oxford, MS
9.24-Minglewood Hall-Memphis, TN
9.25-Robinson Center Music Hall-Little Rock, AR
9.26-Cain's Ballroom-Tulsa, OK
9.27-Granada Theater-Dallas, TX
10.1-House of Blues-New Orleans, LA
10.2-Austin City Limits Festival-Austin, TX
10.3-Baton Rouge River Center Theatre-Baton Rouge, LA
10.3-Rose State PAC-Midwest City, OK
***rescheduled for a 2010 date, TBA***
10.5-Lovett Auditorium-Murray, KY
10.15-Rams Head Live-Baltimore, MD
10.16-Electric Factory-Philadelphia, PA
10.17-Terminal 5-New York, NY
10.18-House of Blues-Boston, MA
10.20-Englert Theatre-Iowa City, IA
10.21-The Barrymore Theatre-Madison, WI
10.22-The Canopy Club-Urbana, IL
10.23-Turner Hall Ballroom-Milwaukee, WI
10.30-Louisville Palace-Louisville, KY
10.31-Ryman Auditorium-Nashville, TN

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I wish I could buy back the woman you stole

I have a confession to make. Pathetic as it may seem and self indulgent as well one of the reasons I have been so void on this little blog over the past year is because I got what I had always wanted-job wise-music industry wise-for the most part. Funny that it should work out that way and the result would be me not WANTING to write at all. Countless nights I would start drafts to share something i was listening to and loving and would walk away heartless and unfulfilled. This had never happened to me before. It was worse than writers block, worse than a broken heart it was like something had died. Now I know this sounds a bit over the edge and the worst part is it all became a realization to me this past Sunday...watching a movie. A girlie movie to be exact. I was happily enjoying Julie and Julia with the security of my best friend and avid supporter of all that I do and was teary eyed watching Julie blog her way through her idol's recipes. In the end all of her dreams come true. She becomes a paid writer for what she loves. All I ever wanted was to work for someone who when I recommended a band wouldn't make fun of me because there was a 'the' in the title, or challenge me for who they sounded like...or worst yet-just ignore me and then a year later be pissy when they couldn't get into a sold out Animal Collective show because all of the sudden they were popular and they felt they deserved to go even though they had hated on AC and Panda Bear for YEARS. (deep breath). But I digress. In the film Julie receives wind that Julia does not care for her blog. She is upset of course. It was at this point that I realized the same sort of heartbreak had befallen me and what upset me the most about the whole situation was something I could not even put my finger on. This past year I was able to help the one person I regarded as my music bible, my hero, my emblem of all the good in the music industry. At the same time mistakes were made, miscommunication and ultimately I was left out to dry all alone in the wind for these errors. This was all fine, it is a good lesson to learn and no one can support yourself but you. When it all comes down to it you either pick yourself up and move on and learn from it or you don't. The worst thing was that all of the sudden my joy of helping bands was lost in all of it. My ability to write a show review, to seamlessly blend into an audience and zone out, my confidence in discovering and recommending something new---all of these things that keep my job fresh and new for me and my feet happily skipping along to my ipod on the most depressing of summer days (if you lived in nyc this summer you would know what i mean) evaporated into thin air. I still do not like to buy into the generalization that everyone in my industry is a greedy, soulless carpetbagger and i never will. I believe that some of the most beautiful music i have ever heard came out last year in 2008 and we have many happy things to look forward to. I met my boyfriend working in an office where he was the only person who really took my recommendations seriously and talked to me about books. In this same office I met a girl who I admire beyond words and if I am ever able is one of the only people I would go to for starting a business with. Just this summer at Pitchfork I spent two hours with two bloggers I was meeting for the first time giggling and smiling with delight sharing music like we would have oreos in the first grade. This is why music makes my heart break. This is why it is heartbreaking to me when I cannot write about it. I am not sure where I will go from here but hopefully it will be a return to writing more often. For i miss it, more than my dream of working with that one person I had most admired. Which is what Julie realized in the movie in a way. Silly the things you realize when you aren't even looking for an answer.

And because if i could be a super hero, i would want to be Karen O.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


One of my favorite new bands of 2009 are the Generationals. Hailing from one of the most magical cities, New Orleans this duo is a little bit of Simon and Garfunkel-talented-lyric-wise, a little bit of Dr. Dog-groove wise and a lot of youthful sunshine mixed all into one. You can stream half of their album, Con Law via their website. "The album was recorded and produced by Daniel Black at Bent Black in Washington, DC." I recommend watching the video detailing how the band met, how they met Chris from Park the Van and the fine dining of Red Lobster while on the road. Their album will see wide release in August.

*(Am fixing my music host-site so for now please visit websites and check out the videos! THANK YOU!)

This video is also very choice:

************Generationals Tour Dates:***************

Jul 16 Allways Lounge w Giant Cloud and Songbird - New Orleans, Louisiana
Jul 17 Vollrath w/ Bowerbirds & Megafaun - Indianapolis, Indiana
Jul 18 Schubas w/ Plants and Animals - Chicago, Illinois
Jul 19 Daytrotter + a show @ Huckleberry’s Pizza. - Rock Island, Illinois
Jul 20 Hi-Dive - Denver, Colorado
Jul 21 Record Exchange in store @ 7pm + Hijinx House of Music - Boise, Idaho
Jul 22 The Badlander w/ Floating Action - Missoula, Montana
Jul 23 The Blvd - Spokane, Washington
Jul 24 Someday Lounge w/ Floating Action - Portland, Oregon
Jul 25 ToST w/ Floating Action - Seattle, Washington
Jul 27 Cafe Du Nord w/ Floating Action and Golden Boots - San Francisco, California
Jul 28 TBA - Santa Cruz, California
Jul 29 TBA - Sacramento, California
Jul 30 the Detroit Bar w/ Floating Action, Golden Boots, and Eagle Winged Palace - Costa Mesa, California
Jul 31 Hotel Cafe w/ Floating Action and Golden Boots - Los Angeles, California
Aug 1 The Partisan - Merced, California
Aug 2 Bar Pink w/Floating Action, Golden Boots (free show!) - San Diego, California
Aug 3 Trunk Space w/ Golden Boots and Floating Action - Phoenix, Arizona
Aug 4 Club Congress w/ Golden Boots and Floating Action - Tucson
Aug 6 Stubbs Jr. w/ Floating Action - Austin, TX
Aug 7 Super Happy Fun Land w/ Floating Action - Houston, TX
Aug 8 OFFICIAL RECORD RELEASE PARTY AT HI HO LOUNGE w/ Floating Action - New Orleans, Louisiana
Aug 22 Spanish Moon w/ Brass Bed - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Sep 12 Monolith Festival-WOXY stage - Morrison, Colorado
Sep 30 Howlin Wolf w/ Dr. Dog - New Orleans, Louisiana (***REALLY WISH I COULD BE THERE FOR THIS ONE!***)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nothing like a Llama and a little bit of fresh Vermont Air~*

To get you in the mood for some fourth of July happenings. So I am late to loving the Dirty Projectors but better late than never. These three lovely chanteuses are as talented as they are enchanting. This video is for their most recent hit single, "Stillness Is The Move" off of their record Bitte Orca and was directed by Matthew Lessner. Filmed on location on Mount Equinox in Vermont there is nothing better to brighten up your day than three hipster ladies in one-piece sky blue jumpsuits with coordinated dance moves and siberian huskies to put a smile on your face. Worked for me!

*****TOUR DATES*****
2~Richard on Richards~Vancouver, British Columbia
3~Chop Suey~Seattle, Washington
4~Holocene~Portland, Oregon
7~The Independent~San Fransisco, California
8~Troubadour~Los Angeles, California
9~Casbah~San Diego, California
19~Williamsburg Waterfront~Brooklyn, New York
15~Oyafestivalen~Oslo, Norway
9~Maroquinerie~Paris, France
11~End Of The Road Festival~Dorset, United Kingdom
12~Bestival~Isle Of Wight, United Kingdom
13~Scala~London, United Kingdom
16~Whelans~Dublin, Ireland
19~Botanique~Brussels, Belgium
20~Melkweg~Amsterdam, Netherlands
21~Festsaal Kreuzberg~Berlin, Germany
25~Le Printemps de Septembre Festival~Toulouse, France

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I do not taste your tapes and tapes...perhaps you could jog my memory?

I just found out about this new band, Memory Tapes yesterday and I am already madly in love with their single, Bicycle. Infatuation leads to research. Apparently the band Weird Tapes from Philly merged with Memory Cassette and have become my latest dance addiction. After a few listens it is clear to see how these two combined sounds and I think the new collaboration means big and bright things ahead for both bands. Definitely go back and check out TV Romance by Weird Tapes. It is simple, fresh and enjoyable all at once. In the meantime you can pre-order Memory Tapes 12" here and features two more tracks from the upcoming album release plus a remix from The Horrors. Enjoy!

Cooollll Knowledge

Although the album artwork for this upcoming collaboration reminds me of the M.Night Shyamalan film The Village I am still excited for this release. Justin Vernon is taking a page out of Jack White's book and doing what any mega talent likes to do these days...create a super group to tour with in between singing his loverly Bon Iver songs that make us melt with heartbreak. Volcano Choir is a combination of Bon Iver and Collections of Colonies of Bees. The LP, Unmap will be released on September 22nd via one of my favorite labels, Jagjaguwar.

The only other fun things I have to share about this much anticipated slice of heaven is the tracklisting:

1. Husks and Shells
2. Seeplymouth
3. Island, IS
4. Dote
5. And Gather
6. Mbira in the Morass
7. Cool Knowledge
8. Still
9. Youlogy
Bon Iver Tags

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'll Write You Harmony In C

I cannot stop watching Metric's latest video is for Sick Muse off of their recent album Fantasies. Just like the self released record, the video is a "do-it-yourself" project of love. Silver sparkles and all. The band recorded the video in a friends' flat in Toronto. The unguarded release of creativity, music and fun flashes across our faces while we watch, reminding us why the artists we treasure are so special. It is videos like this, interviews in magazines, intimate in-studio performances that has pushed Metric to where they are. Emily and company are not just another girl-fronted indie-pop success story. They are people we feel a kinship with. We have watched them bare their souls and music on four albums and one solo album by Emily and through all of it their music has continued to burn brighter and grow stronger. Throughout this album we dance and groove along with the band feeling the joy they must have felt to be able to do this one all on their own. Every band wishes that they could have their own record, nourish the creative process without a label and give their audiences something they feel every time they step onto a stage or into a recording studio---pure happiness. Metric are currently touring and if you are as in love with this record and this band as much as I am, you definitely shouldn't miss their live show. Yes, the video for Sick Muse is as close as you can probably get to Miss Emily but I am sure she will still break out some sweet dance moves hot enough for you to enjoy---even all the way back in the nosebleeds.
*Stream the entire album:

*BUY the album here.
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

They're Crafty!

Love this latest video by Boston's very own Passion Pit. Super colorful, clever and yet such a simple concept. Whether or not you have given in to loving this band you have to admire their aim to go after your heart. Touring incessantly and this is their second video to boot. Way to go boys! I love you <3 Now can you just work on your live show a bit to be more like Starfucker? Thanks!
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Two of my favorite things

Skating and MUSIC. Having free time to do things like surf my favorite websites and blogs is always a beauuuutiful thing. Especially when I find something as kick-a** as this. Seriously. Love it. Skaaaaattting is so much sicker than silly football! (I recently got in an argument on the subway today about this. Feel free to weigh in. Who deserves more money as an athlete: Football Players or X Games Athletes/Amazing-Extraordinary-Death Defying-Super Human Beings?)


Thursday, March 26, 2009

I didn't want to wake you up, but I really want to show you something....

One of the many aspects that made my parents amazing parents growing up was how much they fed my sisters' brilliant writing and my wreckless imagination without us even knowing it. There is nothing more powerful than having someone you love read you a story. Each night before I went to bed from before I could remember until I was about nine or ten, my father read to me. This book is an everlasting tale of love, hope, family, friendship and goodness. The movie embraces each one of those qualities with brilliant creativity. I cannot wait:

For more information and to visit the official website: Where The Wild Things Are.
*And a bit of music news as well: Jonze on who's scoring the flick: "Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. She did some of the score and is doing some of the score. Her and Carter Burwell are sort of doing it together."

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring...where the heck are you?!

Arriving back in my beloved city tonight I was not a happy little girl. First, what the heck weather gods?! What the heck. It is almost April. It has been freezing since November. Give a girl a break already. Now normally I try not to huff and puff about the seasons because I choose to live where I do and one of the reasons for loving New York is because we have seasons. Each shade of Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall in all of their glorious colors and textures. However this year I have had my fill of winter. Sorry my beloved hiver, but I have. I fell four times this year total during snowstorms. I have had my heat a blastin since before Turkey holidays. I forget what it is like to be in the sunshine. When I go out doors my eyes sting and cause tears to run down my cheeks. I have never before been wishing for Spring like I am right now. Only a few short weeks away I know in my heart of hearts I am being a bit of a brat about it all. However, when missing warmth and days of dancing on the beach I turn to my music. And New Zealand again has all the answers I could possibly need and want. Surf City are kind on the ears for anyone who loves the collective of animals. They are youthful, boysterious, anxious and full of joy.

Their various influences are, "footloose and groundhog day. pavement, sonic youth, the clean, velvet undergound, the jesus and mary chain, the beach boys, the zombies and various other reissues." I cannot chose a favorite out of their songs because they are each delightful and happily at home on even the greyest of March days. I am hoping that everyone starts loving them as much as I do-for New Zealand is very far get on it you music loving folks! Let's get them over here STAT. I think we all could use a lil bit o sunshine.
Surf City-Mt. Kill.mp3
Surf City-Free The City.mp3

I found you one day with a mouth full of attitude and you stole me away, you stole me away

Oh Modular records. You've done it again. Ladyhawke is loverly. She is not exactly anything we have not heard before but she does it with equal amounts of sass and class and hailing from New Zealand sets her apart from our local hometown tarts that float around the States pop charts. She is in town this week during the post SXSW fallout that happens each year. She is one of the only artists that I would want to catch before she leaps back across the great divide. Her songs are like crack. Magic is by far my favorite and although the blogs have been pushing Paris is Burning as well I would recommend just sitting down with the record and listening to how she planned for it to flow. Manipulating Woman is equally as fetching and full of spitfire. My Delirium could possibly be the sneak-attack-sleeper hit of the album. The beat will completely transport you back to the 80's with scenes from films like Heathers or Fast Times flashing through your mind. Couldn't you totally see Winona rocking out to this around her bedroom before Christian sneaks into her bedroom to try and kill her? Heck yes! In a completely good way of course:
Catch Ladyhawke tomorrow night at Bowery Ballroom if you are around or Thursday night at Studio B. I recommend the Studio B show...this lady's music is MADE for dancing!
Ladyhawke-Back Of The Van.mp3

Friday, March 20, 2009

After all of this is all said and done, who would you rather be?

One day last week I was walking to work loving Neko Cases' latest album and had the realisation that thus far 2009 is so the year of the vicious lady-singer. Sorry boys, but it totally is. Think about it. We have new music from all of the following vixens who could toss and trounce you in about two seconds flat: Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Karen O), Ladyhawke, Lily Allen, Neko Case, Bat for Lashes, Lady Sovereign, Emmy the Great and my personal favorite: Metric. Now Metric has a little spitfire as a vocalist that you might happen to recognize the name of, Emily Haines. She only was part of the one and only great, Broken Social Scene that broke off into super group after super group. Maybe that is where Emily gained her superhero powers. This latest Metric album could be the soundtrack for any girl who is going through anything that is even the slightest bit frustrating or disheartening. Plug a little Emily Haines into your Ipod and everything you come across will be a little bit easier to deal with. Which is a feat it it's own right. If you watch the video posted below of Emily touring Argentina she is simultaneously frighteningly fragile yet strong as steel. Admitting to her fears and her deepest desires for her art which she holds closer than a second skin we realize what it is that draws us to her as both a front woman and as a feminine presence. She is the girlfriend you would go to for advice but also hold in your arms if she needed them. Listening to her talk to you just know she is destined for great things. Beyond what she and her bands have already done. Emily Haines is a lady for the history books. You follow her wistful gaze as she looks over Buenos Aries and you feel it in your heart. She has wisdom beyond her years and though she might not feel it strength to last the ages. This new Metric album is stellar. Catchy and spewing with pop it is also classy and brazen. The album will be released on April 7th by the band itself and will be available for digital download on March 31st. If you visit the bands website you will also see a ton of pre-released packages and free gifts for ordering early. Keep an eye out for tour dates sometime late spring and into the summer.

Metric-Collect Call.mp3

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I won't drag my feet in whatever dirt you track in

I am incredibly superstitious. Always have been. I loathed that story about stepping on cracks and breaking my mother's back when I was little. It terrified me. I never pick up pennies that are tails-side down on the pavement. I avoid walking under ladders (for two reasons...that is just not safe!). I throw salt over my shoulder when it spills on the table. For as long as I can remember when my mom left for work in the morning I would wave goodbye from the window until I couldn't see her car, otherwise I would worry she wouldn't make it home. When my dad traveled on trips the last thing I always made sure I said was I love you. I don't write about boys when I have crushes in my journal...whenever I do and I am happy things head straight to the trash bin. Once when I was walking home while living in Avignon a black cat crossed my path and I literally gasped out loud causing my french family to give me the hairy eyeball. I can't help it. I am beginning to think March is my unlucky month. Just like Cesar bad things befall me during this transition from winter to spring. Last year my boss at the time called me in for a meeting and told me he didn't like my taste in music or my attitude. At the time I was supposed to be at SXSW but had passed up the opportunity to go because I did not want to miss work and spending time with that lovely boss of mine. I remember sitting at my desk listening to Justin Vernon crooning live Bon Iver songs over the airways and straight into my heart and had to bite my lip as hard as possible to stop me from getting up and throwing a chair at my presiding officer due to his lack of intelligence and TASTE. "Where is Bon Iver now", is a something I would love to ask him if we ever crossed paths. Maybe I am his black cat. Things work in this way, especially in New York City. People have different ways of understanding the music business and I have come to understand that it is because no matter why you entered into the arena you end up making it by on your instincts. Music is an instinctual behavior. You either like something and the way it sounds to your own ears, or you don't. You can learn to appreciate an artist, yes. But like them and choose to listen to them on your own that takes a little bit of work and love. But I digress. Again this year I was supposed to go to SXSW and I didn't...for the same reasons as last. Friday I walked into work and was released from my job. My music venue could not afford me anymore and will be booking through outside promoters only now. I did not cry. I cursed March.

And so today I am back talking to my computer and drinking my green tea from the comforts of my little apartment. I can do things like jump around to the Clash and play the latest Silversun Pickups songs as loud as I want to. I don't have to answer to anyone for the moment and until next week I won't be full on freaking out about the R word I don't like to mention. For now I am continent. Which makes it the absolute perfect time to share the latest songbird to soothe my nerves, Alela Diane. She has been floating around the scene for a bit now and was recently signed to Rough Trade records and will remind you a bit of her label mates Basia Bulat and Emilaina Torrini. Her LP To Be Still was released in February and she has recorded a session with Daytrotter that is stunning. To Be Still is the first song by Alela that grabbed my ear immediately. Her lyrics are honest and intense. Although she is a beautiful feminine creature she does not hide behind the pain of loss or loneliness. Instead she steps over the boundaries of fear and fragility and tells you, her listener, exactly how it is going to be.

No I won't drag my feet in whatever dirt you track in
Will you look at me when your face shows the lines of years
While you've been away
I have needed your strong hands

Alela Diane-To Be Still.mp3
Alela Diane-White As Diamonds.mp3

If you are lucky enough to be down in Austin please visit her and support her live:

Mars-19~2:30 PM-SXSW-French Legation Museum-Austin, Texas
4:45 PM-SXSW-Lamberts-Austin, Texas

Mars-20~3:30 PM-SXSW-The Mowhawk-Austin, Texas
10:00 PM-SXSW-Garden Hotel, Black Cab Showcase-Austin, Texas

Mars-21~3:45 PM-SXSW-The Mean Eayed Cat-Mojo BBQ-Austin, Texas

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hungry Villagers

I have been trying to read J.D. Salingers' Franny and Zoey since New Years. This statement is a sorry fact to make for it is an incredibly skinny novel and Mr. Salinger is considered one of our countries most brilliant writers. I however have no warm feelings for the fella. His stories are messy patch-worked versions of self-indulgent characters that remind me of the sort of lot I spent four years of college avoiding except for two hands worth of friends that I would not trade for anything. However, one quote within its pages rang so blisteringly true that I have stuck with it and decided to give Mr. S. another shot.

" And the old horror of being a professional writer, and the usual stench of words that goes with it, is beginning to drive me out of my seat. It seems terribly important to try, though."

The same spirit has brought me back to at least trying to write again and the perfect band to start with on a list of many are the Hungry Villagers. With everyone getting ready to head down to Austin for this years' SXSW if there was one band I would be tapping my feet in anticipation to it would be this foursome from Houston. They only have one show and hopefully someone will see their live show and add them to more. Their lush and foreboding sound captured my heart and quickened my pulse immediately. A combination of so many sounds I hold dear in a year of music that has not really found its pace yet-they stand out as a shining beacon of beautiful creations occurring despite the recession, friends and family losing jobs, chaos abroad and a winter that ceases to release us from its' grasp. Listening to the Hungry Villagers is to release a burst of hope and fresh spring air. Abraham Houck, Jacob Houck, David Houck, Ferrik Hallaron IV are the players involved. They have a key element that always makes me giddy with delight--the family connection. Abe and Jacob are brothers from South Africa, drummer Ferrick is used to be a member of the band Midnight Pilots. Their catchy single, Little Fingers is available digitally and on glossy vinyl March 17th with a version of Tree Full of Ghosts as a b-side. My personal favorite is Sleeping With My Milk, a stirring and muffled lullaby/lovesick poem/brutially honest letter:

My voice drowns in your laughter, take these tears you're after

As is the lesson with most things worth learning more than one listen is worth your time and you will be thankful.
Hungry Villagers-Tree Full Of Ghosts.mp3

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bang Bang Eche---Warning HIGHLY ADDICTIVE

Don't you love when you let your Itunes do its' thing and it comes across some of your favorite songs and you realize you never blogged about--which is like never talking about it in the first place! I have been loving Bang Bang Eche since October. They are from New Zealand, they are incredibly young and they are the shit. If you like amazingly fierce drummers that while they play you can see them innocently counting out their beats in between beaming like a happy little clam, then this is the band for you. Their lyrics are stacked and solid as well. Supported by KEXP they performed an in studio performance during CMJ that I sadly missed as I was running my own shows at the time. After my friends in the audience recovered and their jaws returned to normal facial expression positions my mobile wouldn't stop flickering like a lightening bug captured in a jar. I knew they were going to be many a good thing within the first few seconds of seeing them. Ranging in age from 16-20 they are better than most of the bands being tossed and toted around NME as of late. (cough...glasvegas...what?!) I am hoping that this year brings big things for them. They are LOUD and lovable. Precious.

BANG BANG ECHE-Time Mismanagement.mp3
BANG BANG ECHE-(You & Me) Thick as Thieves.mp3


I managed to get my greedy paws on the upcoming Animal Collective release, Merriweather Post Pavilion before the New Years Holiday. I was patient about my first listen and had one person in particular I was holding out to share the experience with until the right moment. Unfortunately sometimes you just need to hear your Animal Collective and I cheated and went forth ahead on my own. I am absolutely confident in claiming that it is a complete masterpiece. About three years ago now I bought a ticket to check out their live show at Webster Hall with Metric. They sounded so awful and messy that I left during my favorite track of theirs at the time, two songs into the set. I had never walked out of a show until that moment. It took a lot for my eardrums to feel that assaulted by what I was hearing and make my way down the slippery marble stairs without feeling the urge to turn around and suck up the noise and see if by chance the performance was going to get any better. When I first read about the glowing reviews of their side project, Panda Bear and their debut release Person Pitch I was stubborn and didn't even give the album a listen until last January. It was one of those perfect days that you remember every single detail about where you went and the person you were with. It was cold and snowy and I have been deeply connected to Panda Bear ever since. This summer at the Pitchfork Music Festival I stood next to members of Fleet Foxes and watched Animal Collective as the sun set against the glowing Chicago sky. Hippies were dancing in a huge mud pit behind me and the `squish` `squish` `squish` of the water~sand~solution between their toes was as gentle and soothing as crickets after a rainstorm. I could not have been happier. Walking away from that show I happily admitted to my new Chicago friends that I was wrong and Animal Collective was and is an amazing live band. This is why I state with such passion and adoration that their latest record is a masterpiece in every sense of the word. From where the band began, swapping mixed tapes and experimental ideas to where they have come, releasing a completely fluid, lush, exotic, complex, emotional roller coaster of a mess that sounds so breathtakingly beautiful it makes my mouth water. It is exactly what was missing during 2008. A year of difficulty, frustration and pain that found me confused about where I belonged within this ridiculously infectious industry and eager for inspiration and strength. It is with much happiness and expectation that I look forward to this year in music. In the meantime, Frankie Knuckles has already given it a go with a remixed version of My Girls. I admit I definitely was grooving through sections of it, but the creepy breathing makes my insides squirm-and not in a good way. It is worth overlooking my girlie reaction to give it a listen.
Animal Collective vs Frankie Knuckles-Your Love My Girls.mp3
Animal Collective vs Vashti Bunyan-I Remember Learning How to Dive.mp3
Animal Collective-Water Curses.mp3
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