Thursday, October 1, 2009

The next coming...

It is officially October. I never thought I was going to survive September, but I made it. Now it is a new month. My most favorite of all months of the year, all shiny and fresh. Forget December. October is the new December. Speaking of things being new Justin Vernon's latest project has finally hit the masses and is receiving (are we really surprised) so much lovins you would think it was a new Radiohead record. Which led me to make a statement so daring and bold, or so simple and obvious that I had to write about it. It is early in his career to make such comparisons but I think Justin Vernon could possibly have the potential of being such an brilliant and bold musician, songwriter, visionary, force field that he could be the next *Thom Yorke.* Maybe I have been listening to both of their new projects back to back too much. Or maybe I have watched the video for "Island, IS" one too many times. Either way, Unmap is something to let slowly dissolve into each distinct and divine level of resolution until it has completely molded into an overall form of succinct and disturbingly exquisite record. For that is exactly what it is.

*The video can be watched here and was directed by Michinori Saigo. Buy Unmap here.

*Radiohead Clips

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