Friday, August 31, 2007

Even though it TECHNICALLY NOT the last weekend of the summer

As if you needed another reason to love KEXP-Future DJ of the Morning Show?
I hope you have a good one!
Windmill-Tokyo Moon.mp3
The Most Serene Republic-Sherry And Her Butterfly Net.mp3
The New Pornographers- Myriad Harbour.mp3
Shy Child-Summer.mp3
Shout Out Louds-South America.mp3
UNKLE-May Day.mp3
The Budos Band-Chicago Falcon.mp3

*Thanks JOrtzzzstarrr*
The Plasticines-La Règle Du Jeu.mp3
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Hallam Foe

Good movie season is almost upon us- which is one of my favorite things about the fall season. Luckily it is starting a bit early with a lovely little film with one of my favorite UK actors Jamie Bell (think Billy Elliot). It is a coming of age story supported with an excellent soundtrack out on Domino Records. If you know how much i love UK music acts you can imagine how i am about films!
Hallam Foe Soundtrack:
Track 1 - Orange Juice – Blue Boy
Track 2 - U.N.P.O.C. – Here On My Own
Track 3 - King Creosote – The Someone Else
Track 4 - Sons And Daughters – Broken Bones
Track 5 - Junior Boys – Double Shadow
Track 6 - Clinic – If You Could Read Your Mind
Track 7 - Future Pilot AKA – Battle At The Gates Of Dub
Track 8 - Hood – Lines Low To Frozen Ground
Track 9 - Franz Ferdinand – Hallam Foe Dandelion Blow
Track 10 - Psapp – Tricycle
Track 11 - James Yorkston And The Athletes – Surf Song
Track 12 - Bill Wells Trio – Also In White
Track 13 - Juana Molina – Salvese Quien Pueda
Track 14 - Cinema – They Nicknamed Me Evil
Track 15 - Woodbine – I Hope That You Get What You Want
Track 16 - Movietone – Ocean Song
Junior Boys-Double Shadow.mp3

The Pierces to join Adam Green

"We're happy to announce that our good friends The Pierces are going to be touring with Adam Green on his German dates. If you haven't seen these girls yet, you are in for a real treat! Not only are they gorgeous and wonderful but their voices are from beyond this world!"-Adam Green Camp
~~~Adam Green Euro TOUR DATES~~~
Wed Sep 5 Denmark - Copehagen Loppen
Thurs Sep 6 NET - Groningen Vera
Fri Sep 7 NET - Den Haag Paard Va Troje
Sat Sep 8 NET - Amsterdam Paradiso
Mon Sep 10 Germany - Bonn Bruckenforum
Tues Sep 11 Germany - Bielefeld Ringlokschuppen
Wed Sep 12 Germany - Bremen Modernes
Thurs Sep 13 Germany - Potsdam Schinkelhalle
Sat Sep 15 Germany - Dresden Schlachthof
Sun Sep 16 Germany - Nurnburg Lowensaal
Mon Sep 17 Germany - Stuttgart Theaterhaus
Tues Sep 18 Austria - Vienna Flex
Wed Sep 19 Germany - Feuerwache Mannheim Alte
Fri Sep 21 Switzerland - St. Gallen Theater Palace
Sat Sep 22 Switzerland - Luzern Konzerthaus Schuur
Sun Sep 23 Switzerland - Zurich Zunkuft
Mon Sep 24 France - Paris La Maroquinerie
Tues Sep 25 UK - London Union Chapel
The Pierces-Go To Heaven.mp3
The Pierces-Secret.mp3
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

White Williams

Does this photo remind anyone else of Patrick Dempsey in 'Can't Buy Me Love'? Anyone?
White Williams is based in New York which makes me a bit sad that i haven't heard much about him. Maybe i haven't been listening/looking hard enough because he has been on tour with Girl Talk and Dan Deacon and will be performing at the Mercury Lounge next wednesday with the latest french export, the Plasticines. I have only heard a few of his tracks off of his upcoming EP, 'New Violence' but i DO like what i found. A lot. With the constant stream of dancey sounding bands coming out i think that White Williams will not only fit in quite comfortably on your weekend iPod mix, but also stand out. He carries that smokey, synthetic, flashy 80's, drowned out electronic sound to a fluid melodic level. Whatever that means- i can't put my finger on who he reminds me of. Test it out.
White Williams-Violator.mp3
White Williams-New Violence.mp3

All the Terminators should be running for Governors

If you have nothing to do tonight then head on out to Brooklyn's Union Hall to check out Mia Riddle and the creator of one of my favorite music videos ever: Herman Düne. The show is slated to kick off around 8 pm. Herman Düne is incredibly creative, check out his website and music videos for a bit of research before the show.
Herman Düne-I Wish That I Could See You Soon.mp3
Herman Düne-Not On Top.mp3

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kanye West Stronger Video(High Quality)

Leave it to Kayne West to gain the respect and admiration of Daft Punk enough to have them in his new video for which he samples their song 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger' and aptly names his song simply, 'Stronger.' Have to love the Japanese subtitles, helps out with the whole roboto theme. LOve love love Daft Punk and Kayne.
Daft Punk-Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (The Neptunes remix).mp3
Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Teacakes Edit).mp3

New Band of Horses

Check out the opening track off the upcoming Band of Horses' album 'Cease to Begin.' I think that Bridwell sounds a bit different on this track than the last album, 'Everything All The Time' a bit higher pitched maybe? Enjoy. *Thanks Russ'F'*
Band of Horses-Is There a Ghost.mp3

Common and Lily Allen

Last summer my soundtrack was Lily Allen's Alright, Still. It went with me every where i strolled during the hot days of 2006. Early on this season i deemed it 'The Summer of the Robot.' Due to my infatuation with the movie 'Transformers' and my two lucky trips to see Daft Punk it seems everyone is loving themselves some metallic, monotone creatures. Even Flight of The Conchords got into the mix. So the video below makes me incredibly happy on all fronts. My lil' Lily looks and sounds quite lovely against Common's lyrics. (take note of the ROboto t-shirt Common sports) and well, Lil dressing up as an astronaut is almost like dressing up as a robot. ALmost.
Common featuring Lily Allen- Drivin' Me Wild.mp3
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Drivin' Me Wild - Common Ft Lily Allen [OFFICIAL]

Hilly Kristal

"Hilly Kristal, who founded the punk-rock club CBGB and ran the legendary Bowery institution for nearly 33 years until it closed its doors last October, died on Tuesday at Cabrini Medical Center in Manhattan. He was 75." -NY Times

I must admit, i didn't really know about CBGB's until i was in college and even then it was through my boyfriend at the time. He was an incredibly angsty, dreamy writer with absolutely exquisite music taste. So of course like every writer he wanted to attend NYU and spent most of his time outside of his freshman dorm room attending hardcore and punk shows at his beloved CBGBs. Candiria, Hatebreed, Willhaven, Converge, Sick of It All, and 25 Ta Life were some of his favorite shows. He would call up with wild stories of huge sing alongs, dancing/kicking circles and walls covered in band stickers. It was as if the club was built with him in mind, as a refuge for those early days of confusion and excitement in the city. But that is such a silly girl statement to make. For CBGB's was crafted with everyone in mind. Despite how it was closed how everything all went down i still consider Hilly to be someone to study, to admire and most importantly to rememeber. I am incredibly saddened that this comes right after the death of Tony Wilson. It struck me that this whole generation of brilliant, music loving men is quietly coming to an end and they should be revered so that their visions and excitment can carry on even though they are gone.
Ramones-Today your Love, Tomorrow the World.mp3
Pennywise-Bro Hymn Tribute.mp3
Pennywise-Date With Destiny.mp3
25 ta Life-Friendship, Loyalty, Commitment.mp3
25 Ta Life-Pain Is Temporary.mp3

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hello Toronto! From Basia Bulat

Even though she still has yet to come to the states i wanted to post this release on her myspace page. Her songs are sweet, promising and bright. Just what you need to lead you into the fall. I have no doubt she has the ability to become the next Canadian act you fall in love with. If you are free i hope you turn out to support her CD release, i am sure you won't regret it. **Hi Everyone! For those who are in the Toronto area, there will be two CD release shows on Saturday, September 22nd to celebrate the Canadian release of Oh, My Darling! Both are happening here:
The Music Gallery - 197 John Street, Toronto, ON Early Show - 6 pm (doors 5:30) / Late Show - 9 pm (doors 8:30) Price: $10.50 Tickets are available from either Soundscapes, Rotate This, or Ticketmaster (online or call 870-8000). Please do come and celebrate with us if you can, as there will be many surprises (and surprise guests!), a lot of new songs, and of course, many sing-a-longs! Hope to see you there! Basia xo**
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Weeds-Season Three-Episode Three-Song Number Two

Really- would Nancy really be flipping through a radio station to find a song to do a dance to for some drug dealers. Honestly, Showtime, what do you expect us to believe? Are they really playing Illinois on radio stations these days? I would be SO excited. Brick dances for everyone!
Illinois Tags

From the Maccabees camp:

"For anyone that didn't make it to Reading or Leeds and wants to check out our set, or if you were there and want to watch it again, you can watch/listen up til this Friday. Enjoy." Hey, whatever works until they annouce more tour dates!
The Maccabees-About Your Dress.mp3
The Maccabees-Precious Time.mp3
Maccabees Tags

FINALLY! Kate Nash is coming to nYc!

Little Kate Nash is the latest UK obsession to hit the festival scene this summer. I have been on the lookout for US dates from her camp for months now and it seems September is the time! She will be playing two nYc shows, one on September 24th in Brooklyn at Luna Lounge tickets are on sale now. The next night she will be at Joe's Pub, tickets are currently not on sale. Check out the rest of her tour dates below as well as my two favorite tracks! Tickets for Joe's Pub go onsale this Wednesday at Noon!

Kate Nash-The Nicest Thing.mp3
Kate Nash-Foundations.mp3
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Monday, August 27, 2007

Whoremart is trying to take on APPLE?!

Do we really need to go to the dark side for our music?
I really would love it if Walmarts everywhere just disappeared. In some magical act of commercial cleansing. Could someone please make this happen for me? I just completely LOATHE them. In almost every sense possible. Now it seems that they are trying to compete with my beloved Apple when it comes to the digital music market. I would rather pay $1.29 versus 94 cents per song than ever contribute to a money grubbing, classless stripmall giant that is a scar on the face of America. Yes, i said it. Read the rest here.

Revenge of the Bookeater's Benefit @ Beacon Theatre

A benefit concert for kids to nuture their imaginations-priceless
For those of you not familiar with the 826NYC, it is a non-profit organization that works with kids to nuture their creative writing skills in a one on one environment. As with any non-profit organization they rely on funding for the continued success of their program and for the second year they organzied a great benefit show at The Beacon in nYc. This years' line-up included A.C Newman, Grizzly Bear, Jim James, Feist, Kevin Drew, & Britt Daniel. Along with the music it was hosted by comedian Demetri Martin and was one great night for a good cause.

Arriving into The Beacon towards the latter end of A.C. Newman's I was only able to catch the last song of his set. Following Newman was one local Brooklyn act Grizzly Bear who are meant to play these big rooms which just fill so nice with their slightly eerie music. Ed Droste and the crew rolled through a couple of songs including 'Knife', 'Marla' as well as Feist joining them for a song which I believe was called 'Cast A Spell'. The band ended their set with just Christopher Bear and Daniel Rossen covering Paul Simon's 'Graceland'.

Jim James
After some great stand-up comedy with Demetri Martin,Jim James of My Morning Jacket came on to deliver the nights highlights. Armed with an acoustic guitar and some weird electronic music device Jim straight up killed it. Opening with a song with the repetitive line "I Feel Wonderful" I could only think of The Talking Heads classic 'The Book I Read' but it was not to be (it was a song I was not familiar with). Jim then went on to play a tremendous version of one of my favorite My Morning Jacekt songs 'Bermuda Highway'. After this Jim brought out some odd electronic music device which he played 'Wonderful Man' and straight up rocked the house. Jim then continued the trend of material from "Z", My Morning Jacket's latest album, and ended the set with 'Gideon' and 'Anytime' which saw Jim back on the electronic beat / keys combo finishing with Jim running from side to side as to figure should he keep going or not...sadly he did not.

Feist and Kevin Drew
It was after this we were treated to some stand up comedy skits followed by videos made by kids at the 826NYC. The video from "Death is Calling" was pretty hilarious. Feist then came out to read a couple of stories by the kids which offered the audience the chance to feel like kids laughing to stories about peanut butter of all things. She then played the piano for a rendition of 'The Water' before Kevin Drew and a member of Broken Social Scene joined in with 'F--ked Up Kid' off of their latest album and sweet version of 'Super Connected'. The show came to an end with Britt Daniel who said the last time he was in the Beacon was in 1999 when he saw Elvis Costello. He mentioned how in front of him there was an extremely liberal family which was all smoking pot together. Britt then went into playing "I Summon You" before inviting a friend to join on keys for "Finer Feelings" off of Spoon's latest album "Ga Ga Ga Ga." The show ended when Britt invited A.C. Newman for a cover which I am just not sure what name was. Overall it was a great way to spend Sunday night and had the crowd enjoying some laughs and tunes all for a cause that helps support creativity in today's youth.
My Morning Jacket-Dancefloors.mp3
Broken Social Scene-Hotel.mp3
Revenge of the Book Eater's Benefit Tags
-Jaime W.

*It should be noted that whoever was the jerk that felt the need to heckel Dimitri Martin you should feel like a grade A jack-ass. I think everyone besided you in The Beacon tonight thought Dimitri pretty much killed it and I for sure was definitely impressed.*

MADE: I Want To Be A Hipster

My co-worker sent me this clip which massively helped me get through the Monday YUCKs. I had to post it because well, it features THE STROKES who i am constantly missing. The track is 'You Only Live Once' which was one of my favorite songs from their latest album, "First Impressions of Earth." Oh yeah, and the clip isn't bad either. Gotta love the Pirate's Booty appearance!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Give thanks- it is FINALLY the WEEEKKKENND!

John in the Morning-my hero-doing a stagedive-during the annual KEXP BBQ
THIS might have been the LONGGGEST week of my life. Quite possibly. ANd it is not just because i became a year older. I am so excited for this weekend that i needed to post my one of my absolute favorite rock songs ever. Yes, i will classify it as a rock song, because that is just what it does, it DRIPS with solid gold, sexy, HOT rock'ness in every way i could wish for a song to do. Apparently Jaime enjoys it as well. So it is a good representative of Shelves o' Vinyl. (It is obviously 'Possum Kingdom') Also, some other fantastic tracks to lead you into the second to last weekend of the summer...where the heck did it go? Lots of lovins for you if you appreciate this post. SnaP! If you will be around this Sunday don't forget to check out my fellow nYc bloggers After the Jump music festival, it is for a good cause and the music won't be bad either. Have a good one!
Mother Uckin' Toadies!-Possum Kingdom.mp3
Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirit.mp3
SoundGarden-Head Injury.mp3
The Verve-Bittersweet Symphony.mp3
Filter-Do you want to take my Picture.mp3
Pavement-Cut Your Hair.mp3

And another one...because it makes me happy

Thursday, August 23, 2007

You left a lovestain on my heart

José González produced one of the most heartbreakingly beautiful albums with 'Veneer.' Awkwardly inviting people into the way he feels, lives, and loves 'Veneer' was instantly haunting and intimate. Immediately i mentally placed him on a list of performers to keep tabs on for when they passed through New York. Walking down along the East River on Tuesday night towards the flashing red and yellow lights surrounding the bohemian lair that is the Spiegeltent i was nervous that the timid swedish melody maker would not fit in amongst such a flashy background. However, once i was comfortably inside and listening to the first few chords by José everything fell into place. Experiencing such a talent like José you cannot help but let it touch you and Spiegeltent lended to the delicate ambiance as the wind outside made the white lights dance against the tent it was incredibly enchanting. An overwhelming feeling of holding my breath as he played 'Crosses', 'Lovestain', 'Tear Drop' and a lot of material off of his upcoming album, 'In Our Nature' you couldn't help but hope to be invisible as he played. Perched above the audience he is a graceful performer quietly entering the light and swiftly sailing through his set with an air as if he is trying to imagine he is alone and not in front of a silent audience. Unfortunately his encore was cut short-which was the only disappointment during his set. I would highly recommend the setting for any singer/songwriter. Hopefully everyone will turn out for his remaining upcoming New York engagements at the Gramercy Theatre and Williamsburg Music Hall.
Jose Gonzalez-Crosses.mp3
Jose Gonzalez-Remain.mp3
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Stereogum loves LE LOUP too!

Stereogum is helping spread the word about one of my favorite new bands, Le Loup. Their music infectious for anyone who is a fan of The Polyphonic Spree, Arcade Fire or the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir. Don't forget to mark down September 7th for their show with Jukebox The Ghost at Pianos and again on October 3rd at Bowery Ballroom with Nightmare of You.
***Friendly reminder...LE LOUP TOUR DATES***
Sep 7 Piano’s NYC, New York
Sep 8 The Third Floor - W/ Statehood-Fredericksburg, Virginia
Sep 17 Granada Theatre - W/ Andrew Bird-Lawrence, Kansas
Sep 18 W L Lyons Brown Theater - W/ Andrew Bird-Louisville, Kentucky
Sep 19 Buskirk Chumley Theater - W/ Andrew Bird-Bloomington, Indiana
Sep 29 Black Cat (mainstage)-DC
Oct 3 Bowery ballroom (!!) w/Nightmare of You -New York, NY
Oct 22 Local 506 w/Georgie James-Chapel Hill, NC
Oct 23 Drunken Unicorn w/Georgie James -Atlanta, GA
Oct 24 Taste w/Georgie James-Orlando, FL
Oct 26 Spanish Moon w/Georgie James-Baton Rouge, LA
Oct 27 The Mohawk w/Georgie James-Austin, TX
Le Loup Tags

Scorcese+Rolling Stones+ Jack White=Musical Brilliance

Cold War Kids Embark on another Tour

Bowery show post Cold War Kids madness
These cats have toured more during 2007 than anyone else in this past year it seems. Have they even had a break?! Hopefully Elvis Perkins will continue to play the opening slot, i love when he joins them on stage-perfect pairing. Unfortunately i missed them opening for Muse- i was too tuckered out from Lollapalooza, but seeing them at the Metro in Chicago was one of their best shows to date. Plus, if you have to wait in line to make it on stage for The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and get passed over for Ashlee Simpson and her entourage who better to do it with than The Cold War Kids? True story.
The Cold War Kids Tour Dates:
09/08/07 - Madison, WI @ Willow Island - Alliant Energy
11/17/07 - San Francisco, CA @ Warfield Theatre
11/23/07 - Los Angeles, CA @ Wiltern Theatre
11/27/07 - Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
11/28/07 - Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
11/29/07 - Philadelphia, PA @ Theatre of the Living Arts
11/30/07 - New York, NY @ Webster Hall
12/01/07 - New York, NY @ Webster Hall
12/04/07 - Boston, MA @ The Roxy
12/11/07 - Boulder, CO @ Boulder Theater
Cold War Kids-Tonite, You Belong To Me.mp3
Cold War Kids-The Soloist In The Living Room.mp3
Cold War Kids Tags

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

GHoStland ObservAtory @ Webster Hall During CMJ!

Ghostland Observatory returns to nYc to play a show at Webster Hall during CMJ week. The day before Justice. Talk about a dance weekend. I love CMJ! Tickets are already onsale. So excited because well...i am incredibly enamoured with Aaron and Greg. After Sunday's performance at McCarren Pool i have a feeling a lot of other New Yorkers are too. How can you not love his moves!
Sep 14 Monolith Fest Red Rocks, Colorado
Sep 15 Treasure Island Music Fest San Francisco, California
Sep 16 Austin City Limits Fest 07 Austin, Texas
Sep 22 Wall of Sound Music Festival Fort Worth, Texas
Oct 12 Showbox Seattle, Washington
Oct 13 Crocodile - ALL AGES SHOW ! Seattle, Washington
Oct 19 Webster Hall New York, New York
Oct 27 Voodoo Fest New Orleans, Louisiana
Oct 28 Vegoose Music Fest Las Vegas, Nevada
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New Pornographers at Bowery Ballroom debut new material

The New Pornographers highly anticipated new album, 'Challengers', dropped yesterday and I must admit I was very excited to hear what this Canadian all-star group would have up there sleeves this time around. After eagerly awaiting the album and finally getting my hands on it, I gave it a listen and was left somewhat, not disappointed but rather confused. This album did not have much of that poppy-rock sound that I had grown to expect of The New Pornographers. While some tracks sound like their typical sound, such as "All Things That Go To Make Heaven and Earth", for the most part it consists of slower tracks that consist of climatic build ups. Knowing that later that night I would be seeing them at the Bowery I was hoping to hear mostly the classics and stray away from the new material.

10:15 rolls around and the room is packed with The New Pornographers cramed onto the Bowery's stage. After a brief false start the band kicked the show off with "All Things That Go To Make Heaven and Earth"...hey I guess they know it gives that typical NP sound we have all grown accustomed to throughout the years. Playing some of their hits while tossing in bits of comical banter (the witty dialogue during this show between A.C., Neko and the gang was pretty hilarious and gave the show a real nice laid back feeling. The band personalized the show one step farther by requesting audience participation during 'Strange Brew.' Lighthearted jeering aside- the band previewed a heavy set of new songs such as, "My Rights Versus Yours", "All The Old Shotstoppers", "Challengers", "Unguided", "Go Places", and "The Spirit Of Giving." It was something about hearing the new material live that made me realize that it's great that they are testing out a different sound on this latest album yet maintaining their comforting classic sound. The set hit upon classic numbers which the audience showed much love for:"From Blown Speakers"; "The Laws Have Changed"; "The End Of Medicine"; "All For Swinging You Around"; "Testament To Youth In Verse"; "It's Only Divine Right"; "July Jones"; "Mass Romantic"; "The Fake Headlines"; "The Slow Decent Into Alcholism"; "Mystery Hours"; "Letters From An Occupant"; "Twin Cinema"; "The Bones Of An Idol"; "Use It"; "The Bleeding Heart Show"; "Jackie, Dressed In Cobras"; "The Jessica Numbers"; "These Are The Fables"; "Sing Me Spanish Techno" (I may be missing some but this all off the top of my head). The only thing missing from last nights show was Dan Bejar but considering he will be with them come October I know I will be present at Webster Hall.
The New Pornographers-Go Places.mp3
The New Pornographers- Advenutes in Solitude.mp3
The New Pornographers-My Rights versus Yours.mp3
The New Pornographers Tags

-Jaime W.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Best SONG selection/placement EVER!

Well almost. I am still one of those die-hard Six Feet Under fans who still likes to reminisce about the closing sequence to the series while Sia played in the background and how perfectly it all flowed into one beautiful goodbye to my favorite cast ever. But last night's placement of The Thermals 'Here's Your Future' on Weeds made me so excited i screamed with happiness. I did- i think it scared my roommate and our guests. Heck, it was the most energy i could exhibit all night after my weekend. That says a lot. I LOVE The Thermals thanks to KEXP who have had them on heavy rotation for months now. Local Northwesterns out of Portland are set to make a mark during 2007-especially here in nYc after they played McCarren Pool a few weekends ago with Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. Check out their remaining upcoming tour dates below:
Aug 25 The Gorge Amphitheater George, Washington
Sep 8 Crystal Ballroom Portland, Oregon
Oct 16 Richards On Richards Vancouver, British Columbia
Oct 18 Broken City Calgary, Alberta
Oct 19 Velvet Underground Edmonton, Alberta
Oct 20 Amigo’s Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Oct 21 Royal Albert Winnipeg, Manitoba
Oct 22 Triple Rock Social Club Minneapolis, Minnesota
Oct 26 Beachland Ballroom Cleveland, Ohio
Oct 27 Horseshoe Tavern Toronto, Ontario
Oct 30 Middle East (Downstairs) Cambridge, Massachusetts
Nov 3 Black Cat Washington DC, Washington DC
The Thermals-Here's Your Future.mp3

Malajube is coming back!

Malajube-one of my favorite acts of last year and yet i have missed them every time they have been in town. Luckily they are returning and playing Bowery Ballroom on November 15th. The date has not been posted on their myspace or website-so whereas i wish i could post more dates for the rest of you reading outside of the city i dont have anything else at this time. Tickets for nYc go on sale tomorrow at noon!
Malajube-La Russe.mp3
Malajube-la Contrôleuse.mp3
Malajube-Le Métronome.mp3
Malajube Tags

Dylan Movie to Open Like a Rolling Premiere

"Imagine you’re a film distributor, handling an experimental movie by one of the country’s most iconoclastic directors. The subject is an enigmatic occasional recluse who is being portrayed by four actors, an actress and a 13-year-old boy. Where do you open that film?" So so so so beyond excited for the rest of the article here. In other news, Bob is hitting the road again, this time with Elvis Costello and Amos Lee. Check out the dates below:
---Bob Dylan U.S. Tour Dates----
9/16-SUN Austin City Limits Music Festival Austin, TX
9/19-WED Ryman Auditorium Nashville, TN (w/ Amos Lee)
9/22-SAT Gwinnett Civic & Cultural Center Duluth, GA (w/ Elvis Costello & Amos Lee)
9/23-SUN Clemson University Clemson, SC (w/ Elvis Costello & Amos Lee)
9/25-TUE Old Dominion University Norfolk, VA (w/ Elvis Costello & Amos Lee)
9/27-THU John Paul Jones Arena Charlottesville, VA (w/ Elvis Costello & Amos Lee)
9/28-FRI Merriweather Post Pavilion Columbia, MD (w/ Elvis Costello & Amos Lee)
9/29-SAT Ryan Center Kingston, RI (w/ Elvis Costello & Amos Lee)
9/30-SUN Arena at Harbor Yard Bridgeport, CT (w/ Elvis Costello & Amos Lee)
10/02- TUE The Centrum (DCU Center) Worcester, MA (w/ Elvis Costello & Amos Lee)
10/04-THU Cumberland County Civic Center Portland, ME (w/ Elvis Costello & Amos Lee)
10/05-FRI Verizon Wireless Arena Manchester, NH (w/ Elvis Costello & Amos Lee)
10/06-SAT Times Union Center Albany, NY (w/ Elvis Costello & Amos Lee)
10/08-MON Oncenter Syracuse, NY (w/ Elvis Costello & Amos Lee)
10/09-TUE Gordon Field House Rochester, NY (w/ Elvis Costello & Amos Lee)
Bob Dylan-Someday Baby.mp3
Bob Dylan-Lay Lady Lay.mp3
Bob Dylan Tags
(Thanks Eric & Ben)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Cloud Cult

Don't forget to catch Cloud Cult during their tour that is going on right now. They are one of the most uniquely talented bands out there right now. And one of my personal favorites due to their continued dedication towards a carbon neutral touring lifestyle. The tour is also being sponsored by the best radio station in the world, KEXP - as if you didn't need another excuse to go! Check it!
Cloud Cult-Transistor Radio.mp3
Cloud Cult-Car Crash.mp3
Cloud Cult Tags


YACHT and Ghostland Observatory!
One reason i love my fellow bloggers is the discovery of other elements of the art world beyond music that i enjoy. The photo above is just one of many images that you will find in photographer Ashod Simonian's new book, Real Fun: Polaroids from the Independent Music Landscape. I discovered it via Gorillavsbear-so thank you! "The book is loaded with dreamy and vibrant images of artists such as Cat Power, Broken Social Scene, The Polyphonic Spree, Pavement, Elliott Smith, and the list goes on. Real Fun also comes with an 18-song CD featuring exclusive songs from some of the bands featured in the book: Califone, Radar Bros., Jason Lytle (ex-Grandaddy), Sleeping States, and more." Don't forget your reason to be alive on sunday- Ghostland Observatory at McCarren Pool! Heck Yeah! And since it is Friday and i will be celebrating most of the weekend i decided to post my absolute favorites... HAve a good one!
NOFX-Dinosaurs Will Die.mp3
NOFX-Bottles To The Ground.mp3
Weezer-The Good Life.mp3
Weezer-El Scorcho.mp3
R.E.M.-Orange crush.mp3
Rancid-Time Bomb.mp3

Bat For Lashes announces new tour dates!

Bat for Lashes is a band to mark down on your calendars before she is playing Webster Hall. Trust me, it is music to be enjoyed while you can still catch it in a small room. Jaime and i were completely intoxicated her hauntingly moody music and mystical live performance.
***Bat for Lashes TOUR DATES***
August 26th: Rock en Seine, Paris
September 1st: Connect Festival, Inveraray
September 2nd: Electric Picnic, Stradbally
September 9th: Bestival, Isle of Wight 2:30pm Main Stage.
September 23rd: Johnny Brenda's - Philadelphia PA
September 24th: Great Scott - Boston MA
September 25th: Bowery Ballroom - New York NY
September 28th: El Macambo - Toronto ON
Septmber 29th: Petit Campus - Montreal QC
October 1st: The Basement - Columbus OH
October 2nd: Empty Bottle - Chicago IL
October 3rd: Varsity Theatre - Minneapolis MN
October 5th: Larimer Lounge - Denver CO
October 9th: Troubadour - Los Angeles CA
October 11th: Slim's - San Francisco CA
October 13th: Plaza Club - Vancouver BC
October 14th: Crocodile Cafe - Seattle WA
October 15th: Doug Fir Lounge - Portland OR
October 29th: KOKO, London
Bat for Lashes-Sarah.mp3
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TAKKA TAKKA!!!! and the National

Don't forget that tonight at the South Street Seaport there is a pretty fantastic free show for everyone and anyone to check out. If the rain holds out (*fingers crossed*). Takka Takka are absolutely necessary to arrive early for. You do not want to miss them. Their music is perfect to head into your weekend and shake off all the stress you've been holding in. The National are still front runners on my list of favorite acts/albums for this year. Always flawless brilliant.
Takka Takka: 6:30 PM
The National: 7:30 PM
Takka Takka-Coco on the Corner.mp3
Takka Takka-Safer.mp3
The National-Apartment Story.mp3
The National-Guest Room.mp3
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The London Souls

Last night i checked out a band that is sure to emerge as one of the bands being chatted about before/during/after CMJ. The London Souls have been around for a bit of time now but this was my first opportunity to catch them in the act. I was incredibly impressed from the start. Theirs was one of the loudest shows i have ever experienced at The Mercury Lounge. I could not get over how on so many levels they rocked in every sense of the word. Now i know i sound like Jaime-but this is a highly good thing. They rocked. Definitely for fans of Wolfmother, Black Angels, Van Halen...anything that shocks the sh*t out of your ears. I cannot say enough great things about them and unfortunately i have no music to share so please go check out their myspace page.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Oh Elvis...

Today is the 30th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley. He revolutionalized music-the way people listened to it, watched it and talked about it. Once my roommate asked me if i was more a Beatles girl or an Elvis girl. The thought had never really crossed my mind and i had to stop and seriously consider my answer. I adore both and together they were very much present during the beginnings of my musical education. Thus after a pause i answered, Elvis...definitely Elvis. Which shocked even me. I always thought i was a huge Beatles fan-purchasing tapes and albums and had never really sought Elvis out. Memories of my Mum dancing around the kitchen and telling me stories about how she wasn't allowed to watch Elvis on television instantly flooded back. I am very lucky to have these memories as they were some of the only times i ever saw my Mum dance and/or sing. I remember being a little girl and singing 'The Wanderer' at the top of my bratty lungs to irritate my older sister. I am pretty sure these stories do not a music taste maker create, hence why i direct you to some of my fellow bloggers posts which are much more historically and culturally enriched than this one. But i do love Elvis and therefore i had to write something if not to make you remember a moment of his music in your life- but maybe to create one for the future.

Diddy Wah
Fuel for Friends
Hangin' out in 100b
Elvis-Shake, Rattle And Roll.mp3
Elvis-All Shook Up.mp3
Elvis- Jailhouse Rock.mp3


Asian version of JOrtzzzstarrr*-yes she is that hip-she has an asian cartoon character
F-c-B-c-n-Y-c. Bookmark it. Read it. Love it. What to do with your time at work when you aren't reading my blog or watching Flight of the Conchords in secret. Now you have a solution! Not only is it a good place to find out what our lovely JOrtzzzstarrr* is getting into but you can meet her three spicey co-bloggers as well. Vern is after my own heart with her FANTASTIC obsession with all things Star Wars. But be forewarned dear readers-she knows her way around anything tech savy better than any boy with a pocket protector could ever be prepared for. Watch out for Pants-not only will she tell you what you should be or should NOT be wearing-she will do it in such a manner that has you laughing out loud at your desk. The kind of laughing that draws glares from your co-workers because you are happy for a moment during your boring day job and they are not. Yeah, you know the look. Lastly, but not least is P. How to introduce P. Well-his stories will stand up for themselves enough to let him make the introduction himself. Yep. He's that badass. Just wait. So now you've met the crew-and as i said, Bookmark it. Read it. Love it. Do you really want to know what will happen if you don't? And as any proper introduction to another blog should have, check out the Flight of the Conchords tracks listed below as a tribute. (P-i wanted to post-'If That's Something You'd Be Into' but i couldnt...sorry!)
Flight of the Conchords-For Vern-Goodbye Leggy Blonde.mp3
Flight of the Conchords-For Vern-Robots (Live).mp3
Flight of the Conchords-For JOrtz!-Business Time.mp3
Flight of The Conchords-For Pants-Sally.mp3
Mother F'in Dolly Parton-For P-Jolene.mp3

Let's Dance to Joy Division!

"This song is about being in school and wanting to have sex with everything that moves. Remember what that was like? Do some of you out there still feel that way?" The Wombats know just finesse a crowd of New Yorkers. Make us feel even more uncomfortable than we already do at a live show. You invite us to chant, count to three, waltz with a partner and clap our hands in time to your beats. Yet all we do is stand there with our arms crossed while you play catchy, witty pop music with enough energy to make Carlos D want to crawl into a cave and never come out again. (this is a good thing...) You silly boys from Liverpool, won't you ever learn? Most likely not since we eat it up. Every little bit down to your stuffed Wombat mascot and your floppy school boy haircuts. You make us laugh, you make us shuffle our feet and at the end of your eleven song stunt you make us scream for more. Do not take my rant as any lack of love for The Wombats. They are indeed highly intelligent. Matthew Murphy (vocals, guitar, keyboards-aka: 'The Dog'), Tord (bass, vocals-aka:'The Fox'), and Dan (drums, vocals-aka:'The Rat') produce such sweet sounds as they harmonize over Dan slamming his kit and Tord playing his bass like it is no one's business. In fact Tord was so energetic i couldn't take my eyes off of him. A permanent grin smacked across his face he is quite a treasure to behold. One of the best bass players i have ever seen in fact. You say you have been playing together for four years now and this is your first gig in the our grand ole' New York City and then feed us with 'Moving to New York.' You are clever lads, very clever indeed. Very excited for you to come back and play for us again sometime soon.
The Wombats-Moving To New York.mp3
The Wombats-Metro Song.mp3
The Wombats-Kill The Director (CSS Remix).mp3
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Plascticines-oh lalala-love

chillin' with the 'Enemy'
These four little fancy french ladies will be gracing our city with their presence for a show at the Mercury Lounge on September 5th! You can pick up tickets here. So far nYc is their only stop in the US, but keep an eye out for more dates soon. If you like girl rock served up with all the sass and flair that only french girls can pull off then you should check them out. Their music is in fact quite fetching-the image Nabokov had in mind when he wrote Lolita yet sounds like what would happen if The Pipettes meet Malajube during a drunken night in Montreal. They will be here to push the press for their upcoming LP, 'Caroline.'
The Plastiscines-Rake.mp3
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Stream the new M.I.A.

Today i was lucky enough to get my mitts on the new M.I.A. album, 'Kala' which comes out next Tuesday (the 21st) and now you can too! She is sharing her latest efforts via her myspace page. I love it-you should too, it is much more complex than her first release and has a longer shelf life for your Ipod. Enjoy!
M.I.A.-Paper Planes.mp3 (this is my favorite track!)
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Twilight Sad-back on tour

I was very glad i woke up early for Siren Fest to check out The Twilight Sad. If you are a fan of The National, The Editors, or maybe even the Magnetic Fields than i would recommend checking these guys out when they swing through Brooklyn on the 30th of September. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at noon! Check out the rest of the dates here.
The Twilight Sad-Climbing Up the Walls.mp3
The Twilight Sad-Walking For Two Hours.mp3
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Deer Tick

Yesterday i had one of those delightful days where i stumbled across a new band to enjoy and share. Deer Tick is the creation of John McCauley who hails from Providence, Rhode Island. At first listen i fell in love with his old-time sound and blissfully pleasant songwriting. Much like The Rosewood Thieves he reminds me of Bob Dylan and has surprising depth and maturity for someone so young. New to the scene in 2005 John has since collaborated with Viking Moses, Jana Hunter, Nat Baldwin, and Jason Anderson. He is performing tonight and tomorrow out in Brooklyn and sadly i will not be able to attend either show, but i invite you to check him out. His first official release, 'War Elephant' is being released via Houston's Feow! Records on September 4th. Also coming up for John, on Friday, August 24th Deer Tick will be the featured artist of the day via SPIN Magazine-so keep an eye out!
8/15: Brooklyn, NY - Ponytail Junction House w/ Diego Perez &aamp; Liz Isenberg
8/16: Brooklyn, NY - Jezebel Music Feature Show @ Union Pool ww/ Paleo, Sasparilla & more TBA
8/17: Bridgeport, CT - The Arcade w/ TBA
8/19: Providence, RI - AS220 w/ Jason Anderson
9/21: Providence, RI - AS220 w/ Wax & Wane, These United Staates & Vandaveer
10/08: Providence, RI - TBA w/ The Shivers
10/13: Somerville, MA - P.A.'s Lounge w/ Birds & Batteries
10/16: Worcester, MA - Ralph's Chadwick Square Diner Rock Club ww/ Paleo
10/22: Cambridge, MA - The Middle East Upstairs w/ Tulsa & TThe Shivers

I swear i don't just like him because he is an O's fan
Deer Tick-Standing At The Threshold.mp3
Deer Tick-Axe Is Forever.mp3
Deer Tick-Diamond Rings 2007.mp3

I'm Not There

Extremely excited for this upcoming film. I am sure many people would question Cate Blanchett as a young Bob Dylan, but she is such an amazing character actress-just check out The Aviator if you don't believe me. Making the wait for the film, which doesn't hit theatres until November 21st is the soundtrack which features everyone from Bonnie Prince Billy to Karen O. Check out the details below. Craziness!

I'm Not There soundtrack (unsequenced):

Eddie Vedder and the Million Dollar Bashers: "All Along the Watchtower"
Mira Billotte: "As I Went Out One Morning"
Stephen Malkmus and the Million Dollar Bashers: "Ballad of a Thin Man"
Los Lobos: "Billy"
The Hold Steady: "Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window"
Stephen Malkmus and Lee Ranaldo: "Can't Leave Her Behind"
Tom Verlaine and the Million Dollar Bashers: "Cold Irons Bound"
Iron and Wine and Calexico: "Dark Eyes"
Yo La Tengo: "Fourth Time Around"
Jim James and Calexico: "Goin' to Acapulco"
Karen O and the Million Dollar Bashers: "Highway 61 Revisited"
John Doe: "I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine"
Yo La Tengo: "I Wanna Be Your Lover"
Bob Dylan: "I'm Not There"
Sonic Youth: "I'm Not There"
Charlotte Gainsbourg and Calexico: "Just Like a Woman"
Ramblin' Jack Elliott: "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues"
Antony and the Johnsons: "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"
Mason Jennings: "The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll"
Stephen Malkmus and the Million Dollar Bashers: "Maggie's Farm"
Jack Johnson: "Mama You've Been on My Mind"
Mark Lanegan: "The Man in the Long Black Coat"
Bob Forrest: "Moonshiner"
Roger McGuinn and Calexico: "One More Cup of Coffee"
John Doe: "Pressing On"
Sufjan Stevens: "Ring Them Bells"
Willie Nelson and Calexico: "Señor (Tales of Yankee Power)"
Jeff Tweedy: "Simple Twist of Fate"
Cat Power: "Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again"
Mason Jennings: "The Times They Are a-Changin'"
Richie Havens: "Tombstone Blues"
Marcus Carl Franklin: "When the Ship Comes In"
The Black Keys: "Wicked Messenger"
Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova: "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere"

Out in record stores everywhere on October 30th. (Thanks ERIC!)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tokyo Police Club @ Bowery

Tokyo Police Club-touring makes you hungry!
Last night marked the conclusion of Tokyo Police Clubs' first true headlining tour and a pretty big step for a band a year ago that was looking to gain attention. And gain attention they sure did- with two sold out shows at the Bowery Ballroom to mark the end of a successful tour. By no means was it their strongest performance that i have seen, but the last 5 or so songs really picked up the energy and reminded me why this still is an act I enjoy to catch.

On a side note, what I witnessed at the Bowery last night by one fan was absolutely disgraceful...throughout the whole show there seem to be a fan that just thought you come to concerts to chat with friends and pay no attention to the performance going on and the fans around you. It got so bad that one fan finally decided to tell security and they told him they would keep there eye on him. Once the show was about over security had enough and grabbed the fan who proceeded to throw a punch that landed on the fan that notified security which seemed to break the kids nose...blood was everywhere and I personally just felt terrible for the kid who just got clocked. Luckily Bowery did not just kick this a**hole out, but held him on the ground and called the cops which arrested the person. As fans poured out everyone had the privilege to stare down this pr*ck who thought it's all good to act like a jerk since he was drunk. Well, I hope that kid gets hit with an assault charge and the Bowery bans this person from stepping foot into any of their shows and his loser of a girlfirend that was participating in his acts gets some sense checked into her head. Anyhow, hope the kid who got clocked sues that mofo and feels better. I never get people that come to shows to ruin everyone's experience but last night I am glad the person who decided to act like this will be seeing repercussion for his classless actions.
Tokyo Police Club-Citizens Of Tomorrow.mp3 (hopefully they won't be rude concert attendees!!!)
Tokyo Police Club-Nature of the Experiment.mp3
Tokyo Police Club-Be Good.mp3
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-Jaime W.

New Music Venue-YEAH BOWERY PRESENTS! and Justice dates/tickets

"Bowery Presents, an independent New York concert-promotion company, today announced Terminal 5 will open in early October and will be the largest midtown venue to open in more than ten years. Terminal 5 will be located at 610 West 56th Street between 11th and 12th Avenues, and will provide a new 3,000-capacity midtown music, art and event venue."

Tickets for The National (October 11th), M.I.A.(October 19th), Justice(October 20th), State Radio and Ween will go on sale Friday, August 17 at noon. Tickets for The Shins (October 23rd & 24th) will go on sale Saturday, August 18 at noon. Tickets can be purchased surcharge-free at the Mercury Lounge box office located at 217 E. Houston Street and beginning September 4 at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Additional Terminal 5 shows will be announced in the coming weeks. (Decemberists November 1st & 2nd) Visit the Terminal 5 website for more shows to be announced soon. Yeah! I am hoping it is a lovely lovely room for music. After visiting Schubas and The Metro in Chicago i was rather jealous. We need a venue like the Metro here. Multi-leveled, easy to get to the front or sides, good site lines from almost anywhere and fantastic sound. Also excited to finally check out Justice LIVE!
Jay z vs Justice- Show me how to D.A.N.C.E.mp3
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Amy and Blake Fly to US for rehab.

"Amy has also agreed that her career must be put on hold, despite her desire to get back on the road and perform."-The Mirror
"We need to find the time to do this shit together before it gets worse- i wanna touch you but that just hurts"-Amy, maybe you should be 'Just Friends' with your hubby...So of luck.
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Monday, August 13, 2007


Remember summer of '03 kiddies?
If watching tonight's episode of Weeds inspires you to be more 'green' in an energy sustainable way then you should take part in Black Out nYc tomorrow night.
"On Tuesday, August 14th, 2007,Black Out nYc will celebrate the 4th anniversary of this landmark New York event. New Yorkers are encouraged to organize their own micro-blackouts--in bars, cafes, or even their homes. Participating venues will flick off all their lights, using candles, lamps, and flashlights to recreate the unique night. Patrons will flock to these locations to share in the nostalgia of the evening, to gather in the flickering glow, to consider the city's energy burden, and to celebrate the best of New York City after dark. Find a Blackout near you! Organize a Blackout of your own!" The event is being sponsored by where you can find all sorts of helpful tips about living a carbon neutral lifestyle, supporting your local farmers, and more. Thanks to JOrtzzzstarrr* who turned me onto this event, heck yeah FcbcnYc!
Adam Green-Drugs.mp3
The Libertines- I Love You (But Your Green).mp3
Tom Vek- Nothing But Green Lights (Digitalism Remix).mp3

I've met someone that makes me feel seasick...

How can you go wrong with a song lyric like that? By now you know of my weakness for little British bands that make the sweetest pop/rock/dance songs a girl could possibly wish for. My latest loves, The Wombats are hitting the nYc scene this Wednesday at the Annex. They are three boys who hail from Liverpool, England and met while attending the school made famous by Sir Paul McCartney, LIPA. Their lyrics draw from the adolescent angst of first loves-messy kisses and daydreams. Scousers Dan haggis on drums and vocals, matthew "Murph" Murphy on vocals, guitar and keyboard and Norwegian Tord Overland-Knudsen on bass and vocals might be young, but like any other European band they are likely to be well rehearsed and shocked full of energy. Now, for those of you who missed The Maccabees at the Knitting Factory or The Fratellis at the Mercury Lounge here is your chance for redemption. Somewhat. NME is presenting the show with special guests MGMT and i will be there to report for KEXP. I am posting some select tracks-meaning that i have over played them as much as i possibly can and am now ready and willing to share. Please take, love, and share with your friends. Afterall, you know it will end up loving them as much as i do if this is your sort of thing.
The Wombats-Backfire At The Disco.mp3
The Wombats-Lost In The Post.mp3
The Wombats-Little Miss Pipedream.mp3