Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hilly Kristal

"Hilly Kristal, who founded the punk-rock club CBGB and ran the legendary Bowery institution for nearly 33 years until it closed its doors last October, died on Tuesday at Cabrini Medical Center in Manhattan. He was 75." -NY Times

I must admit, i didn't really know about CBGB's until i was in college and even then it was through my boyfriend at the time. He was an incredibly angsty, dreamy writer with absolutely exquisite music taste. So of course like every writer he wanted to attend NYU and spent most of his time outside of his freshman dorm room attending hardcore and punk shows at his beloved CBGBs. Candiria, Hatebreed, Willhaven, Converge, Sick of It All, and 25 Ta Life were some of his favorite shows. He would call up with wild stories of huge sing alongs, dancing/kicking circles and walls covered in band stickers. It was as if the club was built with him in mind, as a refuge for those early days of confusion and excitement in the city. But that is such a silly girl statement to make. For CBGB's was crafted with everyone in mind. Despite how it was closed how everything all went down i still consider Hilly to be someone to study, to admire and most importantly to rememeber. I am incredibly saddened that this comes right after the death of Tony Wilson. It struck me that this whole generation of brilliant, music loving men is quietly coming to an end and they should be revered so that their visions and excitment can carry on even though they are gone.
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