Thursday, August 16, 2007

Let's Dance to Joy Division!

"This song is about being in school and wanting to have sex with everything that moves. Remember what that was like? Do some of you out there still feel that way?" The Wombats know just finesse a crowd of New Yorkers. Make us feel even more uncomfortable than we already do at a live show. You invite us to chant, count to three, waltz with a partner and clap our hands in time to your beats. Yet all we do is stand there with our arms crossed while you play catchy, witty pop music with enough energy to make Carlos D want to crawl into a cave and never come out again. (this is a good thing...) You silly boys from Liverpool, won't you ever learn? Most likely not since we eat it up. Every little bit down to your stuffed Wombat mascot and your floppy school boy haircuts. You make us laugh, you make us shuffle our feet and at the end of your eleven song stunt you make us scream for more. Do not take my rant as any lack of love for The Wombats. They are indeed highly intelligent. Matthew Murphy (vocals, guitar, keyboards-aka: 'The Dog'), Tord (bass, vocals-aka:'The Fox'), and Dan (drums, vocals-aka:'The Rat') produce such sweet sounds as they harmonize over Dan slamming his kit and Tord playing his bass like it is no one's business. In fact Tord was so energetic i couldn't take my eyes off of him. A permanent grin smacked across his face he is quite a treasure to behold. One of the best bass players i have ever seen in fact. You say you have been playing together for four years now and this is your first gig in the our grand ole' New York City and then feed us with 'Moving to New York.' You are clever lads, very clever indeed. Very excited for you to come back and play for us again sometime soon.
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