Thursday, August 30, 2007

White Williams

Does this photo remind anyone else of Patrick Dempsey in 'Can't Buy Me Love'? Anyone?
White Williams is based in New York which makes me a bit sad that i haven't heard much about him. Maybe i haven't been listening/looking hard enough because he has been on tour with Girl Talk and Dan Deacon and will be performing at the Mercury Lounge next wednesday with the latest french export, the Plasticines. I have only heard a few of his tracks off of his upcoming EP, 'New Violence' but i DO like what i found. A lot. With the constant stream of dancey sounding bands coming out i think that White Williams will not only fit in quite comfortably on your weekend iPod mix, but also stand out. He carries that smokey, synthetic, flashy 80's, drowned out electronic sound to a fluid melodic level. Whatever that means- i can't put my finger on who he reminds me of. Test it out.
White Williams-Violator.mp3
White Williams-New Violence.mp3

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