Monday, August 13, 2007


Remember summer of '03 kiddies?
If watching tonight's episode of Weeds inspires you to be more 'green' in an energy sustainable way then you should take part in Black Out nYc tomorrow night.
"On Tuesday, August 14th, 2007,Black Out nYc will celebrate the 4th anniversary of this landmark New York event. New Yorkers are encouraged to organize their own micro-blackouts--in bars, cafes, or even their homes. Participating venues will flick off all their lights, using candles, lamps, and flashlights to recreate the unique night. Patrons will flock to these locations to share in the nostalgia of the evening, to gather in the flickering glow, to consider the city's energy burden, and to celebrate the best of New York City after dark. Find a Blackout near you! Organize a Blackout of your own!" The event is being sponsored by where you can find all sorts of helpful tips about living a carbon neutral lifestyle, supporting your local farmers, and more. Thanks to JOrtzzzstarrr* who turned me onto this event, heck yeah FcbcnYc!
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The Libertines- I Love You (But Your Green).mp3
Tom Vek- Nothing But Green Lights (Digitalism Remix).mp3

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