Monday, August 13, 2007

I've met someone that makes me feel seasick...

How can you go wrong with a song lyric like that? By now you know of my weakness for little British bands that make the sweetest pop/rock/dance songs a girl could possibly wish for. My latest loves, The Wombats are hitting the nYc scene this Wednesday at the Annex. They are three boys who hail from Liverpool, England and met while attending the school made famous by Sir Paul McCartney, LIPA. Their lyrics draw from the adolescent angst of first loves-messy kisses and daydreams. Scousers Dan haggis on drums and vocals, matthew "Murph" Murphy on vocals, guitar and keyboard and Norwegian Tord Overland-Knudsen on bass and vocals might be young, but like any other European band they are likely to be well rehearsed and shocked full of energy. Now, for those of you who missed The Maccabees at the Knitting Factory or The Fratellis at the Mercury Lounge here is your chance for redemption. Somewhat. NME is presenting the show with special guests MGMT and i will be there to report for KEXP. I am posting some select tracks-meaning that i have over played them as much as i possibly can and am now ready and willing to share. Please take, love, and share with your friends. Afterall, you know it will end up loving them as much as i do if this is your sort of thing.
The Wombats-Backfire At The Disco.mp3
The Wombats-Lost In The Post.mp3
The Wombats-Little Miss Pipedream.mp3

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