Thursday, August 23, 2007

You left a lovestain on my heart

José González produced one of the most heartbreakingly beautiful albums with 'Veneer.' Awkwardly inviting people into the way he feels, lives, and loves 'Veneer' was instantly haunting and intimate. Immediately i mentally placed him on a list of performers to keep tabs on for when they passed through New York. Walking down along the East River on Tuesday night towards the flashing red and yellow lights surrounding the bohemian lair that is the Spiegeltent i was nervous that the timid swedish melody maker would not fit in amongst such a flashy background. However, once i was comfortably inside and listening to the first few chords by José everything fell into place. Experiencing such a talent like José you cannot help but let it touch you and Spiegeltent lended to the delicate ambiance as the wind outside made the white lights dance against the tent it was incredibly enchanting. An overwhelming feeling of holding my breath as he played 'Crosses', 'Lovestain', 'Tear Drop' and a lot of material off of his upcoming album, 'In Our Nature' you couldn't help but hope to be invisible as he played. Perched above the audience he is a graceful performer quietly entering the light and swiftly sailing through his set with an air as if he is trying to imagine he is alone and not in front of a silent audience. Unfortunately his encore was cut short-which was the only disappointment during his set. I would highly recommend the setting for any singer/songwriter. Hopefully everyone will turn out for his remaining upcoming New York engagements at the Gramercy Theatre and Williamsburg Music Hall.
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