Monday, August 27, 2007

Revenge of the Bookeater's Benefit @ Beacon Theatre

A benefit concert for kids to nuture their imaginations-priceless
For those of you not familiar with the 826NYC, it is a non-profit organization that works with kids to nuture their creative writing skills in a one on one environment. As with any non-profit organization they rely on funding for the continued success of their program and for the second year they organzied a great benefit show at The Beacon in nYc. This years' line-up included A.C Newman, Grizzly Bear, Jim James, Feist, Kevin Drew, & Britt Daniel. Along with the music it was hosted by comedian Demetri Martin and was one great night for a good cause.

Arriving into The Beacon towards the latter end of A.C. Newman's I was only able to catch the last song of his set. Following Newman was one local Brooklyn act Grizzly Bear who are meant to play these big rooms which just fill so nice with their slightly eerie music. Ed Droste and the crew rolled through a couple of songs including 'Knife', 'Marla' as well as Feist joining them for a song which I believe was called 'Cast A Spell'. The band ended their set with just Christopher Bear and Daniel Rossen covering Paul Simon's 'Graceland'.

Jim James
After some great stand-up comedy with Demetri Martin,Jim James of My Morning Jacket came on to deliver the nights highlights. Armed with an acoustic guitar and some weird electronic music device Jim straight up killed it. Opening with a song with the repetitive line "I Feel Wonderful" I could only think of The Talking Heads classic 'The Book I Read' but it was not to be (it was a song I was not familiar with). Jim then went on to play a tremendous version of one of my favorite My Morning Jacekt songs 'Bermuda Highway'. After this Jim brought out some odd electronic music device which he played 'Wonderful Man' and straight up rocked the house. Jim then continued the trend of material from "Z", My Morning Jacket's latest album, and ended the set with 'Gideon' and 'Anytime' which saw Jim back on the electronic beat / keys combo finishing with Jim running from side to side as to figure should he keep going or not...sadly he did not.

Feist and Kevin Drew
It was after this we were treated to some stand up comedy skits followed by videos made by kids at the 826NYC. The video from "Death is Calling" was pretty hilarious. Feist then came out to read a couple of stories by the kids which offered the audience the chance to feel like kids laughing to stories about peanut butter of all things. She then played the piano for a rendition of 'The Water' before Kevin Drew and a member of Broken Social Scene joined in with 'F--ked Up Kid' off of their latest album and sweet version of 'Super Connected'. The show came to an end with Britt Daniel who said the last time he was in the Beacon was in 1999 when he saw Elvis Costello. He mentioned how in front of him there was an extremely liberal family which was all smoking pot together. Britt then went into playing "I Summon You" before inviting a friend to join on keys for "Finer Feelings" off of Spoon's latest album "Ga Ga Ga Ga." The show ended when Britt invited A.C. Newman for a cover which I am just not sure what name was. Overall it was a great way to spend Sunday night and had the crowd enjoying some laughs and tunes all for a cause that helps support creativity in today's youth.
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-Jaime W.

*It should be noted that whoever was the jerk that felt the need to heckel Dimitri Martin you should feel like a grade A jack-ass. I think everyone besided you in The Beacon tonight thought Dimitri pretty much killed it and I for sure was definitely impressed.*

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