Monday, August 13, 2007

Daft Punk-at the movies?

Summer '07 officially tagged Summer of the ROBOTS!
Saturday i was awoken from my hybernation with a text message from Jaime exclaiming his happiness over the possibility of seeing Daft Punk again this friday...on Houston Street. Their second movie that is. Granted my head was still buzzing from Thursday night's show but i was still excited about the idea of strolling on down to my local movie theatre on Friday post The National and Takka Takka show to see what this 'Electroma' is all about. Then a question came to my mind- is it likely that we will hear some new material mixed in here and there? Even though their site claims none of the music featured in the movie will not be by Daft Punk. 'Electroma' can be viewed during two showtimes, one on Friday and once on Saturday-both at midnight. Tickets can be purchased here. It is certain to have a dark theme to it- if their video for 'Technologic' is any indication of their directorial creative streams of consciousness. In addition to the shows this weekend they have recently been added to Vegoose in Las Vegas. Now this is exciting. If you do venture to the Sin City for Halloween weekend you will also get to see my other dance love, Ghostland Observatory (i am sorry- i can't stop talking about how great they are!). As i already professed...seeing those two bands on the same day made me so overjoyed with music happiness-maybe you should start checking JetBlue fares now.
Daft Punk-Human After All (sebastian_remix).mp3
Daft Punk-Live Mixes 2007 (SO F'in GOOD).mp3
Daft Punk - Technologic (Basement Jaxx Kontrol Mixx).mp3
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