Monday, August 6, 2007


*The Black Keys*
So i am ridiculously tired after 3 days of music, dancing and sweating in lovely Chicago. I really would love to do every band that i saw perform justice so my postings might be coming bit by bit over the next few days. Hey-a 6:55 AM flight does not do pretty things to my already horrendous spelling habits. More to the meantime head over to Stereogum who did an excellent job covering the event. Crazy photos and cheeky commentary. Makes meeting them backstage and gushing over how much i loved their blog even better.

(after introduction...
'yeah we are here covering for our blog.'
me: you have a blog! me too!
them: 'yeah stereogum'
me: i love you guys! i am shelvesofvinyl
them: blank stare.
me: is kinda new.)

Oh and like anyone with good music taste they too love KEXP.

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