Friday, August 10, 2007

Last night i had a dream about you- in this dream i'm dancing up beside you- Digital Love....We HEART You DAFT PUNK!!!!

So i don't think i anyone who was in attendance at the Rapture/Daft Punk show at Keyspan Park last night can stop thinking about the fantastic*ness that is DAFT PUNK. Yes yes, you are paying to watch two little frenchman dressed in robot helmets sit in their space ship presiding over the merrimaking as they spin their way through the strict lines of music genres and indie types only listening to particular this really a live show? You aren't really seeing them mix before you. The production is insanely over the top. But who the heck cares?! I for one don't. I consider myself to be one heck of a lucky lady to have seen them twice in less than a week. I can't help but move when i hear their music. I la la LOVE that they are FRENCH. There are many things that the french get right and don't recieve enough credit for and one of these things is their electronic music. It starts in my shoulders...i hear those first few notes and i do the shoulder roll. Then the arms go into the air. Before i know it my whole body has completely given over to dancing. This is how one reacts to Daft Punk. It is completely physical. It is impossible to want to do anything else BUT dance. It was the most spectacular experience last night to see so many New Yorkers having the same reaction! The crowd was gyrating, jumping and completely spazzing the heck out. Everyone was happy and smiling and loving being with their friends. The weather held off (thank goodness!) and we were free to dance the night away... I was sad that i missed most of The Rapture's set. They are one of my favorite New York based bands and i definitely think their performance was worthy of opening up for the magical robots. Luckily i had seen them at Bowery on Halloween last year. They are infectiously fun and always worth the chance to see them live.

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