Thursday, August 16, 2007

Oh Elvis...

Today is the 30th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley. He revolutionalized music-the way people listened to it, watched it and talked about it. Once my roommate asked me if i was more a Beatles girl or an Elvis girl. The thought had never really crossed my mind and i had to stop and seriously consider my answer. I adore both and together they were very much present during the beginnings of my musical education. Thus after a pause i answered, Elvis...definitely Elvis. Which shocked even me. I always thought i was a huge Beatles fan-purchasing tapes and albums and had never really sought Elvis out. Memories of my Mum dancing around the kitchen and telling me stories about how she wasn't allowed to watch Elvis on television instantly flooded back. I am very lucky to have these memories as they were some of the only times i ever saw my Mum dance and/or sing. I remember being a little girl and singing 'The Wanderer' at the top of my bratty lungs to irritate my older sister. I am pretty sure these stories do not a music taste maker create, hence why i direct you to some of my fellow bloggers posts which are much more historically and culturally enriched than this one. But i do love Elvis and therefore i had to write something if not to make you remember a moment of his music in your life- but maybe to create one for the future.

Diddy Wah
Fuel for Friends
Hangin' out in 100b
Elvis-Shake, Rattle And Roll.mp3
Elvis-All Shook Up.mp3
Elvis- Jailhouse Rock.mp3

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Elvis Presley is the greatest