Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Pornographers at Bowery Ballroom debut new material

The New Pornographers highly anticipated new album, 'Challengers', dropped yesterday and I must admit I was very excited to hear what this Canadian all-star group would have up there sleeves this time around. After eagerly awaiting the album and finally getting my hands on it, I gave it a listen and was left somewhat, not disappointed but rather confused. This album did not have much of that poppy-rock sound that I had grown to expect of The New Pornographers. While some tracks sound like their typical sound, such as "All Things That Go To Make Heaven and Earth", for the most part it consists of slower tracks that consist of climatic build ups. Knowing that later that night I would be seeing them at the Bowery I was hoping to hear mostly the classics and stray away from the new material.

10:15 rolls around and the room is packed with The New Pornographers cramed onto the Bowery's stage. After a brief false start the band kicked the show off with "All Things That Go To Make Heaven and Earth"...hey I guess they know it gives that typical NP sound we have all grown accustomed to throughout the years. Playing some of their hits while tossing in bits of comical banter (the witty dialogue during this show between A.C., Neko and the gang was pretty hilarious and gave the show a real nice laid back feeling. The band personalized the show one step farther by requesting audience participation during 'Strange Brew.' Lighthearted jeering aside- the band previewed a heavy set of new songs such as, "My Rights Versus Yours", "All The Old Shotstoppers", "Challengers", "Unguided", "Go Places", and "The Spirit Of Giving." It was something about hearing the new material live that made me realize that it's great that they are testing out a different sound on this latest album yet maintaining their comforting classic sound. The set hit upon classic numbers which the audience showed much love for:"From Blown Speakers"; "The Laws Have Changed"; "The End Of Medicine"; "All For Swinging You Around"; "Testament To Youth In Verse"; "It's Only Divine Right"; "July Jones"; "Mass Romantic"; "The Fake Headlines"; "The Slow Decent Into Alcholism"; "Mystery Hours"; "Letters From An Occupant"; "Twin Cinema"; "The Bones Of An Idol"; "Use It"; "The Bleeding Heart Show"; "Jackie, Dressed In Cobras"; "The Jessica Numbers"; "These Are The Fables"; "Sing Me Spanish Techno" (I may be missing some but this all off the top of my head). The only thing missing from last nights show was Dan Bejar but considering he will be with them come October I know I will be present at Webster Hall.
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-Jaime W.

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myheadphones said...

Glad you had fun at the show! Uggggggh, I should've come to Bowery instead of Spiegeltent...waaaaa!!!! Next time....