Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Muse @ MSG

Bright Lights-Muse plays Big Arena-MSG
I want to start off this review by saying that MUSE f'n rocked the roof off MSG tonight...and this is coming from a person that does not own a single Muse CD or for the most part know any of their music. What I do know, is my friend Sheryl swears by these guys and that was all I needed to know. Getting home at 7:30 from work I was still on the fence as to whether I should attend tonights show. At about 8:25, after hearing my friend got floor tickets for $30 each and knowing as long as I can get in the building I would be stubbed down, my decision was made to head to MSG. With hopes of getting $20 ticket seeming to not be too likely, 9:00 was approaching and some group that wanted $50 for their extra decided it would be best to take something than get nothing. Once in MSG I proceeded to be stubbed down and made was to section 7 for what a close to 2 hour non-stop rock rollercoaster. For those of you that know this band, you already know that Muse caters to an arena show and tonight they were playing what some would call "the world's most famous arena." Their sound is just huge and accompanied by an extreme- top notch light show. There are not many bands that make music like Muse do from the idea that they play from two extreme sides of the spectrum. Some of their songs could be considered soft rock-while other hits are absolute fist pumping, non-stop jumping up and down, seriously heavy guitar riff, bombs on the bass, and some pounding beats on the drums. Everyone in the audience sang practically every word and not as well as sported a sh*t eating grin on their face. As for all the doubters that thought the Bowery Presents was taking too much of a risk on this one, well, you were wrong....they knew just what they were doing and if MSG did not have a section 400, which was just not so crowded, this show would have practically been sold out.

As for all the people that hate on this band and compare them to Radiohead, what ARE you on?! So the lead singer, Matthew Bellamy sounds a bit like Thom Yorke, but his music sounds hardly anything like Radiohead. Tonight if there were any doubters on this band, I think they had to be converted since tonights show was simply outstanding!
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-Jaime W.

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Marcee said...

Ditto Jaime, ditto--As a big, no HUGE Muse fan, I was completely entranced during this show. These boys know how to rock (as well as the crowd, even at MSG)--no question. I'm glad you took Sheryl's recommendation! It was fantastic...