Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ben Kweller- Last night at Southpaw

I had to go to the Mercury Lounge to see the band The Frequency perform at their first ever New York show, opening for the 1990's. I was very impressed by their trippy, psych rock sound-even if it isn't exactly the type of music i usually listen to. Similar to the Album Leaf, Air and Stereolab it was dreamy music that could easily fit into a movie soundtrack such as 'Lost in Translation.' Those who had turned up early seemed pleasantly surprised by a band that is sure to be moving onto larger tours sometime soon. I was sad not to be able to make it out to the last night of the Ben Kweller album performances at Southpaw. Did anyone go? I am curious what he encored with as well...
The Frequency-Jim Gordon Part ii.mp3
Ben Kweller @ WoXy studio.mp3***I LOVE, great interview and excellent live tracks!***

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george said...

yeah! my brother and i were there, it was a blast. he encored with "walk on me", "hospital bed", "different but the same", and "wasted and ready"! not to mention, of course, the pizza party.