Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Oh, you are my family tree...be good to me

Anyone need a Nascar Toothbrush? Anyone? Anyone!
'Sha Sha' day at Southpaw goes something like this: exuberant fans, red toothbrush give aways, commemorative songbooks, and one grinning Ben Kweller. His fans showed up early, crammed into the steamy venue during a hot July summer night. Celebrating the album that started it all for the rocker orginially from Texas. As Ben strolled onto stage, making his enterance to the Violent Femmes, 'Blister in the Sun' a huge smile spread across his face greeting us in the same hat and long sleeved polka dotted shirt that he wore in the photograph and used as his album artwork. (He lost the black t-shirt apparently). It was stories like this that were the extra treat beyond hearing one of my favorite albums all the way through. He gently explained to us that during all of his other shows and tours he tries to build a certain momentum that is different than the album, so that this was a bit odd for him to be performing 'Sha Sha' and 'Wasted & Ready' back to back. He explained the story behind 'Commerce, TX' and the lyrics: "i got a strange neighbor who doesn't have curtains on her windows" and how it wasn't a sexy story as people had guessed but really a crazy old lady neighbor who covered her windows in paper bags.

The stories were endearing and better than thank-you liner notes. It was as if the whole room was sitting down with him asking, 'what were you thinking when you wrote this song'...'what were you listening to'...real questions fans want to ask and have answered. Dedicating the song, 'Lizzy' to 'grey shirt', or more formally known as his wife made the set feel even more personalized. Listening to everyone singing along-honest happy fans of his music-i never wanted the set to end. A bit of insight came to me as i was listening to the albums' progression live how much this album reminds me of early Weezer in an incredibly grand way. It also made me very excited for tonights' show. 'On My Way' is my favorite Ben Kweller album and i am crossing my fingers very tightly that him and Adam join forces for an encore of Kokomo!
*Set List: well...go check out the album if you don't know it!!*
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