Wednesday, July 25, 2007

And I'm Slowly Turning Into You

Yes-yes, i know BV posted this photo too, but it is fantastic
White Stripes seems to be my theme band for 2007. At least since for the summer. Friends have commented on how my blog seems to have turned into 'ShelvesofWhiteStripes' and just recently this weekend i got into an argument with one of my friends over who was a better drummer, Meg or Kim from Matt and Kim. Obviously you all know who i chose. How is it even a competition?! It turned into such a discussion that the argument dissipated into me stating, 'It IS theWhite Stripes! I can't argue, they are the best!' Because, well...they are. Whether it is their song writing; their classic rock and roll sound; their incredibly awe inspiring live shows or their artistic aloofness they have completely cast me under their spell. A day does not go by where i don't click my way through iTunes to listen to a track or mentally compare a band to them. I am pretty sure i could go to see them perform everyday and always be struck with amazement at how good they are. It was a bit sad to see them last night at Madison Square Garden only because their Irving Plaza show was so overwhelming. I enjoyed last night's set immensely but was saddened that 'Rag n Bone' and 'St. Andrew' off of their latest album 'Icky Thump' weren't performed since they are highly enjoyable live. The audience seemed to come alive when a red or white light struck the disco ball and MSG was turned into the scene of an underwater red and white bubble fest. (at least that is what the overall effect was for me.) They were still the same old Jack and Meg, just on a larger scale. I am happy to see such a large audience love them just as much as a small room packed with intense fans. They are a band for the American Music Community to be proud of.

Dear Jack & Meg, Please return to nYc sometime soon-Cheers-Shelvesofvinyl
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