Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Arctic Monkeys to stop by World Cafe Live

The World Cafe will broadcasting a live in-studio sit down session with those friendly Arctic Monkeys on Thursday, August 2nd. You can check it out via their website or through local Philadelphia station WXPN- SUPPORT LOCAL RADIO! I am hoping they play '505' or "Florescent Adolescent' for i am seriously addicted to both. Seriously-need my daily dosage or things get a bit sloshy...not pretty.
Arctic Monkeys-Fluorescent Adolescent.mp3
Arctic Monkeys-505.mp3
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debora said...

do you know what time it is???(please tell me time zone, i'm europpean)


Shelves of Vinyl said...

it is East Coast Standard Time...depending on where you are you are most likely 7-8 hours ahead...hope this helps you a bit!

débora said...

thanks but you didn't write what time does the concert start, i think, and i can't find it anywhere.