Friday, July 20, 2007

HAppy (Harry Potter/Siren) WeeksSends

"The way we're describing it is a fruity vodka with a spicy kick, which is a way you could describe the city of New Orleans. TIM MURPHY-a spokesman on Absolut New Orleans vodka, a new drink flavored with mango and black pepper. Its profits will be used to help re-build the city." Hmm...not so sure how i feel about this. Maybe if our f'in government took some responsibility for our own people than Absolut wouldn't need to lure us to have another excuse to drink. Enough said.
Grand National-Drink To Moving On.mp3

So i know my postings today have been *w-E-a-K* to say the least, but hey, i am super ansy and on edge for my Harry Potter! I am. i will completely admit it. My angelic sister offered to buy a copy at the Borders in Maryland to assure that i will get a copy of the poster they are giving away since i am guessing it will be mass madness in the city tonight. Still...very excited. Hope everyone has a good weekend. So many good shows going on. Please make it out to Siren Festival. If not Elvis Perkins and The Twilight Sad--think of the big beers and snazzy hipsters.
The Twilight Sad-That Summer At Home I Had Become The Invisible Boy.mp3
Elvis Perkins-While You Were Sleeping.mp3
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Save New Orleans
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rml said...

I don't know about uniting mankind, but it was great to see you at Siren!
Once I figure out how to get pictures off my new camera, I will send them to you.
You should post some Matt and Kim in honor of how hard they rocked Siren!
Kill it, Sher!