Friday, July 6, 2007


Maps-perfect travel music for Iceland?
I've been trying to post about some of the bands i have been listening to a lot recently-at least one a day, so here is your first dosage of new music before the weekend. Maps could best be described as an incredibly intricate, delicate sound of overlapping lullabys and melodies evading you with mysterious lyrics that leave you haunted. Blown away by the information about how this sound has been achieved by one person-James Chapman-in his basement-on an old 16-track recorder i immediately returned for a serious listening session. James thrives with a particular brand of creative energy comparable to Björk or Thom Yorke and attracted the attention of producer Valgeir Sigurdsson (well known for his work with Bonnie Prince Billy, Sigur Rós, Björk and Múm). "The result is nothing short of essential. It’s a hugely ambitious, widescreen epic that recalls everything from the far away electronics of Basic Channel and Carl Craig, through the skewed songwriting of Postal Service, Flaming Lips and Grandaddy to the euphoric sound-scapes of Sigur Rós and My Bloody Valentine." -Indie London I was excited to learn that James will be stopping by the Luna Lounge in September for a show and i expect more nYc dates to pop up as well. I will definitely share the news as it comes along. The album, 'We Can Create' came out on Merge records in June.

Maps-Lost My Soul.mp3
Maps-To The Sky.mp3

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